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dnf-rates.gifBy Ben Ewers (benewersblogspot.com)

Lake Tahoe Ironman - I lived this event vicariously through my son, Ben Ewers III. He had raced 3 half Ironman (Vineman, Racine, World Championship) culminating with the Tahoe Ironman in an 8 week stretch...

  I visited the doc following my half ironman world championship race and haven't moved a swim/bike/run muscle since.  But, through the technology of Ironman Live and cell phones, I kept track of his race as it unfolded.  And, having raced numerous time with him since he started triathlons in high school, I thought I could feel how he was feeling through the technology.  I was exhausted by the time he finished.

It was a beast of a race.  Cold, hilly, altitude, windy and the slowest average finishing time of all official Ironman races. A huge DNF and DNS count.  Only 2 pros beat 9 hrs, and then only by a few minutes. Follow the link below to some interesting stats.


BE3 lives in the bay area and has been involved in numerous activities in the Tahoe area including downhill skiing, ultra racing on the Tahoe rim trail, and biking the notorious death ride numerous times. He has a huge respect for what the altitude can do to your ability to get oxygen to your muscles.  He adjusted his race targets accordingly. READ MORE

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