My Other Season...

rbm-soccer.gifBy Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)

Happy New Year! The year of 2016 will encompass two exciting sport seasons for me. In no particular order of importance they are, a) triathlon season, as a professional athlete, and b) U9 girls traveling soccer season, as a youth soccer coach. In my last post, I spoke about my own coach search, and important qualities I valued to ensure continued athlete development. This post was actually not intended to be a post, but I was encouraged by a few parents that I share my recent pre-season, “Letter to Parents” with other families who are balancing youth sports within their family/triathlon life. My outlook on youth sports, in general, could be its own lengthy post, but this letter captures some of my opinions. As most people say, but rarely people demonstrate, sport participation is so much more than outcomes. Fostering a deep intrinsic enjoyment of physical activity, growth mindset, physical/emotional development, and integration of life skills is what it must be all about. Self included, we can’t wreck this wonderful opportunity for our kids–it happens way too often....

Additional Indoor Tri Stuff...

julie-F.gifHere is some more capsule-style coverage of some of the Life Time - Indoor Tris that took place in the Metro back on January 3.

CROSSTOWN - This event had thirty-eight finishers and was won by Michael Tate and Emilie Strand. We believe that Michael is a transplanted cheesehead and is into Einsteinian stuff, Kanye West and Russell Crowe movies. Also using Facebook as our guide, Emilie is either from Norway or California. If she's the California Emilie, she was educated at Cornell and is now doing agra-business stuff in western Wisconsin. Of course, she may not have a FB account.

Some very accomplished outdoor triathletes participated, like former Lake Minnetonka and Minnesota Tri Series winner Steve Sander (3rd), who is a truly awesome guy, and Linda Langkos, nee Schievelbein, who is a HOOT, in addition to being one of our state's top 50-plussers. RESULTS....

Waseca in Back!

KEVIN-WASECA.gifWaseca Triathlon is back and better than ever with new courses and discounted pricing for youth participants!

From Final Stretch

We are thrilled to say that the community of Waseca came together to make this triathlon possible in 2016. We strive to breathe new life into this fantastic triathlon and build on the astounding engagement we have seen from Waseca so far. First and foremost our goal is to be as inclusive as possible and make this a community and family oriented event. 

To do this we have eliminated the 1/3 Iron Man Course and added a Super Sprint Course. This course has been carefully created with new triathletes in mind, including a 200 yd swim, 6mi bike, and 2mi run. We also hope to get the youth of Waseca involved as well, so in addition to the new shorter course, we are also offering a youth discount that grants reduced pricing for all participants under the age of 19 that register for the Super Sprint or Sprint Course. The Sprint Course will be a little longer than in the past with a 1/3rd mile swim, 16 mile bike and a 4.2 mile run. As always, we will have our Kids Tri for youth ages 5 – 12....

2015 in the Rearview Mirror...

HL-FOCUS.gif2015 – First Pro Year in Review

By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Well it’s 2016 so it’s about time to reflect on my first year racing as a pro. Following Austin (back in November) I took two weeks completely off: no swimming, no biking, no running and no strength work. I honestly can’t remember the last time I ever took that much time off since I started swimming competitively at age eight.   It was definitely a good mental and physical break before building back into some solid training for 2016.

It’s hard to recall all the way back to early March when my season began in Clermont, Florida, seventeen races ago. With the Lifetime and 5i50 series crumbling last year my season became a random mix of short course draft racing (including a super sprint), non-draft Olympic racing and an intro to 70.3 racing, something I definitely wasn’t planning. Here’s a quick look back at my schedule/results from the year:

- March 7th, Clermont Camtri ITU Draft Legal, Clermont FL, 10th
- March 14th, Sarasota Camtri ITU Draft Legal, Sarasota FL, 8th
- March 15th, Las Olas, Ft. Lauderdale FL, 2nd...

Lady Beast!

lady-beast.gifBy Amanda - aka Tough Muddette (toughmuddette.com)

We have another Everyday Inspiration interview!  As you know, an Everyday Inspiration is someone who inspires me (and likely others!) to keep pushing on in my quest to live a healthy, whole, happy life.  These inspiring folks are day in, day out living their lives with an extreme investment in themselves, and are committed to healthy habits that work for them.  Every single day.

You guys, I found this awesome lady from my amazing daycare provider.  You just never know how you will cross paths with people, you know?  She was telling me about her cool friend who was in Australia about to compete in some big race, and how she was so proud of her.  Then she keeps telling me about this lady, and you can tell she is SO PROUD ...

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