Weekend Preves & Predictions...

BH_2016.pngThere are four adult triathlons in Minnesota this weekend and we've been able to see the entrants lists for three of them. We're talking about Saturday's Waseca Sprint and Sunday's Brewhouse and Graniteman-Big Lake.

We have not seen the reg. list for the Minnewaska Tri, but we hope that they, like the aforementioned races, will enjoy a satisfying turnout.

Yup, that's right. Brewhouse (500ish), Waseca (240ish) and Big Lake (350ish) have sweet enrollments that will be added to in the coming days. We certainly hope this is demonstrating an upswing in race attendance.

So, now for some mini-previews, replete with some predictions.


WASECA SPRINT - This race has been around for eight seasons and though attendances have been disappointing at times, thanks largely to scheduling issues, the folks from Waseca, which is an awesome small city, have insisted...

Athletes of the Month: July 2016...

Nick_K_g-man.pngJULY ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - Another exciting month of multisport racing has just Ex.running.pngpassed and the MMA Committee has selected its AOMs for July 2016. The AOMs are presented by Excelsior Running.



Matt was a slam dunk selection. He raced three times, all "major" events--Life Time Tri - Minneapolis, Heart of the Lakes State Championships and Toughman Half--and won them all. The Pain Train hasn't been beaten by a fellow Minnesota amateur since 2012.

Though Hanna had stiff competition from Christina Roberts (CR @t Timberman, 2nd @t HOLT) and Diane Hankee (2nd @ Muncie 70.3, 2nd @ Toughman Sprint), she received unanimous support from the selectors.  In July, she won the Heart of the Lakes State Championships and placed 2nd (1st Minnesotan) at Life Time Tri - MInneapolis....

Casey Again...

dena_d.pngWALKER TRI - It's turning out to be a very good year for rookie triathletes in Minnesota. Novices Hanna Grinaker and Maggie Weiss have been stellar, and Zoe Reker and Allie Nowak have also had head-turning moments.

But where are the guys? Haven't any first-year men distinguished themselves?

Yes, one man has. His name is Joel LaFrance, an accomplished Nordic skier, who prior to this season, had done only one tri -- Buffalo Olympic in 2011. Until last Saturday, his 2016 multisport scorecard featured a victory at the USAT Winter Triathlon National Championships and a 3rd at Bertram Blast.

On Saturday, he placed 3rd again, this time at the 7th annual Walker Tri. He was beaten by a pair of established talents, Casey Miller, who's win was his 3rd of the season, second at Walker, and 11th of his career, and Thomas Anderson III, who in 14 career starts has posted two victories and eight other podiums.

LaFrance finished just 23 seconds behind Anderson.

The guy we picked to win, Larry Hosch, placed 4th, his achilles injury adversely affecting both his swim kick and his running stride. He crossed the line eight seconds after Joel did....

Brad's Peeps....

brads_peeps.pngPhoto - Brad Mitchell and his talented peeps, Gaby Bunten and Lisa Lendway.


TURTLEMAN - In our preview of this resurrected event we did not make any predictions, other than guessing that several of our state's elite triathletes would register late.

We we soooo right. Elite late registrants included eventual women's champ Gaby Bunten, women's runner-up Lisa Lendway, and winner of Manitou and Blaine in 2015, Chris Tatton, who would have to settle for 2nd on Saturday, though only by 14 seconds....

Runner, Triathlete, Mentor, Race Director...

NICOLE_ANNOUNCE.pngBy Mackenzie Lobby Havey (StarTribune.com - JULY 22, 2016)

Nicole Cueno of the Minneapolis YWCA gets inspired by her surroundings and the people she coaches.

Nicole Cueno earned last year’s distinguished “Minnesota Runner of the Year” award from USA Track and Field Minnesota, but she is much more than a runner. While she qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon both in 2008 and 2012 with a 2:42 personal best and was a four-time...

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