Race Coverage

"...I Fell Into the Second Category."...


By Mari Ruddy (mariruddy.com)

Lake Minnetonka Race Report - I love triathlon. No two ways about it, I fell in love way back at my first ever triathlon, the Danskin, that I did in 2005, a week after I finished radiation treatment for my first round of breast cancer. I knew I had found the sport for me. It captured my imagination. 

Triathlon love
I love how it requires a lot of gear, a lot of planning, tons of little details to manage, and it 100% requires that you train. Swimming, biking and running one right after the other asks the body to please, please, please PREPARE. On top of the physical athletic preparation, you also have to train (practice) your nutrition and hydration. 

Managing details
Living 40 years with type 1 diabetes has required a massive amount of attention to details and doing triathlon takes the skills I’ve gained from having type 1, and gives me new (and fun!) focus for that skill.  
June 19th, I did my first official, in-person triathlon since doing the YWCA Women’s Triathlon in August 2019. I LOVE RACING!!!  ...

Two types of people try triathlon
As we were getting ready to go off in our swim heats, I heard a man say to his new friend, “There are two types of people who find their way to triathlon. Those who do one and never do another one. And those of us who do one and then keep doing them the rest of our lives.” When I heard him say that, I laughed out loud and knew I fell into that second category. 


Triathlon alone

When I signed up for this triathlon, I was hoping one of my tri team buddies, Julie, would also sign up. Turned out she needed to fly to California with her son to preview a potential college for him. Oh well, I was signed up and I convinced myself despite my fear and apprehension to go for it. 

I knew it was super important to take time to create a Race Plan so that I could “race my plan.” Seems silly, but it’s not. In fact, having a clear plan that I followed the week before I raced, helped me stay calm and it upped my confidence, both essential race prep strategies. 


Here is my RACE PLAN
Officially, I only had two areas I focused on: food and sleep....READ MORE