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KING BOREAS DUATHLON - Yup, it's official. Sunday's Winter Triathlon National Championship at Lake Phalen is now a du (5K-19.5K-3K). The event needed more of the white stuff and some colder temps in the last several days, but that didn't happen.

Still, there will be a good crowd racing on Sunday. The list we saw yesterday had 92 names on it. For perspective, last year's race (tri) had 66 finishers....



The MTN Guys enjoy predicting winners. And though our batting average isn't all that great, we prognosticate anyway, because it's fun.

So, who will win King B tomorrow? We think that Jason Toth will take the men's title. (He should get a good push from Justin Cummings and a few others.)

And we pick former Minnesota Duathlete of the Year (2010) Jenny Wilcox to come out on top for the women. We wouldn't be surprised, however, if Jason Toth's Signifant Other Kierann shared the Top Step with her husband. We're anxious to see how things shake out. RACE WEBSITE



HEATHER IN DUBAI - St. Paul's third-year pro Heather Lendway kicked off her 2017 racing season at Dubai 70.3 yesterday.

Facing a world class women's field led by Switzerland's Daniela Ryf, a former 70.3 World Champ and two-time Kona winner and CR-holder, HL held her own in the first two phases (26:46 & 2:18:06) but was unable to stay competitive in the run.

She should be blogging about the experience in the near future and MTN will repost her race report. RESULTS

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