Rookies of the Year. Where Are They Now...Part II...


morganl.pngContinued from the previous post:

2009 – Suzie Finger - Suzie had a decade-long career that was upended by a serious bike accident. She claims to be retired, but we hope she changes her mind. She was named Female Triathlete of the Year in 2015, and was twice named Minnesota Duathlete of the Year (2011, 2013). 

2008 - Kortney Haag - Kort is still an active and very successful triathlete. She has won more half IM races (9!) than any other Minnesota woman.
2007 - Jeanne Fleck - A back injury derailed Jeanne tri / du career after just a couple of years, a period during which she was named Rookie of the Year (2007), Most Improved (2008) and Master of the Year (2008). She is still an avid cyclist and nordic skier. 

2006 - Marta Lewinski - Health issues cut Marta's tri career short.
2005 - Jeremy Sartain & Sarah Kolpin - Jeremy's tri career was curtailed by a nearly catastrophic motorcycle accident. Sarah moved to Pittsburgh, became a doctor and is now totally into fishing....


2004 - John Keane & Kristin Rygg - We have no idea what John is up to these days. Kristin moved to Florida after her rookie season, where she remains a dedicated swimmer.
2003 - Chuck Smith & Kristen Weaver - Chuck got a pro license after his ROY year, but only raced for a couple of seasons. Kristin is an occasional triathlete.dannycohen.png

2002 - Mike Gruba & Joyce Bourassa - Mike became a doctor and moved to California. He is an avid distance runner. Bourassa is a dedicated runner who does a tri or du every now and them.

2001 - Nathan Korteum & Emily Deppe - Nate married Sarah Haskins, arguably the best Olympic-distance (non-drafting) female triathlete of all time, and served as her coach and manager. He races occasionally. Emily married Lars Finanger, relocated to the Houston area and is still a successful triathlete.


2000 - Dan Cohen (photo R) & Morgan Luzier (top photo) - Dan raced briefly as a pro, and was also a tri coach. He hasn't raced in a triathlon in many years. Morgan is a fitness guru, who hasn't raced in a tri since 2004.

1999 - Jonathan McLeod & Allie Lawler - Both athletes had very brief tri careers. Jono returned to his native Canada just a year-or-two after his rookie tri season. Allie moved to Connecticut in 2000. We don't believe that either athlete are active on their region's tri scene.

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