Race Coverage

Pregnant Women, Futbol Hooligans & Fatherhood...

sergio(Photo - An Argentinian Futbol fanatic guy named Sergio and his offspring. He and countryman Martin, pronounced "Marteen," have done the RochesterFest Olympic the last two years clad in full soccer hooligan regalia.)

RochesterFest Coverage - It's true that some preggers women actually glow. These girls radiate happiness and contentment, which makes them beautiful to look at and be around, even though their bellybuttons poke out in a sorta disturbing way.

We know that this pregnantic glowage phenonmenon (PGP) is real because we witnessed it firsthand at RochesterFest last Sunday. The PGP girl in question is Kyla Blazek, who is due in two weeks and is as big as a Volkswagon. Her size and poked-out bellybutton and readiness to pop at any moment were not enough to keep her out of the race. Heck, she'd done Trinona Sprint the week before. FYI, we doubt that she'll race next week, but who knows, maybe she will....

Ross' Peeps....

ross(Photo - Petrified of vermin, Brianna saw a mouse just seconds before this photo was taken.)

Lake Minnetonka Coverage - Four-time LMT winner Brett Lovaas was first out of T2. He was followed shortly thereafter by superstar fifty-genarian Tony Schiller, also a past champion here. Then Sam Janicki, looking sleek after his recent full-body Brazilian and clad in an 80s vintage black Speedo.

And then came Brooks Grossinger.

"Which one of these guys is gonna win," a guy asked spectating Ross Weinzierl, who was wearing really cool cargo pants.

"Brooks. No doubt." Ross' words carried no hint of equivocation....

An Unoffical Championship...

janlauraann(Photos L - R - Fast girls Jan, Laura and Ann.)

Lake Minnetonka Triathlon - We'd like to think of this year's Lake Minnetonka Triathlon as our state's 2012 Women's Masters Tri

More Weekend Racing Stuff...

logoRochesterFest Triathlon - The 5th edition of this annual classic was contested this morning under sunny skies with temps in the 70s. Nice. Lots of cool stuff happened that we are anxious to tell you about. But we'll do that on Tuesday 'cuz we're kinda torpid right now. Besides, it's Father's Day. Have you called your dad yet? Here are today's RESULTS.

High Cliff Sprint - MTN congratulates Rochester's Ann Moyer on her win at the High Cliff Sprint in Sherwood, Wisconsin, on Saturday. Her margin of victory over Plymouth, Wisconsin runner-up Brenda Schwaller was exactly one minute. Fellow Tri-Rochester guy, Peter Somers, was the fastest Minnesotan at the High Cliff Half, placing 19th overall in 4:48 and change. RESULTS

Saturday Racing Headlines....

Gang(2011 Photo - Heidi, Ross and Steve sucking down some yummy Muscle Milk.)

LAKE MINNETONKA TRIATHLON - Brooks and Cathy took the overall titles on this mild, rainy-but-not-quite-yucky morning at the 9th edition of the venerated Lake Minnetonka Triathlon.

Catastrophe Analysts, Ukraine Immigrants & Choprah Readers......

logoLiberty Olympic Coverage - In MTN's ongoing quest to remind its readers that triathletes are also people, here is some compelling personal info on the Top 5 male and female finishers at the 8th annual Liberty Olympic Triathlon last Saturday, a totally good event:


1. David Holden - 1:53:32 - Dave's a quiet guy. His wife is more outgoing than he is. His Liberty win was his 9th since 2006.

2. Andy Schiesl - 1:54:52 - His last name appears to be unfinished, but it isn't. He had a breakout season in 2011 and appears to be even faster this year.

3. Scott Penticoff - 1:55:36 - Scotty is a wonderful guy with a very small waist. He has a beautiful wife that he married when they were 12. The couple has two daughters who are above average in every way....

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