2016's Top Rookies: Hanna, Joel, Andrea & Maggie...

Hanna_Duluth.pngMINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Yesterday, we revealed the official nominees for 2016 Grand Master of the Year.

Today we introduce the nominees for 2016 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. The criteria are the same as those discussed in the intro to yesterday's post, though the athletes that these nominees are measured alongside are past ROYs like Kortney Haag (2008), Suzy Fox (2009), Heather Lendway (2012) and Nick Nygaard (2014).

Here, in alpha order, are the official nominees for 2016 Minnesota Rookie of the Year:

HANNA GRINAKER, 28, St. Paul (photo L)

2016 Highlights:

- 1st @ New Bri (Course record)

- 1st @ Lake Waconia (Course Record)...

2016 Nominees: Grand Master of the Year...

sheri_bike.png2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - It's that time of year again: Time to announce the MMA nominees. To be eligible for consideration, athletes need a minimum of three "outstanding" efforts during the season in question, though MMA Selectors prefer that considerees have four or more such performances.

Next, by "outstanding" we mean that performances need to approach, match or exceed the highest standards set at the races in question. Also, athletes are measured against those that have historically set the highest performance standards. In the category we're highlighting today--GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR--athletes are measured next to past GMOYs, like Greg Taylor, Ben Ewers, Pam Stevens and Neil KIng.

We use USAT's definition of Grand Masters, i.e. Men 60+ and women 55+. ...

Becoming an Un-Poopy Person...

WATCHING_IM.pngED. An awesome article. Check it out.

By Erik Sateren (badgerherald.com)

Every year, a day rolls around where I and many others in Madison feel 50 times more hungover and lazy than we actually are. It’s the day of Ironman Wisconsin.

On my way to work at the Herald this Sunday, I had to avoid roped-off streets, backed-up traffic and increased police roadblocks until I was finally able to reach State Street. It was there that I paused and watched some of the most dedicated...

August 2016 Athletes of the Month...

logo_dup.pngExcelsior Running and MTN present its August 2016 ATHLETES OF THE MONTH.

In order to be eligible, athletes must have turned in at least two outstanding, i.e. efforts that approach or exceed the performance standards set at the races they competed in. Also, athletes are measured against those who have excelled historically. For instance, Masters athletes are compared to elite performers like Tony Schiller, Kevin O'Connor, Jan Guenther, Cheyl Zitur christina_run.jpgetc.


Gosh, this was a toughie. Great arguments could, and were, made favoring Bridget McCoy (Wins @ Brewhouse and Casco Bay Swimrun), Erin Hyndman-Farrens (1st @ Maple Grove Olympic and 3rd @ Timberman 70.3), Gaby Bunten (1st @ Turtleman and 13th overall @ Nationals) and Diane Hankee (1st @ St. Paul, 3rd @ Steelhead 70.3). Others who were considered included Kortney Haag, Lisa Lendway and Sheena Dauer....

What to Eat the Night Before a Race...

Chicken-Pasta_051.pngBREAKING NEWS - GWEN DID IT! Making good on her favored status, GWEN JORGENSEN dropped 2012 Gold Medalist Nicola Spirig (SUI) in the final half mile and charged on to victory this morning at the Rio Women's Olympic Triathlon. It was awesome! Did you see it?

LAKE MARION & YOUNG LIFE TRIATHLONS - Pre-race faves, DANIEL BRETSCHER and OLIVIA BAGNALL prevailed this morning in soggy Lakeville at the 9th Lake Marion Triathlon. RESULTS

SEAN COOLEY and HANNA GRINAKER livedf up to their hype at Young Life Olympic. It was Cooley's upmteenth win there. Grinaker's fine 2:12:44 is the second fastest women's time in the history of the race. RESULTS

By Pip Taylor (triathlon.competitor.com)

What do I eat the night before a race? Do I have to have a special meal or follow a strict diet the day before? Do I ever have a beer or a glass of wine?

I get asked these questions a lot. Mostly the people asking are not as interested in what I eat or drink, but secretly hope that their pre-race pizza and lager will be justified or that their lucky steak and chips the night before is the secret to a good race....

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