Avoid Burnout!



By Mark Sortino (triathlete.com)


Too often, athletes run out of physical or mental energy before their long season is over, but you can avoid that fate with some smart planning for your 2018 season. Here’s how.

1. Include intentional breaks. Within your season, include one or two breaks of a week or more that include light or unstructured training. This will give both your body and mind a rest without compromising fitness.


2. Avoid peaking early. Don’t get into peak race fitness at the beginning of the season—it can’t be maintained without breaks and sets you up for massive fatigue.


3. Prioritize events. Identify the races you’ll peak for (the “A” races) and then “all the others.” This will allow you to build up to those “A” races and recover appropriately....

Minnesota's Largest Indoor Tri...



TRI-U-MAH on the Minneapolis campus of The U is our state's best-attended indoor triathlon. A ninety-minute workout consisting of 30 minutes of pool swimming, 30 minutes of stationary bike riding and 30 minutes of treadmill running.

The final enrollment list had approximately 200 names, with 160 athletes participating and finishing on race day, February 11....

Puffer Fishing & Lots of Ketchup...



ED. LAMS is an awesome tri club frm the Brainerd Lakes area. Those folks know how  to party! Let's meet one  of their board members today. He's an extremely tall guy named Mike Hushagen


MEET THE LAMS BOARD: Mike Hushagen (who's hoggin')

I haven't had a race go bad, but one of the toughest was the Liberty half ironman in 2016. High humidity and temperatures in the mid 90s made for a pretty rough run. 

For 2018 I'm trying some new races. My first ultra (Chippewa 50k), my first mountain bike race (Lutsen 39er), and the Superiorman half which I've never done before.

My favorite workout is the hilly summer group rides. There are some really fun routes in the Lakes area! ...






In its first six years, SUPERIOR MAN Half & 41.5 had won the coveted "Race of the Year" banner three times. If you've done the race, you know that it's a world class athletic experience. If you haven't, you're in for a treat.

And if you sign up by February 15, you'll be rewarded with big savings....

Talented Sophomore....



Every winter the MTN Guys write about athletes who we believe are on the brink of regional stardom. Two years ago we predicted, like many others, that Wade Cruser would join our state's elite ranks. He then exceeded everyone's expectations; everyone's except his own.

Last year we predicted that Maggie Weiss and Kelly Trom would earn Team MInnesota berths. We were right.

These prognostications were not ballsy or prescient. Anyone who cared could see that those athletes were emerging.

Who will be this year's rising stars? We can think of several. We believe that this will be the year that KRISTINA SWENSON breaks out. EMILY MUELLNER also has, in our opinion, what it takes to be a star.

We plan to write more about these women soon, but today we are highlighting another athlete who we believe is ready to go to the next level.

His name is JAKE BRAAM. He's 27 and is from Elysian.

Jake was a strong Rookie of the Year nominee in 2017, placing 2nd behind Keeghan Hurley, who is currently in the process of acquiring a pro license. Jake's performances in '17 were very solid. Check them out:...

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