Love & Revenge...

love-revenge.gifYou never want to hurt the one you love. But sometimes, you want to see them suffer just a little.

By Susan Lacke (triathlon.competitor.com)

Living with a triathlete means living with someone affected with an intermittent case of “Head-in-Ass Syndrome.” Take a person who is otherwise kind, generous and compassionate, expose them to a few months of 5 a.m. swims and four-hour bike rides, and you’ll soon create someone who plows through life like Pac Man, merely following the maze and munching whatever dots are in the way....

"Health First, Performance Second"...

HealthyEating.gifBy Marni Sumbal (triathlon.competitor.com)

As a clinical dietitian, I eat for nourishment and for disease prevention. As a seven-time Ironman finisher and coach, I view food as fuel. Food gives me energy before my workouts, helps to postpone fatigue during workouts and enhances recovery.

My philosophy with eating is “health first, performance second.” Amazingly, the same foods that boost the immune system and reduce risk for disease, such as fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, plant proteins, fish and low-fat dairy, can also support a body that is seeking performance gains through structured training....

2015 Was Awesome. 2016 Will Be Even Awesomer!


High on Life and Weimaraners...

erin-beets.gifED. This encore post first appeared on December 13, 2014.

GOING "OFF COURSE" - In her totally good blog, "sweetsweatlife.com," which we highly recommend, ever-caffinated suburban (Apple Valley) triathlete erin klegstad describes herself thus: "i'm erin...triathlete, yogi, lover of life, happiness, dogs, the ocean, espresso and travel. chasing big dreams and finish lines."

Her words tell us so much about her. First thing we noticed is that she is an "Anti-Capitalist." No, we are not saying that she is against free enterprise. We're saying that she doesn't like to use capital letters. There is probably a syndrome with its own acronym about this, but we don't know what it is.

We also think it's cool that she is a yogi. You certainly wouldn't surmise her yogihood just by looking at her, proving the point that not all yogis are sedentary, mountain-dwelling, robe-wearers with lapsed hygiene and scraggly beards. Clean, athletic, city-dwelling women can be yogis, too. The next time we see erin  we are going ask her to demonstrate the classic yogi pose, the one where legs are crossed and the palms of the feet face upward. How do they do that? ...


Lawrence Welk, Fleiskuekles & Rhubarb Wine...


Originally posted on December 31, 2011


Going "Off-Course" with 2010 Team Minnesota's Marnie Walth (photo L). This is a recycled post. It first appeared on MTN's predecessor site-- (MinnesotaTriNews.blogspot.com--in 2009. WARNING: Much of what is printed here is made-up.)

Marlina Walth is a proud North Dakotan. In fact, she's a a model citizen for the state that she robustly claims to be "one of the two best Dakotas in America."

What does it mean to be a "model" North Dakotan, you ask?

First of all it means that you were born and raised on a farm and that you've known how to drive a tractor (photo below) since you were 11. It also means that you unashamedly own and listen to scratchy old Lawrence Welk records. ("The Minot Polka" is Marnie's favorite song!)...

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