Rising Stars...


2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS – 2017 was a great year for teens on the Minnesota multisport scene. Lots of talent. Lots of great performances. The MMA Selectors are likely to nominate five athletes, not four, in this co-ed category.

Here, in alpha order, are some of the young athletes that are being considered for JUNIOR OF THE YEAR nominations, and a highlight-or-two from their respective seasons:

  • ANDERS BROMAN, 17, Eagan (photo L) – Overall winner of the Moose Lake Triathlon.

  • ISABELLA BUENTING, 14, Chanhassen - 2nd overall woman at Heart of the Lake Sprint.

  • ALLISON CRUM, 19, Deerwood – JOY nominee in 2016 placed 3rd overall--1st Junior—at both Maple Grove Sprint and Coeur D'Alene Sprint.

  • CARTER DEICHMAN, 16, Mankato – Prolific and successful, Carter places in the overall Top 10 more often than not.

  • JACK HENNEN, 17, Cambridge – He reached the overall podium at One Last Tri Sprint, where he outraced several juniors that are also beling considered for JOY nominations.

  • MACY IYER, 13, Edina – Macy finished 2nd overall in the women's competition at Trinona Sprint....

2017 Rookie of the Year Nominees...














2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Here are the official nominees for 2017 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, and their resumes:   ....

2017 Minnesota Multisport Awards...


2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS – The MMA Committee has begun the process of determining this year's nominees, and the candidates in at least one of the categories (Rookie of the Year) will be revealed on this site later this week....

Parties, Fall Colors & Final Races...


TRI NIGHT '17 - In case you haven't heard, the 19th annual MInnesota Multisport Awards Party will take place on November 4 at Gear West Bike and Triathlon. The event will celebrate the 2017 multisport season and the extraordinary quality of tri life here in MInnesota.

More information will be available on the MTN and Gear West Bike websites next week. 


RACE OFTHE YEAR - Hey, have you voted for Triathlete's Choice Race of the Year yet? If not, please do so at your earliest opportunity. Voting concludes on October 15, and the Top 5 vote-getters will be revealed on MTN on October 16. The winner will be announced at Tri Night '17 on November 4.


FINAL RACE - The last multisport race on Minnesota's multisport calendar is the Central Lakes Cycle / David Grotnerg  Duathlon. It happens tomorrow, September 23, at Central Lakes Cyle in Fergus Falls, and consists of a 20 mile bike ride followed by a four mile run. WEBSITE



Join us for our great new event, the Beaver Bay Fall Colors Run on Saturday October 7th, and enjoy the spectacular Fall colors on the North Shore!  ....

Marathon or Ironman? Which is Harder...



By Susan Lacke (triathlete.com)


A team of researchers settles the debate once and for all.


Put an Ironman competitor and a marathoner in the same room, and it will inevitably turn into a battle of the one-ups:

“I run after a 100-mile bike ride in the heat!” the Ironman triathlete boasts.

“Shuffling doesn’t count!” the marathoner retorts. “I actually run!”

And so it goes. Though there’s really no way to quantify which race is actually harder (suffering, after all, is individual), an international team of researchers has compared the training load of the two events to see if one has more impact than the other.

“It is a study based on the typical friends’ conversation comparing ‘what’s tougher?’ says lead researcher Jonathan Esteve-Llano, “Dr. Cejuela, Dr. Cardona, Dr. Moreno-Perez [other authors of the study] and I are also professional coaches. That’s why most of our research is like this, trying to solve our daily questions, searching for our needs, with the scope of improving our training programs.”...

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