Firefighters & Cool Tats...

erin-lahti.gifThe 2016 indoor tri season has begun. On January 3, Life Time Fitness staged 1-hour pool-trainer-treadmil events at thirteen of their metro locations. These are super fun, very social experiences and we recommend them highly.

As in seasons past, we will post capsule coverage of these races. Today we present stuff about two of those January 3 events.


CHANHASSEN - Thirty people finished and Jake Hausauer and Erin Lahti led the way for their respective genders. A SCSU grad, Jake did some impressive outdoor racing last season. Highlights include a 3rd place finishes at Buffalo Sprint and Graniteman Big Lake, and a 6th at Life Time - Minneapolis Sprint. Jake, 24, is tall and an awsome swimmer. We think he was recently married, but we're not sure....

"Ben Mattered!!!"


By Bob Collins (glogs.mprnews.org)

I don’t know if you can see the video (Link below) of what happened around Keller Park last night, Facebook settings being what they are and all, but it was a pretty astounding statement that a man who took his own life last fall mattered, and his loss is a loss for us all.

"Okay, here we go!"

photo-35.gifED. Recently we stumbled upon this cool 2013 interview of Duluth triathlete and awesome person Jessica Rossing. It's reposted here with permission of the author and subject.

By Dina Clabaugh (dinaclabaugh.wordpress.com)

Duluthian Jessica Rossing is en route to San Diego this weekend for her second triathlon this year. A couple weeks ago she rocked it in Miami at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon; ranking first in her age category and eleventh overall for women. Go Rossing! That is awesome and Duluth is proud.

Jessica runs the Evolve Duluth studio I mention so often. I am addicted to her spin classes and especially love hitting the two-hour class on Sunday mornings....

Crunchy Time...

Rest-and--Relax.gifBy Dr. Michael Williams

Hello again! As I write this, I’m sure the majority of you are either: just finishing a workout, just heading to work out, or rationalizing another way to justify taking another day off…either way, every one of you can benefit from tying in the touted importance of periodization to your exercise routine to maximize your potential and help you reach your individualized goals. Before I go into the details of the importance of periodization and recovery, make sure to skim through yesterday's post if you haven’t already. And for those out there who have already seen it, a little reminder never hurts!

As a summary, we’ve now entered ‘Crunch Time.’ It is that time of year where we’re all trying to re-establish and improve old routines. It almost seems...

Training Volume Vs. Reality...

guy-butts.gifBy Dr. Michael Williams

If you are similar to the average endurance athlete out there, you probably understand the ever-pressing limitation of time. You may have thoughts on the lines of, “How do I balance training volume with reality?” or “Do I skip going to a movie with my friends, or having dinner with my family to get yesterday’s workout in?”

Well I’ve got good news for you…huge training volumes are more often than not an old way of thinking. That’s right, you can still love your family and find time for your career and other non-athletic hobbies, as long as you adapt to a more efficient (and science supported) way of training! It’s just the plain truth that working out 15-20 hours a week is quite tough and unrealistic for most competitors and non-competitors out there....

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