Smog, Smoke & Strange Porta Pottys...

Hefei.pngBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Hefei 70.3 Race Report - With the purchase of Ironman by the Wanda group based in China, a few pro races were added in China. After a little research on China I decided it could be a worthwhile trip to take.  There were a few hoops to jump through to get a Chinese Visa, including a letter from the entity that invited you to China, receipts for your flight and hotel stay and a new passport photo, so plan in advance if you ever want to go!

I didn’t have a ton of time off left at work so it would be a short trip, I left early Wednesday morning flying Minneapolis to LA to Shanghai to Hefei. I splurged and used all my sky...

Great Athletes. Great People...

jan_boeas.pngToday we're telling you a little bit about the Top 5 men and women at last year's King Boreas--not a real guy!--Winter Triathlon National Championship. Great athletes. Great people.

1. JOEL LAFRANCE - 1:24:19 - Joel is a decorated nordic skier who became a summer triathlete on the heels of his King Boreas victory. He was nominated for 2016 Minnesota Rookie Triathlete of the Year. He's a really nice guy, too.

2. SEAN COOLEY - 1:25:09 - A recently minted doctor, Sean is a national class summer triathlete. He received four MMA nominations in 2016 and was ranked 2nd on Team MInnesota. Cooley is a veteran of winters tris, having won several of them in his native North Dakota. Also a very nice guy, he has excellent taste in clothes.

3. ANDREW TILMAN - 1:32:00 - We don't much about Andrew, other than he is a skilled classic skier. In 2016 he won the Twin Cities Rennet and placed 3rd at the Seeley Hills Classic. We assume he's a very nice guy, like Joel and Sean....

Comaraderific Fun!

King_Boreas_Winter_Tri_Logo_COLOR.pngFor the second straight year, the USAT Winter Triathlon (run, bike, ski) National Championship will be staged in St. Paul at Lake Phalen, an awesome venue for this kind of thing.

Last year's race wasn't humongous--66 finishers--but what would one expect of an activity that has yet to create it's own culture, at least in these parts. If there were, say, four races during the winter here in Minnesota, it is possible that the sport would take hold, and its participant base would grow.

Gosh, it would be cool if that happened. This is because the St. Paul Winter Triathlon is a total HOOT! It's a wonderful, fun, comraderific event that we hope would spawn more races just like it. So, we want to encourage entrenched summer triathletes, as well as nordic skiers, to give this experience a try.

Not a skier yet? You have plenty of time between now an race day on January 29 to practice. If you do, we know you'll fall in love with the sport....

Brisket & Wrinkly Dogs...

lume-for-web.jpgBy Erin Klegstad (sweetsweatlife.com - 12/31/16)

Here we are: the last day of 2016. It’s been quite a year – one that flew by in a blink – punctuated by ups, downs and everything in between. Recapping my top 16 today as we ring in 2017… with a little inspiration from fellow bloggers and friends, Caitlin, Christine, Elizabeth, Hailey, Jen, Laurel and Lizzie!

1 – the Birkie

One of our favorite winter weekends is the Birkie ski race in Hayward, Wisconsin. Nick’s raced it the past five years, and each time is always an adventure. It’s also the one race where I get to sherpa for him – though my photos are never as good… yet (2017 goal: learn to use our dSRL camera!). He had a PR race, and I had a blast tracking him on the 54k course and cheering at the finish line downtown Hayward....

Post-Race Gas Station Food...

Holiday-II.pngBy Jaime Wildrow R.D. (triathlete.com)

The good news is most gas stations these days are large and offer a variety of options for a good post-race meal that’ll aid your body in the recovery process. Let’s first take a look at what that means.

Extensive stress is placed on the body during a triathlon, which induces muscle damage, an inflammation response and a compromised immune system. From a nutrition standpoint, the main goals for an athlete post-race are the three R’s: replenish, rehydrate and repair.

Replenish glycogen stores with high-glycemic carbohydrates

Rehydrate with fluids and electrolytes

Repair muscles by facilitating protein synthesis with high-quality lean protein  ....

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