Race Previews

Maple Grove VII Preview...


LIFE TIME TRI - MAPLE GROVE PREVIEW - Can you believe that this race is seven years old already?

Time flies when you're having fun.

When we glanced at the current entrant list we were most impressed with the depth of the women's field in the sprint race, so, we are going to concentrate on that here....

Random Predictions...

ann_s_run.pngThere are several great races this weekend, including the women's Olympic Triathlon, where St. Paul addressee GWEN JORGENSEN is favored to WIN! How cool is that!

FYI, we think she will, too.

The Lake Marion Triathlons in Lakeville are tomorrow and we believe Northfield pro DANIEL BRETSCHER will take down RYAN BAILEY's CR in the Olympic-distance race.

We also think that 2015 women's OD winner OLIVIA BAGNALL will repeat as champion, and that ANN SNUGGERUD (photo) will best the masters record she set in 2011.

As for the Lake Marion Sprint, we think that 2012 winner / course record-holder JOYCE BOURASSA will prevail. If she does so, the 48-year-old Lakeville resident will have posted three consecutive wins this season, which could...

Whatever it Takes...

Gwen_USAT.pngBy Aimee Berg (usatriathlon.org)

Gwen Jorgensen knew it. She just didn't want to believe it.  

So she shouted to a rider with a better view.

“Do I have a flat?”


“Are you sure? You need to be sure!” she urged.

“Yes! You have a flat.”

So, roughly 40 minutes into her Olympic debut, she stopped, ejected her rear wheel, and swapped it for another while a half-dozen people passed her. She would later discover that a tiny piece of glass had split her tire....

Totally Crazy Weekend!

USAT NationalsMINI-PREVES - The most insanely busy racing weekend of the entire season is almost here. Next Saturday and Sunday, a total of SIX adult triathlons will be staged in Minnesota.
Don't believe us?
On Saturday, northern MInnesota communities will host the Northwoods (Nevis) and Rainy Lake (International Falls) triathlons...

Good Medicine...


ED. Just got back from Brewhouse. Wow! What a great race! Words and pics coming soon. RESULTS

We're betting that Graniteman-Big Lake was awesome, too. More to come. RESULTS


BreakAway Kids Tri is Good Medicine

By Tony Schiller, 7-time world champion triathlete and co-founder of CycleHealth, a Minnesota non-profit dedicated to creating a new cycle of health, starting with kids.

The people at the starting line of any triathlon are not a representative sample of the population. As triathletes committed to our fitness, we’re likely to avoid many of the...

Weekend Preves & Predictions...

BH_2016.pngThere are four adult triathlons in Minnesota this weekend and we've been able to see the entrants lists for three of them. We're talking about Saturday's Waseca Sprint and Sunday's Brewhouse and Graniteman-Big Lake.

We have not seen the reg. list for the Minnewaska Tri, but we hope that they, like the aforementioned races, will enjoy a satisfying turnout.

Yup, that's right. Brewhouse (500ish), Waseca (240ish) and Big Lake (350ish) have sweet enrollments that will be added to in the coming days. We certainly hope this is demonstrating an upswing in race attendance.

So, now for some mini-previews, replete with some predictions.


WASECA SPRINT - This race has been around for eight seasons and though attendances have been disappointing at times, thanks largely to scheduling issues, the folks from Waseca, which is an awesome small city, have insisted...

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