Kona Coverage: Minnesotans...Updated..


Swim Splits:

- DAN ARLANDSON (38, Burnsville) - Swim - 59:52

- KORTNEY HAAG (35, Maple Grove) - Swim - 1:12:49 (Best IM Swim - 1:08:16 - IMOO '12)

- SARAH BERGER (28, St. Paul) - Swim - 1:16:19 (Best IM Swim - 1:09:41 - IMOO '13)

- HILARY PATZER (36, Minneapolis) - Swim - 1:17:22 (Best IM Swim - 1:15:21 - IMOO '13)

- BEN NEMETH (40-44, Sartell) - Swim - 1:28:09

- ERIC GOULLAUD (65-69, Plymouth) - Swim - 1:29:28

- DEREK GUIHER (35-39, Richfield) - Swim - 1:33:15...

KONA NEWS & NOTES...Udated...

dan-a-GFT.gifHAWAIIAN IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - We wished we knew the names of every Minnesotan who is racing today in Kona. During the day we hope to learn who all of them are so we can post news on their progress and their finishing times.

There's a "Rule of Thumb" formula for predicting IM finishing times, that is, if all goes well and if conditions and/or course difficulty aren't extreme. It goes like this: take one's best half IM time, double it and add one hour. This formula has been around for decades and may be outdated. It certainly does not apply to pros or the Top Elite Amateurs.

As an example, East Gull Lake's Michelle Andres' half IM PR is 4:37:47, which if doubled and have an hour added to it, would suggest that she was capable of a 10:15:32. Andres has significantly beaten that time twice, going 10:05:30 in a victorious effort at Ironman Wisconsin in 2012, then popping a 9:50:23 at Kona in '13.

For giggles, let's apply the original formula, and the "Michelle Andres Formula" (1/2 IM x 2 + 40 min.*) to some of the Minnesotans who are racing today:

Stuff About Brooks, Voting, the Party of the Year, Devon's Survey & CY's IM Recollections......

brooks-lwt.gif- MMS Stuff - After scrutinizing his 2014 tri/du resume, comparing it to prior seasons and predicting his highest-ever placement on Team MInnesota, the MMA Selectors have decided to add BROOKS GROSSINGER's name to the list of official "Most Improved" nominees.

Brooks' 2014 Resume: Wins at Lake Minnetonka, Timberman (CR) and Northwoods (CR); 2nd amateur at Gear West Du and Lake Waconia; and 3rd amateur at Heart of the Lakes.

 - TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR voting will conclude at midnight on Sunday. Please vote if you haven't sone so already. VOTE

The Top 10 Vote Getters and the Top 5 Finalists for the TCROY will be revealed on MTN next Tuesday.

- MMA PARTY - Have you gotten your tickets for this year's post season celebration on October 25 at Gear West Bike & Triathlon? Food, wine, craft beer, music and great company. Open to all. Bring family and friends. INFO & TICKETS


Hedge is Not Ovulating...

En-Fuego.gifBy Dan Hedgecock (danhedgecock.com)

I am currently “en fuego” — which literally translates to “fire” or “on fire” or “in fire” or something like that. America has appropriated the phrase to mean “something awesome” or “someone who is really hot”. Although potentially appropriate, this is not what I mean when I say I am en fuego. I have appropriated this phrase to mean something a little closer to the literal translation: I am en fuego = I am in heat. In heat like I’m “in heat” with motivation to train, not like “I’m ovulating”....

Pros & Cons of Chattanooga...

devon-and-ruther.gifBy Devon Palmer (palmertri.wordpress.com)

The Gold Guys asked me to present a dynamic discussion of Ironman Chattanooga rather than a traditional rambling race report. Please enjoy these pros and cons from Ironman Chattanooga:


Homestay: My homestay Alex was fantastic. A great homestay makes for a great weekend. He showed me around town and even braved the rain to make sure he caught me at the finish, even though I was coming through later than predicted. Can’t thank him enough. Alex, see you next September.

The Swim: The swim was all downstream. I went 9 minutes faster than my ridiculous swim from Louisville last year. It was the best. I’ve never swum that easy in a race before. Just sat at the back of the main pack. I was actually sharing a pair of feet with Trevor Wurtele and we swam face to face...

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