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Steph and the Fish Kisser...

fish kiss(Photo - Mike kissing a trout.)

Event Coverage - Ten members of the MJets took part in last Sunday's OHP #3 Indoor Triathlon. We were not surprised that Stephanie Solfelt, a Top 15 overall finisher at AG Nationals last year, led the way for the girls. Predictably, the 21-year-old posted her gender's briskest swim and run splits. If Steph develops her bike skills, she would emerge as a force on not only the regional tri scene, but the national one, as well.

The other two podium spots for the girls were earned respectively by St. Cloud sisters, Greta and Paige Danielson. At 18, Greta is two years older than Paige, though Paige is like almost a foot taller. Paige's swim needs work, but she possesses encouraging cycling and running aptitude. Both girls were nominated for MN Junior of the Year in 2011....

Minnesota's New Races...

blaineRace Previews - There are at least seven new multis on Minnesota's 2012 outdoor calendar, bringing the unofficial total to a record 90 events. Whew! Do you plan to do any of them? We hope so.

In case you haven't already signed-up for any of these races, here they are for your consideration (MTN advertisers are capitalized and we feel they deserve a wee bit of extra love here!):

* May 12 - Central Lakes Duathlon (Fergus Falls) - A unique bike-run-bike event (B - 19.9, R - 3.9 trails, B - 6.9). Cool concept! WEBSITE

* May 19 - BLAINE TRIATHLON - This new event is also bike-heavy, which should appeal to saddle-crazed Minnesotans. (S .3, B - 16.7, R - 3.5). This event deserves extra love because it advertises on MTN. WEBSITE

This Week's Recommended Races...


It Will Be Epic....

girls(Great YndeCam photo of The Girls)

Race Preview - BBEs (Best Buds Eternally) Cathy Yndestad and Julie Hull, who between them have more than a hundred dazzling teeth and occasionally take ice baths (photo) together, will kick off their 2012 multi seasons in Henderson, Nevada this weekend at the 2nd annual LEADMAN EPIC 125, which will consist of a 2.5K (1.5 miles) swim, a 109.5 (68 miles) bike and a 13K (8 mile) run. Despite the fact that both girls have been beset by injurious misfortune, Julie especially, in the last 1 1/2 seasons, they are coming into Saturday's race as prohibitive faves.


Because they are both total Studettes, that's why! Since August of 2007, Jules, who looked totally good in the Vickie's Secret ensem she wore at the Underpants Run in Kona last October, has won 11 races, including two ...


turtleTurtleman Press Release:

The Turtleman Triathlon - Minnesota's oldest triathlon, is on hold for the second time.

Sixteen years ago the event was absent from the scene for two years until an all-volunteer group of athletes led by Shoreview's Marsha Soucheray brought it back to life. It grew to over 1000 participants, including may who paid a premium price for a "charity slot" after registrations filled. Three times it was voted "Athletes' Favorite" and was often a finalist in that voting.

But the past three years have not been kind to the event. In 2009 huge wind and rainstorms eliminated the swim and forced termination while many were still out on the course. In 2010 the water level in the lake fell such ...

Hedge's Debut...

dan(Photo - Pre-mustached Dan Hedgecock, who is wearing a shirt he borrowed from his dad, whose neck is bigger than his own.)

Race Preview - Both Dan Hedgecock and Claire Bootsma, who are making their pro debuts at the USAT Elite Duathlon National Championship (Powerman Alabama) on Saturday, have what it takes to be be world class run-bike-runners. Yesterday we speculated on how well Claire-Bear would fare against the this weekend's stout field. Today we'll look at the men's elite field and guess at how well the mustacheful Dan will do.

Here are the guys he'll face:

Daniel Bretscher (Greencastle, IN) - The USAT Pro Rookie of the Year in 2008 and USAT Amateur AOY the year before that, DB has yet to confront a du field like the one he'll face on Saturday. Can our Dan beat Indiana's Dan? We're not sure. This will be a great battle. Our guess is if Bretscher manages to beat Hedge this weekend, it will be the last time he does so. Bretsch is a great guy who really, really likes ice cream....

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