Philanthropic Former Triathlete...

PL-Jeremy-Sartain.gifBy Patrick Larkin (lillienews.com)

After getting his prized racing bikes stolen from his garage, East Sider Jeremy Sartain turned the experience into a productive, community oriented venture to put tuned up bikes in the hands of kids throughout the East Side.

With the generosity of residents and the help of some kids from East Side nonprofit the Lift CDC, over 100 tuned-up bikes made their way into the hands of bikeless kids this summer on the East Side.

It all started when Sartain was prepping for his son's fifth birthday party on April 21, at their house in the Phalen Park neighborhood. As he was running around the house getting it ready for the event, he didn't realize his garage, with his two prized bikes sitting in it, had been left open....

Powers Inspires....

Bob-and-kids.gifBy Liz Sawyer (startribune.com)

Hovering over children at the starting line, standing a little stooped but sturdy, Bob Powers waved his arm signaling “go” to the youngest triathletes in the country.

Between gentle reminders to put on their goggles and do their best, Powers encouraged each heat of kids to pledge a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. As the nation’s oldest triathlete, Powers, a 91-year-old Marine Corps veteran, truly embodies that message.

“Exercise is not only fun, but it gives you skills you can use throughout your entire life,” said Powers, of White Bear Lake. “The Lord gave us a good mind and body, so lets not desecrate it.”  ...

Garrick Got it Done...

garrick.gifBy Brock LeFlorette

As Garrick Dietze (Facebook photo L) crossed the finish line at Sunday’s Waseca Sprint, a sparse crowd (thanks to semi-yucky weather) cheered admiringly and the announcer called him a rockstar.

The man smiled and thrust both fists over his head.

“I got it done!” he exclaimed.

He did indeed. Garrick had just finished his first tri, which is rockstarry enough, right? Making his accomplishment more salient and savorable, though, was the fact that he is a Clydesdale.

Actually, he is TWO Clydesdales. You see, Garrick is 6’5” and weighs 400 pounds, at least that’s what he weighed before battling the chilly 20-mph winds during his 18.65 mile odyssey.

Most would agree that Garrick’s effort was the performance of the day.

Dietze wasn’t the only one who “got it done.” Kevin O’Connor got it done before everyone else as he had for the last three years here. The win was his 5th of the 2015 season....

Happy "Lycra" Anniversary...

lakes-co-swim.gifLAKES COUNTRY TRIATHLON PREVIEW - If you can believe it, this race will celebrate its 16th anniversary next Sunday. In case you didn't know, there are special terms for the first 15 anniversaries, and for the 20th, 25th, 50th etc. Last year, the Lakes Country event celebrated it's "Crystal" anniversary.

It's a shame that the official anniversary namers didn't give year number-16 a special name, so we will.

The Lakes Country Tri will celebrate its "Lycra" anniversary on Sunday.

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