What to Eat the Night Before a Race...

Chicken-Pasta_051.pngBREAKING NEWS - GWEN DID IT! Making good on her favored status, GWEN JORGENSEN dropped 2012 Gold Medalist Nicola Spirig (SUI) in the final half mile and charged on to victory this morning at the Rio Women's Olympic Triathlon. It was awesome! Did you see it?

LAKE MARION & YOUNG LIFE TRIATHLONS - Pre-race faves, DANIEL BRETSCHER and OLIVIA BAGNALL prevailed this morning in soggy Lakeville at the 9th Lake Marion Triathlon. RESULTS

SEAN COOLEY and HANNA GRINAKER livedf up to their hype at Young Life Olympic. It was Cooley's upmteenth win there. Grinaker's fine 2:12:44 is the second fastest women's time in the history of the race. RESULTS

By Pip Taylor (triathlon.competitor.com)

What do I eat the night before a race? Do I have to have a special meal or follow a strict diet the day before? Do I ever have a beer or a glass of wine?

I get asked these questions a lot. Mostly the people asking are not as interested in what I eat or drink, but secretly hope that their pre-race pizza and lager will be justified or that their lucky steak and chips the night before is the secret to a good race....

Random Predictions...

ann_s_run.pngThere are several great races this weekend, including the women's Olympic Triathlon, where St. Paul addressee GWEN JORGENSEN is favored to WIN! How cool is that!

FYI, we think she will, too.

The Lake Marion Triathlons in Lakeville are tomorrow and we believe Northfield pro DANIEL BRETSCHER will take down RYAN BAILEY's CR in the Olympic-distance race.

We also think that 2015 women's OD winner OLIVIA BAGNALL will repeat as champion, and that ANN SNUGGERUD (photo) will best the masters record she set in 2011.

As for the Lake Marion Sprint, we think that 2012 winner / course record-holder JOYCE BOURASSA will prevail. If she does so, the 48-year-old Lakeville resident will have posted three consecutive wins this season, which could...

The Heat is On....


By Sara Carlson (sarastrilife.blogspot.com)

Kona Prep - I’d be lying to say that I’ve enjoyed the heat training I’ve been putting my body through. Most of my bike rides are still occurring indoors in my training room with the heaters cranked up to 90+ degrees, no fans, and the most inspirational IM Kona videos/NBC re-runs I can find playing before my eyes. It is a real treat when I get to head outside on a ride and enjoy things like “airflow” and “scenery.” Ha! But usually the days I pick to do that are ...

Minnesotan on Sprint Team USA...

mary_and_jeff.pngAs promised, here, from oldest to youngest, are the 18 Minnesotans who earned "Autonmatic Berths" on Sprint Team USA:


DANIEL KIRK, 70, Blaine - 4th AG

DARRELL WILK, 71, Bloomington - 9th AG

DARYL STEVENS, 74, Sartell - 11th AG

TONY SCHILLER, 58, Eden Prairie - 3rd AG

DAVID GOLDBERG, 56, Chaska - 14th AG

JIM NACK, 56, Madison Lake - 17th AG

CRAIG PETERSON, 54, Minneapolis - 14th AG

GREG DUMMER, 46, Minneapolis - 5th AG

TODD STRUCKMAN, 45 Duluth - 16th AG

MIKE BUENTING, 42, Chanhassen - 14th AG

MICHAEL WEISSENBORN, 31, Minneapolis - 6th AG

CRAIG MOSCETTI, 31, Minneapolis - 8th AG

WADE CRUSER, 29, Sauk Rapids - 6th AG

NICK KLONNE, 20, Rockford - 8th AG



Minnesotans on Team USA

tiff_nationals.pngUSAT AGE GROUP NATIONALS - From oldest to youngest, here are the 32 Minnesota athletes who earned "Automatic Berths" on 2017 Olympic Distance Team USA with their performances at Omaha Nationals last weekend.

Tomorrow, MTN will post the names of MInnesotans who earned spots on  Sprint Team USA.


RICK GOULLAUD, 71, Plympouth - 5th AG

LARRY STRACKE, 60, Sauk Rapids - 14th AG

TONY SCHILLER, 58, Eden Prairie - 3rd AG

JOHN MARSHALL, 57, Minneapolis - 11th AG

BRIAN BICH, 50, Duluth - 1st AG

BRETT LOVAAS, 42, Minnetonka - 10th AG (photo below)

SCOTT MYERS, 41, Plymouth - 14th AG

MIKE BUENTING, 42,  Chanhassen - 15th AG

THOMAS ANDERSON III, 40, Minneapolis - 18th AG

JOSH BLANKENHEIM, 36, Duluth - 2nd AG

MATTHEW PAYNE, 39, Golden Valley - 5th AG

ANDY WIBERG, 37, Lakeville - 7th AG ...

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