2015 Most Improved - The Women...

gaby-biking.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Using the formula discussed in yesterday's post about the male "MOST IMPROVED" candidates, here are the nominees in the that category for the women:


GABY BUNTEN, 23, White Bear Lake (photo L) - Ranked 11th or 12th on most of the Selectors' Team Minnesota lists last year, Gaby raced well enough in '15 to become a Team Minnesota shoo-in. Knocking eight minutes off her Olympic distance PR over the last three seasons, in 2015 she won three Olympic races and podiumed in her AG at both Nationals and Worlds.


SHEENA DAUER, 33, Montevideo - Sheena was the BIG surprise on the women's scene this year. While not exactly off the radar in 2014, this year, starting with ...

2015 Most Improved - The Guys...

bennett-bike2.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - The category of MOST IMPROVED is determined by asking all members of the MMA Committee to review the 2015 resumes of our state's most successful multisporters, then ranking who they believed to be their Top 15 men and women. These lists are compared. The athletes who demonstrated the most upward mobility received nominations.

Here are the men's nominees:


BENNETT ISABELLA, 32, Bursnville (photo L) - Bennett was ranked among our state's Top 15 by most MMA Selectors in 2014, but did not make Team Minnesota, i.e. place in the Top 10. His 2015 resume, which featured two wins and six other podiums, plus consistent sub-2-hour performances at Olympic distance and National level duathlon results, make him a shoo-in to make the Team this year.


STEVE MORRIS, 23, Coon Rapids - A young guy, Steve was totally off the radar in 2014. This season he came, as they say, from nowhere, to nail down spots on all of the Selectors' Top 15 lists this year. Success, with potential for great improvement, was demonstrated at Olympic (1:59), Half IM (4:21) and full Iron (9:36:07) distances....

2015 Male POYs...

payne-chicago.gif2015 Minnesota Multisport Awards - Here are the nominees for MALE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR:


STEVE MORRIS (23, Coon Rapids) - 5th @ Ironman Wisconsin - In the 14-year history of IMOO, Steve's 9:36:07 is the fastest time by a Minnesoya male. We believe that this was Steve's IM debut.


KEVIN O'CONNOR (44, Medina) - 1st @ Sprint Duathlon Nationals - Our research suggests that, at 44, Kevin is the oldest overall National Champion in the history of tri and du championships in the US, a history that began in 1983. Other O'Connor efforts that were considered for this award were his amateur victory / Masters redord at RochesterFest Olympic (1:59:22) and his amateur win at Pigman Sprint.


MATTHEW PAYNE (38, Columbia Heights - photo L) - Amateur Course Record at Apple Duathlon (1:20:45) - This performance, which featured a bike course CR, lowered Patrick Parish's 2012 amateur record by 19 seconds....

Race of the Year Finalists & Other Stuff...

TriNight15.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Here, in alpha order, are the Top 5 finalists for 2015 TRIATHLETES CHOICE RACE OF THE YEAR. The winner will be announced at Tri Night '15 on November 14 at Gear West Bike & Triathlon in Long Lake. We hope you will be there. EVENT INFO






Balancing Triathlon & Family...

Cam2b-240x320.gifTriRock Philadelphia champions share advice on making triathlon and family relationships work.

By Jene' Shaw (triathlon.competitor.com)

The two-triathlete household
Pro Alicia Kaye is married to 2008 Olympian (and Rio 2016 hopeful) Jarrod Shoemaker. She gives this insight on what it’s like to be married to another athlete and how they help each other through the ups and downs of racing.

„“There are a lot of pros and cons to being married to another professional triathlete. One of the biggest pros is that we just get it. You get it on the days when you’re so tired, and you’re moody and you’re stressed over travel. You just look at the other person and realize, ‘Whoa, I’m making dinner tonight.’ You can kind of lean on each other a little bit.”

„“When one of us isn’t doing well but the other one is, it’s actually really nice and motivating. Because you almost care more about how the other person is doing than yourself. I’m more nervous for Jarrod to race than I am for myself to race. When I see him do well, it’s the best feeling in the world. And I think when he’s not doing well, he looks to me for motivation. So we kind of work off of each other and that’s what’s worked for us to stay happy as a husband and wife.” ...

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