Great Gifts That Totally Suck...


ED. Pro triathlete Jesse Thomas is a HOOT!

By Jesse Thomas (triathlete.com)

Just say no to the puppy.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or just doing a gift exchange at your office party, chances are at some point this holiday season, you’re going to be opening presents in front of the people who bought them for you. And as we all know, doing that is pretty much the worst thing imaginable. Unless you are an Oscar-, Emmy- or Tony-nominated actor, you too loathe the idea of trying to convincingly pretend you really do like the kickstand uncle Tommy got you for your TT bike....

More Thoughts That Count...


On Monday, MTN gave imaginary gifts to the men of 2016 Team MInnesota. Today we reveal the gifts we won't be giving to the women of Team Minnesota, but wish we were.

1. Hanna Grinaker - We want to give our favorite Gingersnap an official Elite License that will be activated on August 13, the day after she wins the 2017 USAT Age Group National Championship....

Kona Recovery...


By Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com)


Kona recovery started with a jump off the end of the world.

It took me a full three minutes to gather the courage to willingly jump – it was scarier than lining up to race Kona! – but whoa… it was worth it. So exhilarating!

We crammed in a few other activities on the Big Island after the race, including a trip to the black sand beach at Pololu Valley Lookout (the Jurassic Park views!), Hapuna Beach (the sunset!) and an estate coffee farm tour (more on this soon!).

On Tuesday after the race, after one last swim in Kailua Bay and an açai bowl (obviously), Nick and I hopped a flight to Kauai for another week of R&R with my sister, her bestie and my cousin....

It's The Thought That Counts, Right? ...

Cgift_card.pngFor the last several years the MTN Guys have revealed the Chrismas presents we would give to members of Team MInnesota if we had the money to do so.

It's the thought that counts, right?

So, here's our gift list for the 2016 guys:fruity_cake.png

1. Matthew Payne - If the Pain Train had his way, he'd eat at Chipotle every day. His fave is a beef burrito with guac and extra cheese. We'd get Matt a gift card worth $6,305 (2 beef burritos--$17--times 365 = $6,305).

2. Sean Cooley - Sean is a doctor and has an awesome girlfriend. Since he doesn't really need anything, we'll get him a fruitcake with extra green things. What are those things?  ...

Making the Most of Winter Training...


By DANIEL SCAGNELLI (usatriathlon.org)

It's back … that time of year when you're packing on pounds as fast as you were slamming gels during the peak of race season several months ago. Days are shorter, colder and snow has covered the ground in many areas of the country. This is a tough time of year to stay motivated and get in quality training time.

winter runningWhile it’s great to taper back the volume and intensity of your training, reducing the pressure on yourself to perform at peak levels, it is still important to have a plan for the offseason and preseason just like you do for the rest of the year. With some simple planning you will not only maintain your fitness; you’ll make positive progress positioning you for a great season this year....

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