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Minnesota Multisport Awards - Since 2012, Minnesota has been America's duathlon capitol. Our state has an abundance of races, and an even greater abundance of talent. Here is the history of Minnesota's DUATHLETE OF THE YEAR award. You'll note that KRISTIN MILLER and MARLO CROSBY have won the DOY four and three times resectively. Both women and two-time US DOYs.



2013 - SUZIE FOX


2011 - SUZY FOX


2009 - KEVIN O'CONNOR....

Performances of the Year: 2000 - 2014...

CY-IMAZ.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Today we look back on the PERFORMANCES OF THE YEAR. Multiple winners are David Thompson (3), Heather Lendway (2), Matthew Payne (2), Dan Hedgecock (2) and Cathy Yndestad (2) (photo L).


2014 - MATTHEW PAYNE - Victory @ Best of the US National Championship - HEATHER LENDWAY - Victory at Life Time Tri - Minneapolis.

2013 - MATTHEW PAYNE - 2nd place amateur / 1st US @ New Orleans 70.3 (4:05) - HEATHER LENDWAY - Victory at USAT Nationals -fastest women's time in Nationals history (Milwaukee, WI)

2012 - DAN HEDGECOCK - 1st @ HyVee 5150 National Championship (Des Moines, IA) - MICHELLE ANDRES - Course record victory at Ironman Wisconsin (10:05)...

Heather Rocks in Texas. Gwen Undefeated in 2015...

dan-b-kona.gifLENDWAY ROCKS AGAIN - First year pro HEATHER LENDWAY followed up her 2nd place finish at Silverman 70.3 with an impressive 4th last Sunday at Austin 70.3. Leading after the swim (25:05), she then turned in the 4th fastest women's bike split (2:33:59). She followed those efforts with a PR for the half marathon, a 1:27:39! Her total time was 4:30:38, 6:50 behind the winner, Jeanni Seymour of South Africa, whose win was a breakout effort and almost nine minutes faster here than her 2014 clocking.

Heather probably made some money but we don't know how much. She'll be blogging about her race in the near future and we'll repost her report.

Another Minnesotan, albeit a recent transplant for Iowa, also performed admirably in Austin. We're talking about former US Athlete of the Year (2007) DANIEL BRETSCHER (photo), now of Northfield, who placed 7th against a very deep men's field. Daniel's time was 4:03:46. RESULTS ...

The Grand Ones...

fred-clayton.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Today we acquaint you with those who have won the GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR award. You'll notice that there are a number of multiple winners, starting with GREG TAYLOR and MELINDA SILBERNICK, each five-time winners. PAM STEVENS has won four times and is nominated again this year, as is HANK LARSEN, who won this award back in '08. Will Pam claim her 5th win next Saturday? Or Hank his 2nd? Perhaps a new name will be added to the Winners list. It could be NEIL KING or SHERI SCHROCK.


MEN - 60 & UP; WOMEN 55 & UP

2014 - GREG TAYLOR -Now residing in Yankton, South Dakota.

2013 - PAM STEVENS ...

The Juniors: Then & Now...

hannah-taj.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Today we are sharing the list of talented teen athletes that have won the JUNIOR OF THE YEAR award and, if available, some Facebook info.

2014 - PAIGE DANIELSON - She now attends Washington State University.

2013 - GRETA DANIELSON - She lives in Fargo and dates a guy with a great beard.


2011 - HANNAH STROM - She's a yoga instructor and studies Kinesiology at The U. She's been to India (photo L).

2010 - KATE LOWREY - Kate attends Purdue University.

2009 - NICK MADRINICH - Nick now lives in Los Angeles....

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