Dr. Nate & Nikki Jean Are June 2017 AOMs....



Today we reveal MTN's 2017 JUNE ATHLETES OF THE MONTH. To be eligible, athletes must turn in at least two outstanding performances during June. Addionally, sub-par, or poor results can undermine a resume. Say a person wins two races, but also has one or two medium-dazzle performances as well, that athlete has either demonstrated inconsistency or been the victim of bad luck. In either case, that athlete's resume is diminished.



Nathan raced three times in June, winning twice--Lake Minnetonka and Lake Waconia--and placing 2nd --Liberty Half--on the other occasion, making him a slam dunk selection. HMs - Josh Blankenheim (36, Duluth), Kris Spoth (30, St. Paul), Brian Sames (30, Shakopee).

Heininger was also a slam dunk, in our opinion. Like Ansbaugh, she won twice--New Bri and Lake Waconia--and also had a 2nd (Liberty Half). It should be noted that she blew away a course record at New Bri, and her margin of victory at Waconia over a stellar field was substantial. HM - Diane Hankee (40, Lino Lakes), Christina Roberts (31, St. Louis Park)....More on Page 2...

"Lots of Steak and Salt"....


By Gwen Jorgensen (usatriathlon.org)

During the first trimester, I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking and was only able to eat empty carbs like pasta and bagels. Thankfully, I’ve been able to return to a normal diet since my first trimester. With a squished stomach in the third trimester, I find myself eating smaller portions more frequently. Here’s what I eat in a day:   ...

Nutrition Apps For Triathletes....

APP_ART.pngBy Michelle Meinking (ustriathlon.org)

With countless nutrition apps available ranging from cooking tips to calorie counting, it can be overwhelming to find one that might be right for you. As many athletes know, being mindful of what you are consuming and fueling your body appropriately is crucial to performance. Nutrition apps can be useful tools to track nutrients and eating patterns. However, choosing the best one for you may be difficult given the endless availability of new apps. In selecting an app, it is important to recognize what you want the app to do for you. Do you want to track calories? Macronutrients? Meal timing? Diet quality? Or a little bit of everything? Other important factors to consider include accessing information that is easy to understand and finding user- friendly platforms.

To simplify this process for you, we chose six of our favorite apps, each offering unique features.

1. Nutrino: Nutrino is a food and exercise tracking app that allows you to monitor calories and macronutrients....

Dani & Wade Are May AOMs....

dani_madison.pngwade_apple.pngMAY 2017 MINNESOTA ATHLETES OF THE MONTH

Better late than never, right?

We would have posted this sooner but we've been hoping to find an AOM sponsor, a company that can provide, say, products, gift cards or discounts  to the winners. If there are any companies out there, or maybe even races that can give out entries, please contact us, okay?

May is the first month with a full schedule of multisport races, thus we kick off our AOMs with May. To be eligible, athletes must have turned in at least TWO outstanding performances during the designated time period.


- Wade set a course record at Cinco Du Mayo Long Course and beat a very deep field which included two highly-credentialed pros at Apple. Dani also won two...

Wise Stuff...


By Brad Stuhlberg & Steve Magness (outsideonline.com)

Michael Joyner, a physician and researcher at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minneapolis, is one of the most productive humans alive. Joyner, an expert on physiology and human performance, has published more than 350 scientific articles, was recently named the distinguished investigator at the Mayo Clinic, and was awarded a grant through the Fulbright Scholar Program. In addition to his research, Joyner, an anesthesiologist by trade, sees patients regularly and is a mentor to countless up-and-comers, informally running what he calls “my own version of a Montessori school.” He writes for Sports Illustrated and is frequently cited as an expert in other leading publications. Joyner, who’s 58 and married with young kids, is also still a dedicated athlete himself, completing near-daily 60-to-75-minute workouts....

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