Humble and Brave....



BUFFALO COVERAGE - ELAINE NELSON  is a good person, one who is defined by such virtues as humility and fair-mindedness.

After Elaine crossed the finish line at Buffalo Olympic last Sunday, she immediately let us know that her victory may have been aided by the misfortune of the two athletes who were ahead of her. In third place coming out of T2, it appeared that CHRISTINA ROBERTS and MAGGIE WEISS were destined to claim the Top Two spots. Nelson did not know until late in the run that those two women would succumb to their own aggressiveness.

During the event, the air was very hot, and the sun and wind were relentless. It was a wonderful day to watch a race, especially at a venue as gorgeous as Buffalo's, but racing in those conditions was a different matter. A somewhat conservative racing strategy was called for,....

Podium Predictions: Trinona IX...Update...


Photos - Defending Trinona champs Kris Spoth and Gaby Bunten.

TRINONA PREVIEW - There are few races anywhere that are in the same league with Trinona. It is outstanding in every way. Venue/Courses, Swag. Atmosphere. Amenities. Memories. You name it, Trinona has it "in spades," which is an expression we have never really understood. What do spades have to do with having a lot of something?

We digress.

Trinona has always been a very competitive race and this year's fields are strong. So without further ado-do, let's make some predictions.


Records Fall at New Bri...


ED. Just got back from Buffalo. Awesome event! Too pooped to write today. Will post Buffalo coverage on Tuesday and Pigman on Wednesday.

Buffalo-  RESULTS - Pigman -  RESULTS


NEW BRI TRI - BRIAN SAMES and NICOLE HEINiNGER (photo) demonstrated mid-season fitness yesterday at the 11th edition of the New Nri Tri. Not only did they score wins for their respective genders, they both set course records.

Heiney was especially impressive. In fact, her effort may have been one of her top two or three performances ever. In a race that had only seen one sub-1:10 in its history, that being Hanna Grinaker's 1:07:34 set in 2016, Nicole appeared determined to change that from the get-go. A brisk swim, followed by her signature monster bike, delivered her to T2 in 2nd place overall. Ahead of her was Sames by a slender margin of 1:33.

As Brian charged on to a time of 1:00:13, a twenty second improvement on Devon Palmer's 2015 amateur men's course best, Heiney carried a strong  pace the rest of the way. Her finish time was 1:06:06, which took a voracious bite out of Grinaker's prior CR, and landed her in 4th place overall. Not only that, her margin of victory over the second place woman was the largest in event history.

Racing conditions were favorable (clear, high 70s, breezy) and it is likely that a few divisional records were reset.

Here are yesterday's Top 5 men and women, with notes:   ...

"A Completely Different Person."...

erin_erin.pngBy Erin Ladendorf

3 years and 20 pounds ago.

This weekend will be the anniversary of the day that I competed in my very first sprint triathlon out in Buffalo, MN.

Now I get to come back to that very same race as a completely different person. However, instead of the Sprint race, I will be doing the Olympic course. Using it towards my training for @ironmantri Madison in only 100 short days.

I will say it over and over again. Becoming a triathlete saved my life.
It made me become stronger, healthier and happier than I could have ever imagined.
I had made a lot of bad choices in my life leading up to these last years, but as soon as I stepped foot into that transition area and put on my wetsuit, I knew that my life was going to be changed for the better from that moment on....

Youtube & Boston Creme Pie Donuts...


By Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.blogspot.com)

I went to Junior High and High School in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Hamilton Montana. That is where I went on my very first run. I still remember the feelings of intrigue and insecurity as I made my way through the riverbed path with my friends behind the dirt track at Westview Junior High. I was in 8th grade. The sweet smell of the mountain air rolling off the Rockies and the feeling of exhilaration that I had when I finished was enough to get me hooked for life....

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