Palmer & Lendway Are Tough, Man....

devon-podium.gifTOUGHMAN MINNESOTA SPRINT - Devon Palmer's signature monster bike split propelled him to his 3rd victory in four starts this season last Sunday in Chisago City. The caffeinated spokesmodel (photo L) had a slim lead on Kevin O'Connor coming out Chisago Lake and picked up a couple more ticks in T1.

On the bike, though, his margin over the eventual runner-up grew by an additional 2:09. The mustacheod Palmer needed that time to hold off Kevin during the 5K run. KO's run split was 1:21 faster than DP's thus Devon's eventual margin of victory was trimmed to 53 seconds. His winning time--1:16:04--was the event's 4th fastest ever.

Both Palmer and O'Connor had prior wins here, Devon in 2012 and Kevin in 2011. By our reckoning, the victory was the 17th of Palmer's tri/du career. For the 44-year-old O'Connor, it was his 7th podium effort of the season. Four of those performances were victories....

Kristina's Personal Invitation...

Krisina--tony.gifED. Coverage of Toughman Minnesota and a Brewhouse preview will post tomorrow on MTN.

By Kristina Swenson

I’d like to share my story with the triathlon community about how the races world-champion triathlete Tony Schiller creates for kids changed my life and can change your kids’ lives too.

Let me take you back to a Wednesday night in 2005. I was eight years old. I had just finished a swim lesson at Foss Swim School when my teacher, Joe, said, “I want you to do a really cool race this Saturday. It’s just for kids. You’re going to do great.”

Three days later, I lined up on the beach at Lake Ann Park for my first race, the Miracle Kids Triathlon, directed by Tony. I was nervous, but I knew I could finish because Joe believed in me. It was hard, but I had a blast. I not only crossed the finish line, but I discovered the incredible sport of triathlon....

Seeing the Bigger Picture...

sponge-bob-sandwich.gifBy Deanna Pomfret (usatriathlon.org)

At a recent party a spunky 10-year-old came hopping into the room, grabbed a cracker off the cheese and cracker platter and started bouncing away. Her mother called after her, “don’t you want some calcium and protein with that cracker?” The kid just looked at her mom blankly and quickly backed away.

When on earth did we start calling cheese, calcium and protein? Why not just ask her if she wants some cheese? And why the need for cheese? Who cares anyway if she just has a cracker. She wouldn’t be able to bounce around so well weighted down with cheese in her belly anyway.

Children are more instinctive than we adults who get bogged down with nutrient facts and what is good or bad for us. This child knew what her body was looking for, saw the choices available and picked the cracker. She didn’t think too hard about it. She didn’t know this, but she needed quick energy to get back on task — which was playing. We don’t need to teach children about protein and calcium as much as we need to learn from them how to eat without so much analysis....

Get Over It!

eeyore_cloud.gifUPDATES: ZITUR three-peated at WALKER TRI this morning. HOSCH trashed the men's CR. RESULTS

Guess who won the HOOT LAKE TRIATHLON today? We'll give you some hints. He's a local guy who's won the race several times before. His name rhymes with JAVID DENSEN. RESULTS


By Duncan Larkin (triathlon.competitor.com)

Ask any Olympian about their experiences competing at the top of his or her sport and it’s a good bet they’ll not only mention the highs of their career, but also the lows.

Even elite athletes are human beings and being human means having to deal with setbacks. For endurance athletes, whether you’re an elite athlete or an aspiring age-group competitor, lows usually come in the form of a bad race or terrible workout that fell far short of expectations. It’s when we let these bad experiences fester that training and racing can go from something that brings us joy and peace to something that makes us feel irritated, stressed or even depressed.

Next time you have a race or workout that doesn’t go as planned, employ these tried-and-true tips from elite-level athletes to move past an unplanned setback....

"...Bemidji...Always a Special Place..."

ryan-and-women.gifBy Ryan Wippler

PAUL BUNYAN TRIATHLON RACE REPORT - Race Day: I was feeling a bit beat up still from Granite Man Clear Lake, but the only bummer of the day was that due to road construction we were not able to run past the giant Paul Bunyan and Babe statues.  That trivial disillusionment aside, Bemidji will always be a special place for me; I guess because I probably wouldn’t exist without it.  My parents met at Bemidji State, “the university on the lake”, as my late father, Patrick would reminisce.  Growing up I remember attending a myriad of fairs, festivals, 4th of July fireworks, parades, picnics, days on the lake-heck, even hockey camps, in this fine city.  [Fun Fact #1: my mother, Diane Wippler, was voted Miss Congeniality of the 1971 Miss Bemidji Contest.]  Although, the weatherman had threatened severe storms with damaging hail overnight, the early morning ambience at Cameron Park could have not been more agreeable with the sun rising and reflecting off Lake Bemidji bathing the triathletes in a warm morning glow as they busied themselves with transition setup.  Times like these make me forget about 3:45 a.m. wake up times followed by 2 1/2 hr drives.  Man, I love our state. ...

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