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Great Floods & Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce...


Drei Duathlondruben Previewenzee...

osceolacw ig

Weekend Race Previews - You may have noticed that we are totally fluent in German, or "Doitch," as they say in downtown Germany. In deference to this being the United States and all, we'll proceed in American.

The busiest duathlon weekend of the season is on the horizon. Three run-bike-runs, two on Saturday, one on Sunday, are just days away. You can still..

Alabama Dreamin'....


Tri Nationals are Saturday and once again Minnesotans should figure prominently in the overall and AG results. It is our belief that two, and perhaps three, of our state's athletes will crack the..

New & Improved...


Press Release -The 2010 Osceola Duathlon, Kids Duathlons and new Osceola Trail

Runs may be the best value races this Fall...

Record Attendance at One Last Tri...

The fifth edition of One Last Tri is Sunday. Attendance records have already been broken and other records are expected logoto fall hard, weather permitting. The faves will be Sam Janicki and Diane Hankee.

Here's why. Check out their 2010 racing highlights:

Not-So-Square Square Lake Preview...

lakeEven though Square Lake isn't really square-shaped (see drawing), it is still a very good lake.

Not-so-square Square Lake is also the site of two very cool multisport races, which are called the "Square Lake Long and Short Course Triathlons," which is less clumsy, though less correct, than calling them the "Not-So-Square Square Lake Long and Short Course Triathlons."

The 11th edition of the technically incorrectly named Square Lake Short Course Tri will be staged on Saturday; the long course event--half iron-ish in distance--will celebrate it's 10th anniversary on Sunday.

Hey, what are the course records, you ask?

Well, even if you didn't, here they are:...

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