Metro Tri Series Party!

enlarged-logo.gifWe hope to see you at the METRO TRI SERIES party!LTD-Brew.gif


When:  Sunday, October 25

Time:  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Where:  LTD Brewing in Hopkins - 8 8th Ave. N.

Info:  Free Event (Beer & Soda for sale); Free Snackies

Big Dogs & Podiums....

HL-LAKE-MEAD.gifBy Heather Lendway (heatherlendway.com)

Silverman 70.3 Race Report - After racing Penticton Half at the end of August I decided I wasn’t ready to be done racing for the year. I researched my 70.3 options and landed on Silverman in Henderson, Nevada, neighboring Las Vegas. I figured the week before Kona some big names might not be racing, but I think everyone had the same idea. The start list was stacked with over 40 female pros set to race. After researching the names I didn’t know I figured I’d be lucky to come in top 5. As race day approached the start list shrunk a bit (per usual) but there were still plenty of top athletes remaining.

Race morning my alarm went off at 3:45. I was up and moving quickly as I needed to stop over at transition in town to drop off my nutrition and get my gear setup in T2. After the first stop my Dad and I drove the 30 minutes out to Lake Mead where the swim and T1 were located. It was a beautiful morning, mid 70’s with the weather predicted to be low 90’s and windy. Upon arriving I went straight to the bike...

Surviving Kona...

Kristin-Queen-K.gifBy Kristin Gustafson (from Facebook)

Hawaii Ironman Race Report - It will definitely be a day that I will remember forever. Here is a little recap of the race…

I was a little nervous about the swim after I looked at the weather and there was a ‘high surf warning’ the night before. It turned out to be a great swim. I was shooting for around 1:20 so I was happy with my time. I survived my first mass start and was actually not that bad. It is so fun to swim with the fishes in the clear ocean. The salt water does not like my skin though as I chaffed pretty bad even though I put a bottle of Body Glide on!

I definitely felt the heat, humidity, and the wind on the bike. I had a few technical difficulties though. On mile 44 my pad on my tri bars flew off. Seriously who does that happen to?! I rode like this for almost 20 miles and finally found the bike support on the course. They decided to duct tape it with a towel as it was cutting into my arm. So happy they fixed it, but probably cost me way too...

Designed to Recover...

racing-by-numbers.gifBy Kim McDonald (competitor.com)

Eight thousand to 10,000 calories. For an elite triathlete finishing an Ironman in the eight-to-nine-hour range, that’s how many calories will be burned while swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and running a marathon. If you could stomach it, you could replace those calories after the race by eating 15 Whoppers, 18 Big Macs or—if you wanted a healthier option—35 Carl’s Jr. Grilled Chicken Salads. But recovering properly after exercise isn’t simply about replacing lost calories. It’s about what you consume and when.

During the early days of Ironman, the pioneers of triathlon fueled themselves on the windy and hot Kona, Hawaii, course with Gatorade, water, bananas, figs and boiled potatoes with salt wrapped in foil. When the race was over, the menu of choice was burgers and fries—washed down, of course, with lots of beer....

Going Long...

sean-imoo.gifMinnesota Multisport Awards - Here are the official nominees for LONG DISTANCE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR. To be eligible, considerees must have turned in at least two outstanding long course performances during the season.


SEAN COOLEY, 30, St. Paul (photo L)

2nd @ Toughman Minnesota

8th @ Ironman Wisconsin


KORTNEY HAAG, 36, Maple Grove (photo below R)

1st @ Superior Man - 4:43:02 - CR

2nd amateur @ Pigman Half - 4:47...

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