2016 Master of the Year: The Men...

Brian_2005.png2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Yesterday we announced the nominees for Female Master of the Year. Today, we reveal the male MOY nominees.

After a lot of heated argument, the Committe was able to whittle the women's MOY list to four names. For the men, however, a similar compromise was not achieved, thus there will be FIVE official MOY nominees. 

In alpha order, they are:


- BRIAN BICH, 50, Duluth (4-time Minnesota Master of the Year)

2016 Highlights:

Master of the Year: The Women...


Photo L - National Class 50-year-olds - Cheryl Zitur and Julia Weisbecker.


2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we are revealing the four nominees for FEMALE MASTER OF THE YEAR. Despite heated debate in this category, the athletes receiving the most support were, In alph order, are:


- MANUELA KNISPEL, 45, Minneapolis (2nd MOY Nomination)

2016 Highlights:

- 2nd overall / 1st Master @ Oakdale Duathlon...

2016 Nominees: Junior of the Year...

mitchell-and-girlfriend.gif2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we introduce the official nominees for JUNIOR OF THE YEAR. Narrowing the list down to four candidates wasn't easy, but after scrutinizing the resumes and eliminating those who had insufficient volume (DL performances were not evaluated) or consistency, most of the MMA Selectors agreed on these choices (in alpha order):


- MITCHELL CLAYTON, 19, Forest Lake (3rd Nomination photo L)

2016 Highlights:

- 1st overall @ Tinman Sprint, Cinco Du Mayo Sprint, Minnewaska, St. Paul Sprint and St. Croix Valley Sprint

- 3rd overall / 1st Junior @ Superior Man 41.5

- 4th overall / 1st Junior @ RochesterFest Sprint

Ironman Wisconsin Changed My Life...

dani_IMOO.pngBy Dani Fischer (via Facebook)

In the words of the great Devon Palmer: "I am leaving behind the rough and tumble rodeo of professional racing for the glitz and glamour of amateurism."
As I sit down to write this post, I reflect on the last 24 months of my life and how much has changed. I took my pro card in triathlon, picked up and moved my life from Wausau, WI to Indianapolis, IN, started a new job as a hospital pharmacist with Community Health Network, bought a new home, came out to my family and friends, having a lot of ups and downs as an athlete along the way.
As a whole, I really only had two very mediocre seasons as a professional triathlete. It took me those two years to realize what makes triathlon worthwhile to me. It's not the elite status, the money, the sponsorships, or the pride I get when I say, "I'm a pro." It's the EXPERIENCE, the PEOPLE, the COMRADERY, being the BEST I can be amongst athletes that are doing triathlon for the same reasons. I've said this before, but I don't do anything to be mediocre at it. Okay, maybe I didn't give being a pro triathlete a true chance, but what is the point in beating a dead horse if I'm not enjoying being a pro? Is it worthwhile to keep fighting through 7th, 8th, 9th place finishes, not make any money doing it, still having to work full-time because that's how I support myself, not allowing for proper recovery like other pros can? That in and of itself is not...

Good Vibes: Kona Qualifier Erin Klegstad...

aCoeurErindog_large.pngBy coeursports.com/blogs

After talking to her for five minutes you suddenly realize that you're smiling and when the discussion is over (probably because she off for a run, ride, or swim), you'll be in a good mood for the rest of the day.  Say hello to Coeur Ambassador, Kona Qualifier, and one of the most positive individuals you'll ever meet - Erin Klegstad.

Coeur: Erin, thank you so much for chatting with us today.  You have a lot of fans on social media (including us!), but for those people who are just getting to meet you, can you share a bit about yourself and your athletic background?  ...

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