Disciplined Saving...

KATIE-AND-BIKE.gifED. Katie Cummings is a Minnesota triathlete and blogger. Last year she started a savings program that allowed her to buy her beloved Trek.

By Katie Cummings (katielookingforward.com)

As 2014 wraps up, I thought I’d look back on my original Dirty Dozen 2012 New Years Resolutions, specifically #8 “Save Money.” In 2012 I lived alone and had a corporate job that included a vehicle. The perks were wonderful, but the drive time definitely got to me.

In 2013 I moved home and my expenses were much smaller, health care was the biggest change. Paying for my own insurance definitely isn’t exciting, but its a reality. Saving money didn’t come as easily. When I found the 52 Week Money Challenge through Outside My Head, I knew I had to give it a try! ...


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Sled Dogs & Cheese Dip...

hl-what.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Here I am on my lunch break, walking through the downtown skyways writing my blog in a note on my phone. Normally I’d be at the pool but the time has come, finally, to take a real break from swimming. I haven’t taken more than a couple days away from the pool since my 16 day hiatus to Europe last March. Knowing I want to get back to some normal training in January, this was basically the last opportunity I’d have for an extended break from swimming. While I absolutely despise resting (I was the person in college that got caught on the stair-master during taper), I understand its purpose and importance in improving. I still can’t handle sitting at my desk all day so I’ll escape to the skyway during my usual pool time.

The past couple months on the bike have been a learning experience. I started working out with a power meter in October so I’m no longer trying to do workouts based on my speed on the trainer but rather my power output. I always track my workouts so I’ve enjoyed having a much more accurate measurement ...

It's Official!



By Heather Lendway (HeatherLendway.com)

I don’t think it was any secret that I was planning to race professionally in the coming year, but it is now official!...

Toast Puller-Outers & Marlin Hooks......

fudgetunnelfb-648x650.gifHAPPY HOLIDAYS - Yesterday we blew our imaginary wad on imaginary gifts for the women of Team Minnesota '14. We don't have much imaginary cash left for the men of TM, so the gifts that they won't be receiving will be inexpensive ones.

1. MATTHEW PAYNE - As a Sludge Metal aficionado, we got head-banger Matt Fudge Tunnel's 1989 debut album (on vinyl) entitled "Hate Songs in E Minor," featuring our favorite FT tune, "Bed Crumbs." ($22.71 on Amazon)Mike-holmes.gif

2. MARCUS STROMBERG - Marcus is the Owner/Operator of Stromberg Built, LLC specializing in custom homes and remodeling. We therefore thought it would be cool to get him a paperback copy ($14.92 on Amazon) of Mike Holmes' "Make It Right: Expert Advice on Home Renovations" and an autographed glossy photo of Nicole Curtis. (Yes, the MTN Guys binge-watch HGTV shows.)

3. BROOKS GROSSINGER - We don't know Brooksie very well, but we like him a lot. We'll go traditional here, and get him a card and a fruitcake. Hopefully the fruitcake will have extra "green things." We don't know what they are, but a fruitcake isn't a fruitcake without the green things....

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