The "F" Word...

JUNE-final-632x421.pngThe MTN Guys are big fans of Meredith Atwood's blog.


By Meredith Atwood (triathlete.com and swimbikemom.com)

A healthy body image can be frustratingly elusive, especially when old habits—and thought patterns—die hard.

I am a mom of two children, ages 7 and 8, who could not be more different in looks and in personality. When asked about nature versus nurture, I always say now that I am a parent that it’s absolutely nature—these kids escaped the womb with the same personalities that exist today. As a totally unfair...

Mornings Are All About Rewards...

ted_swim.pngBy Ted Treise (venturetri.com)

It's winter in Minnesota at 5:00AM. The bad news is, is that the temp is somewhere between zero and negative fifty. The good news is, you’re going swimming. As of last September, I’ve been swimming more yards than previously thought possible with the Orca’s Masters Swim Club. Coach Tom Walsh has taken me from being passed like I was a cone on the highway, to my current status of being passed as a Smart Car. The thorny part of this fish club is the start time. We enter the water at a bright and early 5:30AM start time, which means getting up before 5, which means 10PM is a mythical time on the clock in which no human probably ever sees.  Below are my top hacks for making that 5:30 swim time a less zombie like experience.

Setting the Alarm: When setting the early alarm, it’s important to go sometime before 5, even if your mobile training van is HQ’ed in the pools parking lot. This ...

Travel, Marriage, Food & Goofy Disguises...

hah.pngBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

My second pro season was filled with some highs and plenty of lows, coming off a solid 2015 it was tough get my head around the lows. I had high expectations to carry my rising performance level through 2016.

I started the year off early racing in Panama at the end of January with possibly my best performance to date. I swam with the front pack and was able to make a break on the bike to come off the bike over a minute in front of the rest of the pro field.  It was a blazing hot run but somehow I managed to hold on for third.  I could see the fourth place girl not far behind me and I had to dig deep to hold on that last mile which felt endless.  I crossed the line 7 seconds behind 2nd and 7 in front of fourth, it was the...

More Love For King B....


Our fingers are crossed. According to Weather.com, St. Paul could get 3-5 inches of snow today. And maybe some more tomorrow. That would be awesome for the 100-or- so (currently more than 82 athletes have signed up for the race) people who will be taking part in Sunday's King Boreas Winter Triathlon at Lake Phalen. This event, as in 2015, is the USAT Winter Tri National Championship....

"...the words I needed to hear."

kristina_pauline.pngBy Kristina Swenson (kristinaswenson.wixsite.com)

HITS-Naples Race Report - On Monday, January 2nd, 10 of my teammates from Iowa State and I packed a 15 passenger van to the brim, loaded our bikes in a trailer, and drove 23.5 hours down to Naples, Florida. This trip has become an annual event, and it's meant to be a week of laying on the beach, training, and fun. At the end of the week, on Sunday, everybody competes in the HITS Triathlon on Vanderbilt Beach. This is a pretty small local race. We are definitely among the youngest competitors, but it's fun to get a little warm weather training in and get excited for Collegiate Nationals which occurs in April every year. 

The race began something like this... 38 degrees. 30 degree windchill. 8-10 foot swells on the beach. A rip tide and small craft warning. You'd think being from Minnesota that I'd be prepared for every race condition under the sun. Let me tell you, this wasn't one of them. I've been racing competitively for 7 years, and never have I been so unmotivated to start a race as much as this one....

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