Agreeing With Thomas....


Photo (L-R) - Hanna, Diane and Dani.

APPLE DUATHLON - WADE CRUSER became the first St. Cloud area athlete since the mid-90s to win the Apple Duathlon, which is arguably our country's most competitive run-bike-run, with the possible exception of Du Nationals. 2016 Du Master of the Year THOMAS WOODS used the expression "pointy end" to convey that at the front of the race the fields at Apple are superior to Nationals.

It's hard to disagree with Tom.

What it took for Cruser to win yesterday were the fastest men's splits in all three segments, which resulted in a 1:21:48, the 4th fastest amateur men's time in the fourteen years that the current course had been utilized....

The Dangers of Social Media For Endurance Athletes.....

phone_apps.pngBy Laura Paul (usatriathlon.org)

With each passing year, there are more gadgets on the market, each proclaiming they’ll help take athletes to that next level. The endurance sports world has become saturated with GPS tracking devices, heart rate monitors, power meters, shoes, bikes, wetsuits — basically you name it, and they’ve developed it. One of the more recent additions to the fitness/endurance sports scene is athlete-focused social media (Strava, MapMyRun, Fitbit, Nike+ are just a few).

Like all forms of social media, there is a benefit to these platforms. They allow athletes to support and encourage one another on their fitness journeys. They also provide a...

Suzie Loves Kids...

kids_track.pngED. Last Sunday afternoon, we received an email from one of our favorite people in the world: SUZIE FOX. Here's what she wrote:

Hi MTN Guys!

So great to see you today at, LOVED that women's field at GW, I was hoping to get a chance to ask you in person this morning if you would be able to run a little blurb about registration for my summer youth triathlon club through minnetonka public schools on MTN sometime this week if you need a story or have a slow day coming up, even anytime this month or super early June? We start June 12. If that is okay I can send you a quick paragraph and the live sign up link.

Thanks so much for your consideration! - Suzie

We told Suzie we'd be glad to spread the word, so she sent us a blurb and some art:  ...

Sporty Wanderlusting...


By Cathy Yndestad (cathyyndestad.com)

Mallorca 70.3 Race Report - Travelling and exploring new cities has been delightfully routine since moving to Europe two years ago. Without knowing how long this euro adventure would last, we’ve made a pact to enjoy as much sporty wanderlust as possible. So far, it’s been a great ride!

We all race for different reasons, and after 15 years, I’m still drawn to the sport of triathlon. A movement filed lifestyle is critical for my mental and physical health, and triathlon has been the perfect therapy for me. Finding interesting race venues, while setting new race goals provides some direction and focus for my limited attention span.

With each season, and each unique race, my reasons for racing shift. Last year for example, I raced three triathlons (Rapperswil 70.3, Zug Tri, Alp D’Huez), did a few mountain runs, and spent a lot of time...

The Race With a Statue...


BUFFALO TRIATHLON - Minnesota's outdoor triathlon season is fast approaching, and we are giddy with excitement.

First up is the New Bri Tri on June 3, followed a day later by a race that triathlete RICK ABRAHAMSON, a great hairy-faced guy (photo below) who kinda looks like Harry Shearer's Derek Smalls' persona in "Spinal Tap," forthrightly claims has one of the two most outstanding venues  in Minnesota: The Buffalo Triathlon. (The other super-venue is Brewhouse's new home at Island Lake.)

We agree with Rick that Sturges Park appears to have been designed with triathlon in mind. If you've ever raced, or spectated, or volunteered there, you'll doubtlessly agree. It's  both a great place to race, and to watch a race....

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