Do Supplements Help Performance?...RACE RESULTS...

supplements.gifED.  - Minnesota men sweep Du National (Standard Distance) podium and grab two of the top three women's spots. Kevin O'Connor wins the Sprint. USAT coverage tomorrow. More words and pics on Tuesday. - RESULTS

- Devon Palmer and Sarah Mercer win convincingly at New Bri - RESULTS

By Katie Davis (usatriathlon.org)

As we near the outdoor competitive season, many athletes are thinking about their performance nutrition regimen. Some may start experimenting with powders, pills or other mysterious products that promise enhanced recovery, increased muscle gains and better energy during workouts. I love discussing supplements with my athletes because — unlike a lot of Internet outlets — my advice is 100 percent science-based, unbiased and unpaid for by any companies. Here are three things I tell my athletes that many supplement companies would not be too thrilled to hear.

1. The marketed positive outcomes of supplements is often based on theory, not proven science. ...

Sleep Deprivation Is Not Good...

tshirt.gifBy Dr. Krishna R. Polu (active.com)

When I was an internal medicine intern, my friends used to tell me I was nuts. Back then I would work and work and then work some more, often on no sleep. A typical call day would start at 6 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. the following day. If I slept for an hour during that time I considered myself lucky.

After my shift, I would head to the pool, go for a run or get on my bike for a workout. Sleep became a luxury (not a priority) as I tried to fit everything into my hectic schedule.

Despite the long hours at work, I was determined to stay in shape and keep competing in triathlon. Often I would feel dizzy or lightheaded during these workouts, but trudged through them regardless. Sometimes when I was spinning at the gym I would close my eyes and take one-minute naps. This ludicrous behavior finally ended when I fell asleep and drove off the road returning home from the pool. After that, sleep grew as a priority....

Realistic Expectations...

erin-s.gifBy Erin Sontowski (usatriathlon.org)

My name is Erin Sontowski, and I am in my second year of multisport racing. To most people in this community, that would make me a newbie. Which I completely agree with. Heck, I still get real nervous about getting knocked over on a windy day while on my aerobars. (That may be a whole different thing altogether though, let's just say coordination has never been my strongest skill.)

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful coach who is patient and knowledgeable, and it certainly doesn't hurt that he is my big brother. After spending the last eight years watching my older brother, Mike, compete as an elite-level triathlete, I knew it was inevitable that I would end up joining him along the way. He has worked so hard to be an amazing athlete, and now he can add USA Triathlon Level I and Youth and Junior Certified Coach to his resume. Now, as one of his athletes, I get to share my triumphs as well as my struggles with him both as a brother and a coach. Plus when he gives me particularly grueling hill or sprint workouts, I get to share words with him that I probably wouldn't with any other coach that wasn't blood related....

You Know You're a Triathlete When...

teeth-guy.gifFrom: RunLadylike.com (November 2013)

After finishing my half Iron distance triathlon several weeks ago, I stayed on the course to cheer on all the athletes who were completing the full Iron distance. As the sun set and it began to get dark, you could see the focus, pain and determination in the eyes of everyone on the run.

My good friend and training partner – who is also an Ironman finisher – leaned over to me and said, “The thing about Ironman is that every step becomes a choice. You choose to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You choose to keep moving forward. It’s no longer physical. It’s all mental at this point. It’s a choice.”

There’s something slightly crazy about all of us who choose long distance endurance sports – who choose pain and hurt and hard days as our drug of choice. Good crazy, but still crazy all the same. In honor of all my friends who competed in IRONMAN Florida this past weekend and for everyone who has swam, biked and ran to achieve their goals this year, I thought I’d end the season with a little triathlon humor...

Schrock Rocked...

sheri-shrock.gifATTENTION - The Lake Minnetonka Triathlon is full but a few "Charity Slots" are available. Don't let this oppotunity pass. Act quickly. RACE WEBSITE


When the list of nominees for 2014 Grand Master of the Year were announced, it did not include Sheri Schrock. A second look at her resume, which now included two performances of which the MMA Selectors were previously unaware, suggests that they may have blown it. In the end, Greg Taylor would have still won the award. His resume was unbeatable and hands-down earned him the US GMOY, too.

Also, Pam Stevens, Neil King and Bill Schmitt deserved their nominations. Still, a great case could be made for Schrock, because in addtion to her half dozen regional AG wins, she also won her division at USAT Long Distance Nationals and place second in her AG (1st US) at the Weihei ITU Long Distance World Championships. The selectors were not aware of those last two efforts. Missing that information, plus the fact that Pam Stevens beat Sheri at Apple and at Nationals, kept her from receiving the nomination.

We're happy to have the chance here to highlight the great racing that Sheri has done in 2014 and earlier, and apologize for not giving her appropriate recognition last fall....


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