The Juniors: Then & Now...

hannah-taj.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Today we are sharing the list of talented teen athletes that have won the JUNIOR OF THE YEAR award and, if available, some Facebook info.

2014 - PAIGE DANIELSON - She now attends Washington State University.

2013 - GRETA DANIELSON - She lives in Fargo and dates a guy with a great beard.


2011 - HANNAH STROM - She's a yoga instructor and studies Kinesiology at The U. She's been to India (photo L).

2010 - KATE LOWREY - Kate attends Purdue University.

2009 - NICK MADRINICH - Nick now lives in Los Angeles....

Making the Most of the Off Season...

mtb-guy.gifBy Tony Zamora (usatriathlon.org)

As we enter fall, the competitive racing season is coming to an end for many age-group triathletes with the exception of a few late season races. The offseason can be a scary thing for a competitive triathlete who’s use to keeping a tight training and racing schedule. Going into the offseason with a plan will not only help you refresh and recharge from a busy racing schedule, but it will help you come out stronger and healthier for next year’s season.

Here are a few tips to get you through this fall and winter.

1. Take a break!
It’s OK, seriously. Really, take a few days off, maybe even a full week. Step away from the training, take the time to go through and tune up your bike, wash your running shoes or go try out some new ones. This is the hardest step for most athletes I coach, yet the most beneficial and the one I get most high-fives for after it’s all done....

The Rookies Then & Now...

emily-and-fam.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - A few days ago we posted a listing of Minnesota Triathletes of the Year dating back to 1999, the year the awards were inaugurated. Today we recall all of the past Rookies of the Year and where they are today.

2014  - NICK NYGAARD - Nick is nominated for "Most Improved" this year.


2013 - NICOLE HEININGER - "Heiney" has taken her place among our region's elite amateur women. Her resume features eight victories.

2012  -  HEATHER LENDWAY - Arguably America's most successful rookie pro this year.

2011  - RUTH BRENNAN MORREY - Ruth is now America's premier pro duathlete and one of its finest long course triathletes....

Stuff About Feeling Yucky Before a Workout...

fence-cow.gifBy Brad Sulberg (triathlon.competitor.com)

Have you ever felt like crap prior to—and perhaps even during the warm-up of—a big workout or race only to have an incredible performance? If so, you’re in good company.

“I’ve undergone this many times,” says Dr. Michael Joyner, a world-renowned physician and physiologist at the Mayo Clinic who ran a 2:25 marathon during his prime. “Sometimes you start off feeling like wood and by the end of the workout you feel great.” Joyner speculates the occasional disconnect between how a runner feels before and during a workout is related to muscle temperature and the time it takes various energy systems to ramp up. However, there is no real data on the phenomenon and nothing explains its “completely unpredictable nature,” he says. “It’s a really mysterious thing.”...

Do You Sit Too Much?


By Matt Fitzgerald (triathlon.competitor.com)


As a triathlete, you move more than most people. But unless you also sit less than the average person, you may still have a hard time reaching your ideal weight and optimizing your overall health. If you’re like most triathletes, when you’re not swimming, cycling or running, you’re probably sitting. That may need to change—at least a little.

According to conventional wisdom, if you exercise enough, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend sitting. But recent studies suggest that excessive time spent sitting promotes weight gain and compromises overall health independently of the amount of exercise you do....

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