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Love & 2.5 Bags of I.V. Stuff...

kortBy Kortney Haag (From kortneyhaag.blogspot.com)

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report - I don't want to make this a super long post because I am still trying to get my life back together after being gone for four days and then I am leaving in two days to see one of my athletes finish her first triathlon out in Malibu, California.

I had a great day in Wisconsin but it didn't turn out the way I had planned, some things went out of the plan but that is what happens during an Ironman - you have to expect the unexpected.

We packed up the van on Friday, there were three kids and three adults and I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to get it all in there. We were pretty packed in!

"The Race of My Life"....

logoHy-Vee 5150 US Champs Race Report - When I left my job at Target I dedicated everything I had to training and racing and spent the last two years relying on the help of friends and family to chase after the foolhardy dream of being a professional triathlete. Most of the time my life feels like a bi-polar disorder. Sometimes I'm training completely alone in the freezing cold pitch black of a Minnesota winter and sometimes I'm spending Monday afternoon riding my road bike on gorgeous rural roads with great friends. Sometimes I'm dropping huge chunks of time in training and doing workouts I couldn't have seriously considered just a....

Michelle's Words...

michelle(Awesome Nick Morales / TriJuice.com photo of Minnesota's fastest Ironwoman.)

By Michelle Andres

Before signing up for IMoo 2012 I made sure I had my family onboard and was willing to help me reach my goals. Lee even spent our 14th wedding anniversary in Madison working a run aid station so I could register the following day. This year it was our 15th year anniversary and we were back in Madison.

A little background

Kidd-ing Around....

kona(Photo - Angela Kidd doing that Kona thing.)

Fall Classic Duathlon - Minnesota's 2nd duathlon season--there's a spring calendar and one in the fall--is underway, the most recent contest being the 6th annual Fall Classic at Lake Elmo Park Reserve last Saturday. Many of our state's "usual suspect" duathletes -- Derick Podratz, Jennifer Scudiero, Nolan Barrios, Rick Wegener, Jen Strange--did their typically impressive run-bike-run thangs, but there was a new name that lanced the event's predictability as if it were a big, livid, festering boil.

Okay, that was an excessive, and totally unappetizing, simile. Sorry....

Leslie's Birthday & Constpated Computers....

chris(Photo - Suspected OLT winner Chris Sachs.)

One Last Tri VII - Did you see "Bridesmaids"? Yeah, it was a HOOT! Do you recall the scene when a gross sound escaped the body of obese, delusional Megan, wonderfully played by Melissa McCarthy, and she apologized, noting that she wasn't "100% certain which end that came out of"?

Well, we'd love to tell you with 100% accuracy how folks did at Sunday's One Last Tri at picturesque Big Marine Park near Scandia. But, as sometimes happens, there was a "timing thing." It's really technical and though we totally understand all the...

Channeling Kristin Wiig...

juliaIronman Wisconsin Race Report: 26.2 Friends

By Julia Weisbecker (http://julia-gobiggreen.blogspot.com/)

Before I get to any race report I have to give myself a huge fashion high five ( HFHF) for putting together a functional yet cool outfit in a chilly morning race. Thanks to Angela for the socks. Everyone now run to Target and get a pair of your own. Ok on to the race.

It's no surprise this Ironman was a bit different than last year. For obvious reasons i struggled this year. The physical struggle of basically dropping out of racing in early june to rest and fix a hamstring tendonopathy was a huge decision, the right one, but very tough for me. I wish i could have St. Croix 70.3 back ( without the rain but with lance!) and with a healthy body. So putting all my eggs in one basket was tough. The IM basket. I was right on pace with riding and swimming all summer. Running took another hit ( literally) when after Firehouse 50 i played Humpty Dumpty and fell over at the finish...

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