Jimmer & a Sigourney Weaver Lookalike...

elaina-boston.gifLIFE TIME - EDEN PRAIRIE INDOOR TRI - This January 3rd pool-trainer-treadmill event had 50 finishers. Leading the women's field was Elaina Schellhaass. We think it's cool that her last name, which is a German deal, we think,has three sets of double letters. Elaina is a decorated distance runner who out-treadmilled everyone in the event. That's right. She chicked the entire men's field. FYI, Elaina raced well at Boston last April (photo).

And speaking of Boston, a guy named Adam Boston was the men's winner at EP - Indoor. There's a guy on Facebook named Adam Boston, who studied mechanical engineering at UMD, has tattoos on his right arm and a black dog. We dont know if he's the same guy who won the race.

The guy with, in our opinion, the best name in the field is Jimmer Dorweiler. Jimmer. A nickname or creative parents? Cool in either case. Jimmer placed 9th. According to FB, he's totally into golf and Bridget McCoy is one of his friends. RESULTS

YWCA INDOOR TRI #2 - Fifty-seven fun-and-fitness-loving people finished this indoor event on January 17, twelve of them did the mini-sprint, twenty-five did the regular sprint, and 20 did the long sprint. The mini and regular races were won by women--the pixiesque Lesley Stanaway and Andrea Tremaine, respectively. Andrea is into Harry Potter books and prefers Star Trek stuff to Star Wars stuff....

Data Geeking...

YearInReview1rb-524x421.gifSimple steps for evaluating your progress and planning for 2016.

By Jesse Thomas (triathlon.competitor.com)

In March 2011, I went to my first triathlon camp with coach Matt Dixon of Purplepatch Fitness and was assigned a shared room with Sami Inkinen. I didn’t know much about Sami other than he was very fast (I’d raced him a few times as an age-grouper), very handsome (his remarkably always perfect hairdo was the target of far too many of Matt’s jokes) and apparently very smart (he had a Stanford MBA and had recently co-founded some real estate website named “Stevia” or something)....

"A Bit of a Chat"....


January 2016 Interview - Professional Triathlete, Ruth Brennan Morrey
RBM is a 70.3 Ironman Champion with multiple 70.3 podium performances and is coming off her first professional performance at Ironman World Championships. Her previous sport background was as a Division I soccer player and Olympic Trials marathoner.

You can follow RBM's season on Twitter @rbrennanmorrey
Or on her website ruthbrennanmorrey.com

By Brad Mitchell (obsessivetripulsive.weebly.com)

Top triathletes seem to have the ability to hurt more and for longer periods of time. Do you think this is true? Is it more refined mental training or simply a higher physical level?   ....

Stout Field For Winter Tri Nationals...


King Boreas Winter Triathlon Preview - Minnesota’s first winter triathlon is also the USAT Winter Tri National Championship, which we think is very cool. We hope you do too....

Stuff About Nicole, Brian, Heiney & Heather.......

NICOLE-RUN.gifMINNESOTA RUNNER OF THE YEAR - MTN got an email from Judy Rykken a few days ago. Do you know her? She's a 77-year-old triathlete with a perpetual smile and an effervescent personality. She's awesome. Here is a portion of her note:

Good evening!

     I wasn’t sure if you knew that Nicole Cueno (YWCA Women's Tri Director - Photo) was named Minnesota Runner of the Year 2015. She is only the third person in the history of the award to have won the overall title as well as the 35-39 age group. Just google Minnesota R of the Y 2015 to get stats and more information. Awards will be presented at Braemar Golf Course on February 6 at 5 p.m. Again you can find all the info by checking Google. Because Nicole is a superb triathlete as well as incredible runner, I thought you could mention this achievement in MN Tri.

Thanks for listening – see you next summer!

Judy Rykken

Thanks, Judy! And congratulations Nicole!   ....

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