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Sometimes It Rains...

ashley-malzahn.gifPHOTO - Winnipeg's Ashley Malzahn, one of many wonderful Canadians whose annual tri calendars include the Liberty Triathlon. 

RACE COVERAGE - Yucky days happen. Sucks, but true.

Sometimes races fall on yucky days. That was certainly the case last Saturday at the 10th annual Liberty Triathlons. Relentless rain and wind that made the cool temps feel even colder and a transition area resembled the Okefenokee Swamp were what 343 eventual finishers had to contend with.

More than 500 athletes had signed up for the races--half and Olympic. Unsurprisingly, many stayed in bed and of the slightly more than 400 who showed up, approximately 70 decided not to endure the one hour delay.

Naturally, most course records remained intact. None were reset in the Olympic race, but two fell in the Half, starting with Matthew Payne's incredible 4:02:46, which not only lopped close to five minutes off his 2013 CR, it will be debated whether it, or Kevin O'Connor's 4:02:59 turned in at Muncie in 1997, deserve to stand as the Minnesota men's amateur Half IM record. Most 70.3 courses have suspect measurements. It's hard to accurately measure that much real estate.

In any case, Matt's effort was but another in a long list of course records he has set over the last few seasons. In 2014 already, he has crushed the amateur CRs at Oakdale, Buffalo Olympic and Liberty. We're anxious to see how he fares at Best of the...

Sunday Racing News...

hl-trinona.gifTRINONA VI  - David Thompson won the Olympic race for the fifth consecutive year, and Heather Lendway (photo) took a gluttonous 4:45 bite out of Ruth Brennan Morrey's 2011 women's race record. RESULTS

John Taipale and Lisa Lendway won Trinona's sprint course race. Words and photography for both races on Tuesday. SPRINT RESULTS

KANSAS 70.3 - Ruth Brennan Morrey captured the women's title today at Kansas 70.3. Her time was 4:13:47, missing Rachel Joyce's 2012 CR by a scant second. Ruther's margin of victory over runner-up Joyce of Great Britain was :57 seconds. RBM's splits - 28:34 - 2:21:31 - 2:20:50. RESULTS

LAKE CRYSTAL DUATHLON - Land Between the Lakes Du winner Mario Minelli picked up another run-bike-run victory yesterday at Lake Crystal Rec. Center. Becca Lewis was the women's champ....More stuff on page 2.


gwpose.gifBy Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com)

I participated in and successfully completed a sprint (Pigman Sprint) last Sunday. Unfortunately I can’t say much more than that. I got on the bike and realized I was cooked. I’d overstepped a bit in training and didn’t have the firepower I need in a race. This happened many times in 2012 and 2013. It is no fun. I felt kind of dull and wasn’t sharp or excited the day before the race. That should have been a warning sign. Racing when cooked is rough because you just feel silly getting trounced and going slow out there. It was completely self inflicted as well – my coach assigned 2-3 hours or riding the Wednesday before the race which I turned into 100 miles. Looking at the two weeks leading into the race it’s pretty obvious that Wednesday century was ill advised. Anyways, I’ll have to carefully nurture my ego and confidence back to health this week.

Another downside is when you race tired or in a negative mindset it seems bad stuff is more likely to happen. Finishing the ride I somehow managed to take an acrobatic tumble as I...

Pigs & Pontevedra...

GW-Team.gifPIGMAN SPRINT - In an earlier post we mentioned that Minnesotans have historically dominated at Pigman Sprint. The legacy lives on. Here's how our state's triathletes fared last Sunday in Palo, Iowa:

Overall Top 10 - Six of these spots were earned by Minnesotans.

2nd - David Thompson - 1:01:55. (He finished just 25-seconds behind winner Daniel Bretscher, despite having flatted with four miles to go in the bike segment.)

3. Dan Hedgecock - 1:02:28

7. Kevin O'Connor - 1:04:34 - 2nd amateur/ 1st Master

8. Devon Palmer - 1:06:28

9. Heather Lendway - 1:06:53 - Lowered Claire Bootsma's 2012 course record by 1:46....

Great Racing in Soggy Buffalo...

buffalo-dog.gifBUFFALO XI - Slightly more than two-thirds of Buffalo's 1100ish enrollees (800ish) showed up at soggy Sturges Park last Sunday. Some were prepared to race despite inclement weather, others had faith that the rain would cease, or at least lessen. These sturdy folks were rewarded with very raceable weather. An hour or so before Wave 1, the storm system that had buffeted the area for the last 24-hours, pushed off to horth and east. The next system, which was sneaking in from South Dakota, wouldn't arrive for another two and a half hours, and what did come was weak and brief. The result for the faithful 800 was a great racing experience, one that produced some awesome performances.

May Athlete of the Month, Matt Payne, was in a league of his own on Sunday. A solid swim and a huge bike split kept his pursuers out of sight. Despite taking an estimated 20-seconds to rescue a turtle on the run course--Matt is a well-known Turtle-o-phile--he arrived at the finish line 4:20 ahead of co-favorite Jon Balabuck of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Matt had time to drain two cans of PBR before his Canuck counterpart made his effort official....

Sunday Race Capsules...UPDATED...

hl-headshot.gifBUFFALO TRIATHLON - The weather wasn't nearly as yucky as was anticipated. The grey, dank conditions didn't slow down Matt Payne, who set an Olympic course record. Elaine Nelson took the women's Olympic title. John Heinlein held off Brain Sames in the Sprint. He was joined in the Winner's Circle by Cheryl Zitur. RESULTS

PIGMAN SPRINT - 2007 US Athlete of the Year, Daniel Bretscher, a 7th-year pro from Mount Vernon, Iowa, held off David Thompson for the win. St. Paul's Heather Lendway (photo) annihilated the women's course record. RESULTS

UPDATE: MTN received this email from Kevin O'Connor concerning David Thompson's race at Pigman:

So you know, David had a big lead and was set to win and set a new course record but got a flat with four miles left of the bike. He rode it in but was passed by Daniel and couldn't reel Daniel in on the run. Heather was, as expected, a total stud. The race was a ton of fun, another total success.

More words and photos about BUffalo will posy on Tuesday. Pigman coverage will appear on Friday.

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