heather-home.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Now that the season is over it’s time to step back and reflect on the year. What did I accomplish? Did I reach my goals? What did I learn? What went well for me and what didn’t? What do I need to improve on for next year?

What did I accomplish?

In a 19-week season, I raced 13 times. I won all 12 of my non-drafting races and I placed second in the one draft legal race I competed in.   I won the USAT Olympic Distance National Championship for the second year in a row in the fastest time in championship history, breaking my previous record. A few weeks later I won the Olympic Distance World Championships overall.   I set nine course records, breaking them by close to four minutes, on average. I was the fastest female swimmer at every race except Nationals.  I ran sub 6:30 pace for every sprint race, I broke 6:00 pace on a sprint 5K and was finally sub 40 (sub 6:30) for a 10K.

Did I reach my goals?  ....


s-man-logo.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Voting for TRIATHLETES CHOICE 2014 RACE OF THE YEAR concluded at midnight on Sunday. Forty-nine events received votes, 46 of which were actually for eligible races. As usual, Ironman Wisconsin received a handful of votes.


This year's top vote-getters have won before. In alpha order, here are the five finalists for 2014 Race of the Year (with the year's of their prior wins):


Transition Week...

trainersetup.gifBy Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com - 10/8/14)

Last week I took it easy to recover from Ironman Chattanooga. I feel more or less normal this week and am getting back into a training routine but not going full gas yet. I’m calling it a transition week. Would I feel this normal if I had run faster at Chattanooga? Probably not. The upside of blowing up is you’re not as beat up. Unrelated, the weather here has taken a turn and it’s gotten pretty brisk outside. I’m anticipating quite a bit of trainer riding preparing for Ironman Arizona.


Transition Week Tuesday:


Bike: 3hrs on the trainer. 15 min wu, 4x (15 min steady / 1 min big gear / 4 min ez) 30 min steady, 5 min ez, 20 min steady, 10 min ez. Netflix selection: Skyfall the first half and the end of Tombstone the second half. Given what happened at...


1410mark-dave-740.gifBy Lee Gruenfeld (ironman.com)

Ali vs. Frazier

Bird vs. Johnson.


Evert vs. Navritalova.

Great champions aren't defined by being the best, but by beating the best. Winning puts them in the books. Rivalries put them on the map....

Stuff About Brooks, Voting, the Party of the Year, Devon's Survey & CY's IM Recollections......

brooks-lwt.gif- MMS Stuff - After scrutinizing his 2014 tri/du resume, comparing it to prior seasons and predicting his highest-ever placement on Team MInnesota, the MMA Selectors have decided to add BROOKS GROSSINGER's name to the list of official "Most Improved" nominees.

Brooks' 2014 Resume: Wins at Lake Minnetonka, Timberman (CR) and Northwoods (CR); 2nd amateur at Gear West Du and Lake Waconia; and 3rd amateur at Heart of the Lakes.

 - TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR voting will conclude at midnight on Sunday. Please vote if you haven't sone so already. VOTE

The Top 10 Vote Getters and the Top 5 Finalists for the TCROY will be revealed on MTN next Tuesday.

- MMA PARTY - Have you gotten your tickets for this year's post season celebration on October 25 at Gear West Bike & Triathlon? Food, wine, craft beer, music and great company. Open to all. Bring family and friends. INFO & TICKETS


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