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JA Race Report: Ironman 70.3 World Championship


By Joe Adriaens (triad. triadriaens.com)


I qualified for this race back in June at Madison 70.3.  With that being said, I was super pumped for this race!  I get the opportunity to race against the best 70.3 athletes in the world, what an honor!  Based on this race being on US soil, Emma and I decided that I had to do it.  It caused quite a bit of race shifting (ultimately moving my full ironman scheduled in the fall from Louisville to Florida), but more on that later.


Lead Up


Emma and I decided to get into Chattanooga a few days early as we were road tripping there.  We left on Wednesday morning to break up the drive over two days and arrived in Chattanooga on Thursday afternoon.


Emma and I both brought I trainers with in order to get the last key bike session in at the hotel on Wednesday night.  No rest for the wicked!


For destination races in the future, I don't think we will be driving.  I had a pretty stiff back and legs all week leading to race day. At any rate, I got checked in and we settled back in the hotel....

Fat Bike Ironman...

vicki fat ironman  



By Susan Lacke (triathlete.com)

A challenge from a training buddy turned into an epic race for Vicki Ostendorf.

Ask Vicki Ostendorf why she did an Ironman on a fat bike, and she’ll pause thoughtfully before answering. “Well,” Ostendorf deadpans, “I don’t know how to ride a unicycle.”

It’s probably a joke, but then again, it’s hard to tell with Ostendorf. After all, the 53 year-old age-group triathlete completed the 112-mile bike ride at the 2017 Ironman Florida triathlon on a 9:Zero:7 Fatbike. The bike, which weighs about six pounds more than a typical triathlon bike, also features wheels that are 4.5 inches wide— far less aerodynamic than a 23mm rubber of her competition.

Ostendorf did it for the challenge. A four-time Ironman finisher, the Minnesota resident has a reputation in her training circle for her adventurous spirit. She was knocking around ideas with her friend and training partner, Dave Cossack, when Cossack brought up the idea of doing the race on a fat bike....

Why Matt?



2017 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we talk about why MATTHEW PAYNE (40, Golden Valley) won the men's MASTER OF THE YEAR AWARD; what, in the minds of the Selectors, gave him the edge over fellow nominees: Brooks Grossinger (40, Mayer), David Holden (47, Hudson, WI), Tony Schiller (59, Eden Prairie) and Chris Tatton (41, Blaine)....

Sister Sherpa...

By Maddie Nygaard (maddienygaard.weebly.com)
As many of you may know already, my brother, Corey Nygaard, is an insane triathlete. For those of you who don't know what a triathlon is, here it is: a triathlon is an individual sport where athletes compete in short, or long, races. These races consist of three sports into one: swimming, biking, and running. I never really was big on triathlons until my brother started to compete in them. And let me tell ya, it is absolutely amazing. In total, Corey has competed in 33 triathlons. Here is my story about my brother, and what he loves to do. 
This article on my brother has been long overdue, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Okay, here we go. Corey has only been into triathlons for 4 years, and his very first race was actually a duathlon, in Fergus Falls, MN. This race consisted of a 20 mile bike, then a 4 mile run, then a 7 mile bike to finish it off. I remember this race like it was yesterday. It was SO COLD and SO WINDY that day. Not great racing weather. With this being his first race, Corey was very unprepared. He had only his mountain bike, shorts and a rain jacket. I remember him telling us how hard it was, and that he never wants to do it again. Yeah, that wasn't the case. He ended up doing the duathlon again, and did improve, because he was more prepared. Now, after the duathlon, he found the Hoot Lake triathlon, which was also located in Fergus Falls. This race was known as a sprint triathlon. It consisted of a 450 meter swim, about a 17 mile bike, and a 5k run. I, myself, have experienced this race twice. Once when I was 16, and just this past ...

Why Jan?


 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we reveal some of the rationale behind the selection of JAN GUENTHER as Minnesota GRAND MASTER OF THE YEAR.

Neil KIng (67, Nevis) and Pam Stevens (64, Sartell) have won this award in the past and are perennial nominees. Once again, they enjoyed brilliant seasons, as did category newcomers Daniel Kirk (71, Blaine) and Spike Millslagle (66, Savage). Kirk is our state's first 70+ star since the apparent retirement of Hank Larsen. A classy guy and a great athlete.

As for Spike, in regional action, he won his AG impressively on at least six occasions, setting three AG CRs in the process. Well deserved nomination.

Of these four great athletes, it is likely that the majority, if not all, of the Committee members would have favored Stevens for GMOY. Her scorecard featured seven divisional wins, at least four in AG record time. She cracked the overall women's Top 10 FOUR times. 

And then there was Jan.

Guenther only raced three times, four if you include the King Boreas Winter Duathlon (run-bike-run), which she won outright. But the 57-year-old did not race at a national class level, like her abovementioned peers; she raced at a world class level. In most cases, her performances were competitive across ALL age categories.

Let's break down her season.

- 1st woman @ King Boreas Winter Duathlon - Whether one thinks this performance should be included in this discussion or not, it is interesting to note that the field Jan beat included Jeanne Fleck (2007 Rookie of the Year, 2008 Most Improved & Master of the Year), Jenny Wilcox (2010 Duathlete of the Year & Most Improved - she won 10 multis in '10), Nancy Whillock (one of South Dakota's premier multisportswomen) and Emily Muellner, who was a 2017 Rookie of the Year nominee....

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