The Contador Fingerbang...

Really.gifBy Matthew Payne (matthew-payne.blogspot.com)

Leadman Epic 125 - Ben Race Report - Back in September T-Payne and I made our annual trek out to Bend, OR to visit our good friends Dave and Morgan. Now seems like the appropriate time to once again remind everyone that Dave had his ass kicked by a squirrel.

As expected, I left Bend totally wanting to move there. Since mechanical engineering jobs are tough to come by out there I even hatched a sure fire business plan which would no doubt result in endless cash flows with which to make it rain on Bend's many bike shops and microbreweries.

As the proud owner of a 49cc Yamaha Vino motorscooter, I know good scooting grounds when I see them.

Bend's compact layout and mild climate make for just about ideal scootering. The only problem is that there are no scooter dealerships in town.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with Rainbow Road Scooters.  Rainbow road you say? What is this? Some sort of gay scooter dealership? No, we here at Rainbow Road welcome all sexual orientations, because Rainbow Road is a Mario Kart themed scooter dealership.

The Pull of the Physical...

apolo-d7t0566-740.gifED. Many of you know that Olympic Short Track Speed Skater Apollo Ohno did this year's Hawaiian Ironman World Championships. Posting impressive rookie splits--1:00:29 - 5:07:15 - 3:36:41--he rocked a 9:52. In case you didn't read the interview he gave  that posted on the eve of the race, here it is:


The Olympic speed skater gets personal on the eve of the IRONMAN World Championship, his first IRONMAN.

by Lee Gruenfeld

When Apolo Anton Ohno entered the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center in 1996 to train full-time for short track speed skating, he was 13, making him the youngest skater ever admitted. A year later he won his first...

Play "EMMA Bingo"...

A-pile-of-dollar-bills-008.gifED. We just learned that, for catering purposes, MMA Party attendees will have to either get their tickets by noon on Wednesday, or contact Gear West Bike & Triathlon (952-473-0093) before that time to let them know that you plan to attend.

Minnesota Multisport Awards - For the third consecutive year, Minnesota Multisport Party attendees will have the opportunity to win some cash. They can play "Emma Bingo" wherein they guess the MMA winners. The player with the most correct answers will take home a wad of sweaty bills, approximately 100 of them. The game is totally fun.

When you arrive at the party on October 25, which will once again be held at Gear West Bike & Triathlon in Long Lake, you will be given a multisple choice questionnaire about the MMA nominees. You select the candidates that you think will win. During the presentation of awards, you will learn how good of a guesser you really are.

To get a jump on the game, here are the nominees in all of the categories.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Emy Everhart, Laura Greer, Nick Nygaard, Kelly Trom ...

Another Half IM Win for CY...

CY-Soma.gifLife Time Tri - Soma Half IM - CATHY YNDESTAD's convincing victory at the Soma Half in Tempe, Arizona two days ago was her sixth win in eight multisport starts in 2014 and the 71st W of her tri/du career. Her time was FAST, a 4:32:45, requiring uniformly impressive splits: S - 28:35 - B - 2:28:28 - R - 1:33:54. It was her 2nd fastest half IM  ever and an 8:42 improvement on her winning time here in 2013. Additionally, it is the fastest 70.3 time of the year by a resident Minnesota woman.

More impressively, Cathy finished 7th overall and only 27:46 behind the male winner, Pedro Gomes, a Portuguese pro living in Scottsdale. Winner of Ironman Sweden in 2013, Gomes' name may sound familiar to those who watched or participated at Ironman Wisconsin last month. He finished 3rd there.

CY's Soma victory was her 3rd long course win of the season and the MMA Selectors have unanimously decided to add her name to the official list of "Long Distance Athlete of the Year" nominees. Yndestad is also nominated for "Triathlete fo the Year." ...

Retirement "Takesy-Backsey"...

CY-and-Amy.gifBy Amy Bauch (amysrunningaround.blogspot.com)

Ah yes, fall leaves swirling around outside on this picture perfect, Indian Summer day.

For the most part, my 2014 race season is over, save for a couple of potential short running races I may do including Monster Dash 10 miler, Drumstick 10k and Polar Dash....

Except for a nagging hip and psoas issue, it's been a pretty good year filled with lots of fun races and events.

The capstone was, of course, Ironman Wisconsin.   Finished with a big smile on my face and with time on the clock to spare, while reaching my overarching goal of enjoying the day and taking it all in.  More on that day in a bit.

Before I get there, just a few other thoughts, comments and pics from my 2014 season:

Switching coaches:  After my former coach, Greg Rhodes, moved to Colorado last May, I started to work with Cathy Yndestad.  I can not say enough about working with her.  She knew just how to push me enough but not too much to cause bigger...

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