Drool-Worthy Holiday Fare...

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By Fit Gingersnap (Sean Cooley's Hottie Girlfraulein - photo R)

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Holidays can be overwhelming, don’cha think? I’m not even cooking a turkey dinner (thanks older brother and sis-in-law and your maturity and expertise and fabulous newly built house!) and I’m overwhelmed. If you love food like me, you’ve been dreaming up the perfect feast for a few odd months and because you’ve been planning since, oh, late August, you just keep adding to your list until you have 1,339 things to make and no time or kitchen space to do it. That’s why I pass on my ideas to my sis-in-law and hopefully, she’ll go to town! She’s a fabulous cook anyhow, but maybe some of my ideas will make their way to the table.

Anyhooters, I’m here to overwhelm you even more because I’m sure with all the holiday recipes you’ve been gathering you seriously need at least 12 more.




A "Gutsy" Performance...

FINISH.gifBy Cathy Yndestad (trigirlcathy.blogspot.com)

IRONMAN ARIZONA RACE REPORT - Here’s the unabridged version:

I had such a great build and prep for this race. In hindsight, likely too perfect and I just didn’t develop that nervousness that usually gets all my systems revved up and ready for race day (including my gut)!! I was simply so happy and at peace with the blessings around me, but in reality, this is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The days leading up to the race felt relatively smooth, everything was on plan and I remained confident that I was well prepared for the race. No anxiety or nervousness, just eager to finally get out there and see what the day had in store. I typically don’t share race goals so publicly before an event, but this time I felt ready and was simply too excited to hold it in. Maybe Mother Nature didn’t appreciate those athletes confidently announcing their target times, and as a result she greeted us with her mighty blow on race day.  As I announced in my previous post, I was...

Fueling Your Winter Workouts...

calorie-balance.gifBy Chris Carmichael (triathlon.competitor.com)

Let’s face it—the stretch from Halloween through New Year’s is a minefield of dietary indiscretions. It’s hard to avoid packing on a few extra pounds with everyone shoving high-sugar, high-fat foods in your face. And to make matters worse, most triathletes significantly decrease their training volume in these same months—what I call the “soft season,” the exercise space that falls between full-fledged training and being a couch potato.

It’s during this season that our coaches often scale back their triathletes’ training sessions to one workout per day, with a goal of two to three sessions per sport per week. In most cases, especially for time-crunched athletes and those not preparing for iron-distance goals, weekday workouts run about 45–90 minutes with longer sessions on the weekends...

Then & Now Revealed: Part II...


Part II of a two-part post. Post I appeared on Friday.

Pic #1 is of #6-ranked KORTNEY HAAG. Seriously cute, huh! In 2014, Haag lived-up to the potential she displayed in 2008, when she was Rookie of the Year, and 2009, when she won the Most Improved award and placed 2nd on Team MInnesota. In the intervening years she had to contend with injuries and childbirth.

Kort won three half IMs last season and more than one Committee member was disappointed that she wasn't ranked higher than 6th....

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