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Greta-Danielson.gifmata-wakeboard.gif(Photos L - R  - Repeat JOY nominees, Greta Danielson and Mata Agre.)

MInnesota Multisport Awards - When determining nominations the MMA Selectors compare the performances of potential candidates with the standard-setting efforts in the various categories. To get nominated in the Male Masters category, for instance, one would have to approach, match or exceed the...

performance standards set by the likes of Tony Schiller, Greg Taylor, Kevin O'Connor and Brian Bich, all of whom are world class amateur athletes. Masters women are measured against Jan Guenther, Heidi Keller-Miler, Jeanne Fleck etc., also WC athletes.

paige-stylish.gifThe Junior standards in Minnesota have been established by national class athletes like Beth Zirbes (4 x JOY), Michael Williams (3 x JOY), Sarah Daniels, Greta Danielson and Jason Liebsch. To earn a nomination, teen tri and du-athletes need to turn in efforts that at least flirt with the times set by those athletes. Simply winning your division with regularity is not enough. Your times need to be in the ballpark of existing course records AND your placement needs to demonstrate that you are holding your own against talented adult racers.

Here are the official nominees Junior of the Year and their 2013 highlights. This is the second category in which sisters are nominated. The other was Most Improved, where the Lendways, Heather and Lisa received official nominations.

MATA AGRE (19, Corcoran - 2nd nomination)

2nd overall / 1st Jr. @ Take the Hill

4th overall / 1st Jr. @ Lakefront Days

7th overall / 1st Jr. @ North Mankato

9th overall / 1st Jr. @ Chaska

1st Jr. @ Buffalo Olympic

2nd Jr. @ Life Time Tri-Maple Grove

Michael-bowtie.gifMICHAEL BURGDORF (18, Buffalo - Bowtie Guy)

1st Jr. @ Buffalo Olympic

1st Jr. @ Liberty Half - Jr. Course Record

1st Jr. @ Waseca 1/3

1st Jr. @ Graniteman-Clearwater

1st Jr. @ RochesterFest Olympic

1st Jr. / 9th Collegiate @ Life Tim Tri-Maple Grove

1st Jr. / 6th overall @ Take the Hill

GRETA DANIELSON (19, St. Cloud - 3rd nomination, won JOY in 2012)

2nd overall / 1st Jr. @ Graniteman-Clearwater

2nd overall / 1st Jr. @ Graniteman-Big Lake

4th overall / 1st Jr. @ Graniteman-St. Cloud

10th overall / 1st Jr. @ Apple Duathlon Worlds Qualifier

12th overall / 1st Jr. @ Lake Waconia

5th Jr. @ Ottawa World Duathlon Championships

PAIGE DANIELSON (17, St. Cloud - 2nd nomination - photo above -Stylish Girl)

1st AG @ Ottawa Sprint Duathlon Worlds

3rd overall / 1st Jr. @ Graniteman - St. Cloud

5th overall / 2nd Jr. @ Graniteman - Big Lake

6th overall / 2nd Jr. @ Graniteman - Clearwater

6th overall / 2nd Jr. @ Graniteman - Clearwater

16th overall / 2nd Jr. @ Lake Waconia

Other teen athletes whose resumes were studied include, in alpha order: Trisha Bachmeier (16, Prior Lake), Mitchell Clayton (16,  Forest Lake), Enoch Elliot (16, Minneapolis), Zach Goldberg (18, Excelsior), Pat Griffith (19, Maple Grove), Reilly Ingersoll (16, St. Paul), Jane Koch (16, Burnsville), Chris Lam (16, Rochester), Melanie Rabino (19, Woodbury), Lauren Steinke (13, St. Cloud), Nick Traxler (18, Deephaven).


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