More Than a Feeling...

jas-run.gifBy Jasmine Carlson

Minneapolis Duathlon Race Report - The question with these things is where to start?

Where does a race start? Is it during “off season” where you are logging all your base miles? Is it during that grueling track workout? Is it in the perfectly timed post-workout meal? Or is it on a chiropractors or massage therapists table? Then again maybe races start in your heart pumping enthusiasm for speed like blood through your veins.

The Minneapolis Duathlon started as the race I couldn’t get back to. After having raced and won the Minn Du in 2012 I was unable to return in ’13 due to an injury. I was looking forward to racing it again though I was hoping that the pavement was less pot-holed than I remembered. I’ll just spoil the surprise for you right now and tell you that the pavement was every bit as terrible as I remembered with the addition of some brand new chip seal at the turn around.

I spent the four days before the race with an off and on fever and a great set of hives sleeping only with the aid of benadryl hoping that I would be well enough to race, and at the same time freaking out about not being able to finish my week off strong. I knew I would have some strong competition compliments of Jenn Scudiero! ...

74 Newbies & Captain Upright...

nistler.gifED. Last weekend we asked Hopkins Royal Triathlon Founder/Director Doobie Kurus if we could peak at his entrants list so we could post a race preview. The race is next Saurday (August 30) at Shady Oak Park. This was the Doobster's reply:
A couple of interesting notes:  The race sold out back in July at 315 people.  Devon Palmer and Kortney Haag are our guest emcee/announcers.  Over 60% of the field are women.  The oldest competitor is 84 (John Markham) and the youngest is 12.  We have 15 each competing as Clydesdales and Athenas.  We have 74 trying the Newbies distance.  We have 4 sisters, daughters of retired triathlete, Charles "Bud" McJilton (over 90 years old now) in the field, one coming from Seattle, WA.  We have a Chaska school teacher, Josh Sell, who is doing triathlons to raise awareness and money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation for kids w/ cancer. 
The best story yet is Heather Nistler (photo L), a school nurse from McGregor, MN.  She had reconstructive shoulder surgery, and her doctors told her she might never swim again. Early on her road back to recovery, she couldn't even swim one length in the pool without stopping to reach for the wall in pain.  She trained all summer, and finally built up to a 1/2 mile swim...

Anderson & Andres Win at Whipple...

BAXTER-SWIM.gifBy Shelly Summer (BrianerdDispatch.com)

BAXTER - Early morning thunderstorms did nothing to hinder the 152 athletes who crossed the finish line in Sunday's Lakes Country Triathlon.
Thomas Anderson III, 38, finished with a time of 1:03.18 to win in his first Lakes Country Triathlon.

The Minneapolis resident, who has family ties to the lakes area, competed in three other triathlons in 2014 with one coming the day before the Lakes event.

"I was into marathons and started cycling a bit and someone suggested that I should do a triathlon and I did and it was fun," said Anderson. "A lot of these things...

Superior Stuff, Man...

boat-jumper.gifBy Warren Peece

SUPERIOR MAN III – Last season’s Superior Man won the “Race of the Year” award. Did this year’s event live up to that legacy?

It sure did. In our opinion, SM III was superior to SM II in almost every regard.

It helped that the weather was cooperative. Temps were 30+ degrees cooler than in 2013, and though it was windy and even rained intermittently, the participants didn’t complain. Most of them were too busy setting personal bests, albeit unofficial ones.

A significant portion of the field cheered when Race Co-Director Clint Agar announced that “a current thing” necessitated a .3 shortening of the swim course, though eventual runner-up Marcus Stromberg, who is totally anal when it comes to measuring training and racing distances, would insist later that the choppy yet fast (swimmers swam with the current much of the way) route was, according to his GPS, actually .37 short. Thus the total...

Kris & Christina Throw Down...

mg-transition.gifLIFE TIME TRI - MAPLE GROVE - A huge field (1500+) and ideal racing conditions (cloudy with mild temps) contributed to exciting racing on Saturday at spectacular Weaver Lake Park in Maple Grove.

The fast times, though, were more a result of heavy-duty pulling and pushing on the race course than field size and cooperative weather.

The men's Olympic was highlighted by Kevin O'Connor pulling eventual winner Kris Spoth to a personal best victory, one which earned him (Kris) his yet unclaimed three "Fun Size" Snicker's bars, provided by MTN. Climbing the seemingly Alpsian hill that took the athletes on their second 5K lap of the run course, it was clear that...

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