Trail Running is Good....

cool-art.gifHit the trails! Try trail running for better balance, power and fun


By Lisa Jhung (usatriathlon.org)


Why: Your Body

Running on trails does a body good. Thanks to varied terrain and softer natural surfaces underfoot, running on trails can both improve your overall fitness and be more forgiving to your body than road running.

Nice bod
A fit physique may not be your main reason to head out for a run on trails, but it’s not a bad side effect. Running on variable surfaces, such as trails riddled with rocks or roots — or even on smooth, twisty singletrack — forces your body to use stabilizing muscles (hello, core) and strengthen connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) that don’t normally get recruited on road runs. And running hilly terrain on trails builds leg strength — working quads, calves and gluteal muscles more than running on flats....

July Report Card...

matt-mpls.gifWho were the stars of the Minnesota racing scene in July? Well, needing at least two outstanding efforts during the month, here are our picks, which we do totally for grins.

FEMALE JUNIOR OF THE MONTH: Kaitlyn Garrison, 17, Cohasset

- 2nd overall @ Ztri - Jr. CR

- 5th overall @ Buzz Ryan Sprint (1st Jr.)

- 8th overall @ Timberman - Jr. CR

Also Considered: Kristina Swenson, 18, Rogers

MALE JUNIOR OF THE MONTH: Mitchell Clayton, 18, Forest Lake (photo below L)

- 4th overall @ Minneapolis Sprint - 1st Jr.

- 6th overall @ Heart of the Lakes Sprint - 1st Jr.

13th overall @ Toughman Sprint - 1st Jr. ...

Jorgensen E Um Olimpo!

gwen-olympico.gifBy Triathlete .com


Americans Gwen Jorgensen (photo) and Sarah True qualified for the U.S. Olympic team this morning (Sunday) by finishing 1st and 4th, respectively, at the test event in Rio de Janeiro. This will be the second-consecutive Olympic team for both. The bottom line for Americans was that a top-eight finish (with only two spots available) meant a spot on the 2016 Olympic team. Katie Zaferes finished sixth, but with two Americans ahead of her will have to go after the third Olympic spot at a yet-to-be announced event in early 2016.

Overall, Great Britain’s Non Stanford and Vicky Holland rounded out the podium.

Needing a Break...

bichweb30.gifBy Louie St. George (Duluthnewstribune.com)


Just about every year, Brian Bich is the safe bet to win the Brewhouse Triathlon. It’s happened 12 times before, a success rate of about 43 percent for one of Minnesota’s oldest triathlons.
The 49-year-old Duluthian, though, won’t make it a baker’s dozen at Saturday’s 29th annual Brewhouse.

Burnout has Bich all but taking this summer off from racing.

“I raced for so many years that I just kind of needed a break,” Bich said.

Oh, he won’t completely stay away from Island Lake on Saturday. Bich is competing in a relay with fellow Brewhouse stalwarts Rhett Bonner and Rod Raymond. And he’s anxious to watch his son, Nathan, try to improve upon last year’s eighth-place showing in the short course....

Kristina's Personal Invitation...

Krisina--tony.gifED. Coverage of Toughman Minnesota and a Brewhouse preview will post tomorrow on MTN.

By Kristina Swenson

I’d like to share my story with the triathlon community about how the races world-champion triathlete Tony Schiller creates for kids changed my life and can change your kids’ lives too.

Let me take you back to a Wednesday night in 2005. I was eight years old. I had just finished a swim lesson at Foss Swim School when my teacher, Joe, said, “I want you to do a really cool race this Saturday. It’s just for kids. You’re going to do great.”

Three days later, I lined up on the beach at Lake Ann Park for my first race, the Miracle Kids Triathlon, directed by Tony. I was nervous, but I knew I could finish because Joe believed in me. It was hard, but I had a blast. I not only crossed the finish line, but I discovered the incredible sport of triathlon....

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