The Importance of Ritual...

ritual_girl.jpgBy Anthony Brown (usatriathlon.org)

Rituals for athletes are not a new idea but their importance needs to be stressed. It may be a Saturday morning when you wake up at 4 a.m. You roll out of bed like you always do. Quietly sneak out of your room (if you have any company) and head to the coffee maker to brew a fresh cup. Down a quick glass of water and eat a banana slathered in freshly ground peanut butter from the local market. Use the bathroom, check your email and weather one last time, and then grab the gear you will need to head out the door....

Jorgensen Repeats at Island House...


By Triathlete.com
USA’s Gwen Jorgensen and South Africa’s Richard Murray held off tough competition to claim the victories on the final day of competition at the three day triathlon stage race in the Bahamas. Read the recaps from race organizers below....
For the third and final day of racing in the Island House Invitational Triathlon, the top 10 female and male athletes on general classification relocated to the private island of Highbourne Cay for the final sprint-distance stage to determine the overall champions. Athletes started the race according to their deficit on GC to the overnight leaders, Jorgensen and Murray.
Women’s Race
On the women’s side, Ironman 70.3 world champion Holly Lawrence (GBR) dove into the water 45 seconds behind Jorgensen, with reigning ITU World Champion Flora Duffy just 10 seconds further back. Duffy closed the gap quickly to Lawrence and the two worked to reduce the deficit to Jorgensen out of the swim to 30 seconds. Once on the bike, the duo went to work reeling in the Olympic champion.


Just Like "Real Life"....

pasted_image_0.pngBy Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.blogspot.com)


Ironman World Championship Race Report - t is still surreal to me that I actually did it!! My IWC is completed and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the race and experience. To say I enjoyed the race would be a bit of an overstatement. At some point in the day Ironman racing hurts for everyone. There are many ups and downs throughout the whole event. But, just like “real life”, it’s the attitude we take in handling these challenges that can reveal what we’re truly committed to and what we’re willing to do to reach our goals. In my training leading up to Kona, I felt like I did as much as I possibly could (for a Minnesota girl) to prepare for the heat and humidity. I spent more time in my training room with my three heaters on full blast & no fan while pedaling away on the trainer than I’d like to admit. I allowed myself outdoor rides when it was hot and windy (which is minimal in MN) and, of course during the few races I did this year. But the conditions I encountered on race day were significantly more difficult than anything I could’ve created....

"Not My Best...Or Was It?"

christel_t2.png0.5 mi swim / 35.4 mi bike / 5.6 mi run // 41.5 mi total

By Christel Kippenhan (seecktri.wordpress.com)

Expect the unexpected, my mother once said. Because the unexpected most certainly will be expecting you.
~ Marjorie M. Liu

Leading up to the race

Superior Man 41.5 was my last scheduled triathlon for the 2016 season. Since it was two weeks after the USAT Nationals and two weeks after my work at Bemidji State University had started up again, we tried to hold over my A-race fitness with high intensity, low volume training....

Using Tri-Fitness to Improve Your Run...

woman_running.pngCapitalize on your end-of-season tri fitness to boost your run speed in 2017.


By Mike Ricci (triathlon.competitor.com)

As the triathlon season comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to take all of your hard-earned fitness and use it as a springboard to improve your running. Your annual fitness is at an all-time high as you peak for your last...

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