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IMG_2001.gifBy Ben Ewers (benewers.blogspot.com)

St. George 70.3 Race Report - I won the 65-69 age group with a 5:38, but slower than last years 5:32 on an easier weather day.  So, what is happening?

Well, I'm just getting older.  It's tough to compete at the "old" end of the "older" age groups.  In a prior post I compared the relative performance of the best age-groupers as a function of age.  I did this utilizing the USAT ranking system, and the USAT statistics for 2014 reaffirmed the general trend of an accelerating decline after age 40. To further smooth the recent 2014 USAT statistics, I averaged the scores of the top 5 ranked athletes in each age group.  The results were as shown below:

AGE-GROUP               MALE                FEMALE(1)
                 20-24                                104.3                   102.0
                 25-29                                104.6                   104.1
                 30-34                                105.3                   103.1
                 35-39                                105.8                   103.7
                 40-44                                103.9                   101.7 ...

A New Fire Lit...

CY-back-view.gifBy Cathy Yndestad (trigirlcathy.blogspot.com)

Paix D'Aix 70.3 Race Report - With the off-season prioritized by moving my life across the Atlantic, I knew it would be a stretch to be race ready in May.  Regardless, I’ve never been afraid to race myself into shape, so we kicked started the 2015 tri season with the Ironman 70.3 Pays D’Aix. With such a beautiful backdrop for a race, there’s no surprise the race filled to capacity with 2500 athletes on the start. It had the typical Ironman brand hoopla and it felt like a championship event with racers from all over Europe.

Pay’s D’Aix is roughly a 7 hr drive from our new city, and this was our first euro road trip. After 42 euros of road tolls, we finally made it to our hotel in the heart of Aix en Provence.  We celebrated the majestic city and enjoyed walking through town and having dinner at one of the many outdoor...

Epic Promises Kept...


OOPS! "Dave's Gift" linked here by mistake. Here  is the correct LINK.


Steve Stenzel Photo - Fast Girls (R - L) - Diane Hankee, Suzie Fox, Nicole "Heiney" Heininger and Jenn Scudiero.

OAKDALE DUATHLON - Last Thursday, Suzie Fox posted these words on Facebook:

 "Excited for a big battle with my Gear West teammate Diane Hankee on Saturday @ the Oakdale Duathlon! Our best times on this course are only 7 seconds apart & our best times on another course (Falls Duathlon) are only 2 seconds different...hoping for multiple lead changes, a sprint finish in either order, & a shiny new PR for us both! Not sure who else is racing but there is still time to join the party! Weather looks perfect for one of my all time favorite MN courses, come join us!"   ...

"A Few Things I would Have Done Differently...

OOPS! A "Payne-Ful Day in St. Paul" linked to the wrong story. Here's the correct LINK


Photo - Guess who was first out of the water?

By Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Wednesday night after a quick spin Patrick and I worked on taking my bike apart for the trip. This was only the second time I’d be flying with a bike and a first with my new tri bike. The bike packing went fairly smooth although I did have to phone a friend (Jared) at Gear West Bike & Tri to make sure I was taking the bike apart in the most efficient way. I also wanted to validate that those scary creaking noises that sound like the carbon is cracking were normal, which they are.

I arrived in Florida Thursday evening with Patrick and bike in tow. We grabbed some dinner right away at my favorite: Sweet Tomatoes never ending salad bar, after which we headed to Treasure Island on the gulf where we had rented a condo with my parents for the long weekend. We unpacked, built up my bike and got to bed....

"I Kept Going"....

St.-George-Logo.gifBy Ruth Brennan Morrey (ruthbrennanmorrey.com)


IM 70.3 St. George -  So…I raced yesterday. It hurt. That’s ok. Everyone was hurting. Ninety six degrees on one of the most difficult bike/run courses in the world, with Olympians, World Champions, Triple Crown winner, champs, champs, more champs at the North American Pro Championship race, in St. George, UT. ....

Big Hats & Avocados...And Other Stuff...

lisa-and-heiney.gifPhoto - Heiney and Hadley's mom looking damn good in their Big hats.

CINCO DU MAYO - Have you ever been to Mexico? It's an awesome place. Sure, it needs paint and that drug cartel stuff isn't cool, but it has given the world some bueno cosa, which is Mexican for "Good Stuff."

Like what, you ask?

Tacos, Guacamole and Big hats, just to name a few things. Coincidentally, all of those great Mexican things were part of the Cinco Du Mayo Duathlons, which happened last Saturday at Square Lake Park. Winners of the event got a sombero, the world's coolest type of hat, a couple of avocados, a tomato, tostada chips, salsa and hot sauce, Margarita mix and a plastic Margarita glass. Sure, none of the stuff actually came from Mexico, which should to be pronounced "Meh-He-Coe," though the avocados, which are either a fruit or a vegetable (noboby knows for sure), are probably from South America, but it was definitely Mexican inspired.

So winners made out like banditos, right? Yup!  ...

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