What Ironman Means to Me...

SLOGAN.pngBy Erin Sontowski (bikesandcatsrightmeow.blogspot.com)

A few short weeks ago I was a spectator at the epic IRONMAN race that took place in Madison, WI on September 11th. It was my first experience being up close and personal at an Ironman branded full race. I even went the extra mile and spent a few hours of the day volunteering in the sunscreen station. Which, surprisingly, was a great place to be at! I got to see all the people off the bike into their run. Plus, they started using spray sunscreen this year, so I didn't even have to rub lotion on the many strangers that came through! Which, honestly, with the amount of beautiful and toned people I saw, wouldn't have been that bad. ;)

But, in all reality that experience was incredibly emotional, and it was a very important weekend for me as a fellow triathlete. While I wasn't there competing, I still experienced this unbelievable energy that I don't even think I can describe in words, but it was absolutely life changing. I have always known that someday I wanted to attempt to complete an IRONMAN, but after this...

2016 Master of the Year: The Men...

Brian_2005.png2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Yesterday we announced the nominees for Female Master of the Year. Today, we reveal the male MOY nominees.

After a lot of heated argument, the Committe was able to whittle the women's MOY list to four names. For the men, however, a similar compromise was not achieved, thus there will be FIVE official MOY nominees. 

In alpha order, they are:


- BRIAN BICH, 50, Duluth (4-time Minnesota Master of the Year)

2016 Highlights:

Master of the Year: The Women...


Photo L - National Class 50-year-olds - Cheryl Zitur and Julia Weisbecker.


2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we are revealing the four nominees for FEMALE MASTER OF THE YEAR. Despite heated debate in this category, the athletes receiving the most support were, In alph order, are:


- MANUELA KNISPEL, 45, Minneapolis (2nd MOY Nomination)

2016 Highlights:

- 2nd overall / 1st Master @ Oakdale Duathlon...

40-Foot Otters & Ruther's Return...


CENTRAL LAKES CYCLE DUATHLON - JASON TOTH has three victories in four starts this season, the most recent of which was last Saturday at the CLC 24/7 in Fergus Falls, a great small city that is also known as "Otter Town, Minnesota" because it has a humongous statue of  "Otto the Otter," in one of its parks....

2016 Nominees: Junior of the Year...

mitchell-and-girlfriend.gif2016 MINNESOTA MULTISPORT AWARDS - Today we introduce the official nominees for JUNIOR OF THE YEAR. Narrowing the list down to four candidates wasn't easy, but after scrutinizing the resumes and eliminating those who had insufficient volume (DL performances were not evaluated) or consistency, most of the MMA Selectors agreed on these choices (in alpha order):


- MITCHELL CLAYTON, 19, Forest Lake (3rd Nomination photo L)

2016 Highlights:

- 1st overall @ Tinman Sprint, Cinco Du Mayo Sprint, Minnewaska, St. Paul Sprint and St. Croix Valley Sprint

- 3rd overall / 1st Junior @ Superior Man 41.5

- 4th overall / 1st Junior @ RochesterFest Sprint

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