Triumphant Returns & Breakout Performances...

olivia-moose-kisser.gifESPRIT De SHE - LAKEVILLE - Last Sunday's duathlon, the 4th annual we think, was won by 2013 Rookie of the Year runner-up OLIVIA BAGNALL by a 57 second margin over ANNE GRABOWSKI. KELLY HELTEMES (3rd) and LAURA SWARTZ (4th) finished less than 10 seconds after Grabowski, who is a very nice person.

Though Bagnall, who occasionally kisses mooses (photo L), missed the entire 2014 multisport season--she was busy playing professional soccer in Sweden, which is home to thousands of kissable mooses--and only raced five times total, she has won three of those races, and placed 2nd and 4th in the other two. If she races often  enough in 2015, her chances of making Team Minnesota are very good. In 2013, she missed a place by only two spots....

Another Du W for Parish & Fox...

girl-butts.gifPhoto - Podium Posteriors (L-R): Lisa Lendway, Suzy Fox, Elaine Nelson.

23rd GEAR WEST DUATHLON - Not surprisingly, yesterday's race was conducted under cloudy skies with plenty of wind and dankiosity to go around. As usual, the cross country run courses were sloppy fun. On the bright side, the morning was warmish (low 60s) and snow flurries were nowhere to be found.

Also not surprising was the heated battle that unfolded between men's favorites Patrick Parish and Matt Payne. On Facebook, Patrick had this to say:

Gear West Duathlon: I thought I was in solid cycling form. Then Matthew Payne taught me that until I father a couple kids and start towing them up hills on a regular basis, I'm at a severe competitive disadvantage. Go figure. Well-done sir! At least the cross-country run was as wet and sloppy as advertised. Fun stuff!  ...

Stuff About Embracing Pain...& Results....



Gear West Duathlon - LINK

Land Between the Lakes Du - LINK

TRF Sandford Health Tri - LINK


Take your performance to the next level by learning to embrace discomfort.

By Mackenzie Lobby (triathlon.competitor.com)

Compared to the general populace, multisport buffs are as tough as they come. There’s even research to back up that contention. To gain an understanding of what accounts for that tenacity, a new study sought to examine the important link between pain and performance. Indeed, those who are able to push harder and longer are usually the ones who end up atop the podium on race day.

Published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers had a group of cyclists perform sprint interval tests on bikes, giving them either 1.5 grams of acetaminophen (pain reliever, aka generic Tylenol) or a placebo prior to exercise. They then monitored their power output and heart rate during each sprint, finding that when they took acetaminophen, the participants had a significantly greater mean power output....

Controling What She Can Control...

gwen-yokohama.gifBy Liz Hichens (triathlon.competitor.com)

After sitting out last month’s World Triathlon Series Cape Town event to focus on training, American Gwen Jorgensen again showed her dominance with a win Saturday at the World Triathlon Series Yokohama race. The victory was her ninth straight in the WTS, 12th overall in the WTS and her third straight at this Yokohama race. It also propelled her back to the top of the WTS rankings.

Jorgensen kicked off her day as part of the lead group out of the swim. From there, she remained in the front pack throughout the entire 40K bike ride with all athletes riding cautiously through wet, rainy conditions. As soon as the women hit the run...

Simple Keys to Success...

charisa.gifBy Charisa Wernick

Often when people ask me what the hardest workout I do is, I reply that it’s not a single workout at all. The hardest part of training is doing these workouts day after day after day. In other words: consistency. Doing a hard workout once brings small benefits. But being able to do hard workouts consistently month after month, in short, yields results.

Putting in the time
A large part of training for a long-course triathlon simply involves putting in the time. It can be easy to get caught up in intensity and heart rate zones or watts, and these training tools can definitely help improve performance. However, many times simply spending time swimming, biking and running consistently will lead to improvements in racing.
Six-time IRONMAN champion Heather Wurtele says consistency is probably the most important aspect of her training, and is responsible for her consistent improvement over the years. "I think people assume that they have to have these epic sessions—and of course there is a time and place for high- ...

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