Awesome Recovery Foods...



By Matthew Kady (triathlete.com)


Your post-workout nutrition is not something to take lightly. That’s because what you put in your body after hitting the shower can play a huge role in helping your body recover more quickly from a robust workout. And the quicker and better you bounce back, the greater the fitness gains you’ll attain from your time in the water, pounding the pavement and perched atop a saddle. It turns out that spaghetti and protein powder aren’t the only recovery foods you should have in your arsenal. These items have research-proven benefits for athletes who want to recharge like a champ.

Dried Cherries

After a calorie-crushing workout it’s a good idea to reach for a handful of dried cherries. A plethora of research has demonstrated that the payload of antioxidants in tart cherries—the type of cherry most...

Ambassadors, "Moonshots" and Mentorship..


ED. On Friday we received this important email from Minneapolis triathlete Greg Dummer:



I hope you are doing well and are looking forward to the 2018 triathlon season.  I have some news I wanted to share with you.  Last summer I applied to become a member of the “inaugural” USAT Ambassador program.  The process started with 3,500 applicants and was narrowed down to 50 ambassadors throughout the country.

In January, I was notified that I was one of the ambassadors.


The objective of the Ambassador program is to expose communities to the sport of triathlon and inspire them to become active.  We try to create appeal to multisport through personal stories and energize “first timers” to try multisport by giving them the tools to enter the sports.  There is a specific emphasis on increasing women in the sport, youth racing and short course racing....

Minnesota's All American Triathletes: Men...



In our previous post, we highlighted the twenty-nine women who earned USAT All American triathlete recognition. Today we reveal the twenty-eight Minnesota men who were ranked among the 2017 All Americans.



20-24 Men – 77 AA

  • 64th – Christopher Lam (Rochester)

25-29 Men – 123 AA

  • 48th – Jordan Roby (St. Louis Park)

  • 8rd - Jacob Olsen (Minneapolis)

30-34 Men – 188 AA

  • 17th Sean Cooley (St. Paul)

  • 32nd – Joe Adriaens (Elk River)

  • 45th – Kris Spoth (St. paul)

  • 66th – Wade Cruser (Sauk Rapids)

  • 79th – Nathan Ansbaugh (Minneapolis)...

So Long...For Now?

BREAKING TRI NEWS: Today, we were supposed to post the list of Minnesota men who earned All American honors in 2017. That will appear tomorrow. Today, we are posting a letter from Bill Corcoran. We'd be lying if we didn't admit that this news totally bums us out.

Dear Buffalo Triathlete, 

It is with our deepest regret that we must inform you that this years Buffalo Triathlon is being officially postponed due to historically low registration numbers and the increasing cost of running the event. Since 2014, the total number of participants at the Buffalo Triathlon has dropped between 20% and 30% each year.  Last year, the race was run at an overall loss, and 2018 is already more than 20% behind from last years registration numbers.  Nationally, triathlon participation has been on a steady decline for about the past 5 years, and MN alone has seen more than 30 races cancelled just in the past couple years.  Although a number of options are being explored, it is likely that the Buffalo Triathlon will be...

29 Minnesota Women Are All American Triathletes...



USAT released its of 2017 amateur All American triathlete rankings on Monday. Today we reveal the twenty-nine women (and the two “Honorary” Minnesotans) who earned AA honors. Please note that eight of those women were from our “Fabulous 50-54 AG.”


Tomorrow we will reveal the Minnesota men who were named 2017 All Americans.


20-24 Women – 58 AA

  • 3rd – Maddy Pesch (St. Cloud, living in Madison, WI)

  • 17th – Maggie Weiss (Excelsior)

  • 34th – Kristina Swenson (Rogers)

25-29 Women – 91 AA

  • 1st – Dani Fischer (Hon. MN – Indianapolis, former of Rochester)

  • 12th – Gaby Bunten (Forest Lake)

  • 34th – Nicole Heininger (Rochester)

30-34 Women – 127 AA

  • 30th – Christina Roberts (St. Louis Park)

  • 33rd – Kelly Trom (Minneapolis)

  • 101st – Maleah Murphy (Sartell)

  • 113th – Jessie Stevens

  • 127th – Suzie Fox (Chaska)...

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