Perfect Day for a Race...

Olivia-Lakes-Co.gifBy Mike Aulie (Brainerddispatch.com - Aug. 31)


BAXTER - "Any race up north is a good race."

Those were the words of Larry Hosch, 37, from St. Joseph, who won the Lakes Country Triathlon Sunday with a time of 59:00 that shattered the best time from last year by nearly four minutes.

Olivia Bagnall, 24, from Lakeview, was the top female finisher traversing the quarter-mile swim, 14-mile bike ride and 3.2-mile run in 1:09.03.

Competitors agreed that it was a perfect day for a race with temperatures in the mid-60s under cloudy skies when the first wave of swimmers hit the water at Whipple Beach like lemmings abandoning ship.

Hosch was the fourth swimmer to come out of the water and took the lead after the bike ride going into the final run....

Footballs & Shirtless Guys...

doobie-haigh-five.gifThe 15th annual ST. CROIX VALLEY TRIATHLONS in Hudson, Wisconsin, and the 2nd annual HOPKINS ROYALS TRI are slated for next Saturday. They are the only races of the weekend, so we certainly hope that you'll be supporting one of them, as either a participant, volunteer or spectator.

The Hopkin's event was founded by, and is directed by, Doobie Kurus (photo L), who is an awesome dude. Do you know him? He's the guy who carries a football, Adrian Peterson-style replete with Stiff Arm etc., across the finish line of the events he races in. The first time you see this you wonder if Doobie forgot to take his meds, or conversely, that he over-self-medicated. After that, though, you just think it's cool, because it is....

A Superior Exerience...

nicole-snickers.gifSUPERIOR MAN - After a lumpy swim in the nippy bay, the 400ish half IM and 41.5 participants got a nice push out to their respective bike turnaround points. The wind was their friend.

Then it wasn't. Turning back into the wind really blowed, even more than the stiff breezed themselves.

But triathletes love that kind of challenging stuff. Sure, they bitch while they're doing it, but all that negative stuff goes away when they cross the finish line. That's when they talk about loving the experience, planning to return next year and patting the race director on the back for a wonderfully executed event.

It seems contradictory to the non-triathlete. But it is soooo not! The internal juxtapostional stuff is an essential part of the deal. Train for an endurance event, then do one. You'll understand.

While the wind was a tad on the extreme side, the conditions were not as extreme as athletes had endured in the event's three prior runnings, especially  2013.

But as we noted, triathletes love challenge, and this challenging event is already a two-time "Triathlete's Choice Race of the Year."

Yesterday's News...

HL-challenge.gifCHALLENGE PENTICTON - MTN congratulates HEATHER LENDWAY on her 4th place finish at the Challenge Penticton Half IM yesterday in British Columbia. On FB, here's what HL had to say about her effort:

"2nd half in the books: Fastest swim followed by a solid bike and my first sub 7 pace half for fourth overall, we'll call it a good day."

Heather celebrated with a treat from Dairy Queen. Probably a Blizzard.

FYI, her time was 4:30:02 and she earned $1500 in Canadian money. The current exchange rate is $1US = $1.32338CAD, therefore Heather made the equivalent of $1,135.76 in real money. -  RESULTS


LAKES COUNTRY TRIATHLON - In our preview, we predicted that LARRY HOSCH would win the men's title and JACQUELYN BACIGALUPI would finish 2nd in the women's competition. We were kinda right. Larry did win and, as we also predicted, managed to break the 1-hour mark, and by a full minute, at that (59:00). ...

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