Dr. Nate & Nikki Jean Are June 2017 AOMs....



Today we reveal MTN's 2017 JUNE ATHLETES OF THE MONTH. To be eligible, athletes must turn in at least two outstanding performances during June. Addionally, sub-par, or poor results can undermine a resume. Say a person wins two races, but also has one or two medium-dazzle performances as well, that athlete has either demonstrated inconsistency or been the victim of bad luck. In either case, that athlete's resume is diminished.



Nathan raced three times in June, winning twice--Lake Minnetonka and Lake Waconia--and placing 2nd --Liberty Half--on the other occasion, making him a slam dunk selection. HMs - Josh Blankenheim (36, Duluth), Kris Spoth (30, St. Paul), Brian Sames (30, Shakopee).

Heininger was also a slam dunk, in our opinion. Like Ansbaugh, she won twice--New Bri and Lake Waconia--and also had a 2nd (Liberty Half). It should be noted that she blew away a course record at New Bri, and her margin of victory at Waconia over a stellar field was substantial. HM - Diane Hankee (40, Lino Lakes), Christina Roberts (31, St. Louis Park)....More on Page 2...

Minneapolis Picks...


MINNEAPOLIS TRIATHLON - The 17th edition of this annual classic will happen on June 8 at Lake Nokomis. This is our state's largest and grandest tri...

"Lots of Steak and Salt"....


By Gwen Jorgensen (usatriathlon.org)

During the first trimester, I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking and was only able to eat empty carbs like pasta and bagels. Thankfully, I’ve been able to return to a normal diet since my first trimester. With a squished stomach in the third trimester, I find myself eating smaller portions more frequently. Here’s what I eat in a day:   ...

Timberman Preview II....



TIMBERMAN OLYMPIC PREVIEW - Last week we previewed next Saturday's T-Man Sprint race. Today we are are analyzing  men's Olympic competition. 

Based on the last registration report we saw, here are the guys that we think will fill out the Top 6. 


- WADE CRUSER - Wade was victorious here in 2016, his 1:57:01 the third fastest time on this course, which has been in place since 2013. Yes, we think that Cruser, who won the Most IMproved award last year and was ranked 3rd on Team Minnesota, will repeat as champion. Helping to pave the way for him is the fact that 2016 runner-up Josh Blankenheim is not returning this year. According to his awesome girlfriend Larissa, he's gotta attend a wedding, or something. Josh has already pledged to return to Timberman in 2018.


- BROOKS GROSSINGER - Three-tme T-Man champ, Brooks owns three of the six fastest times on this course, including his CR - 1:54:24. We're picking Brooks to place 2nd overall on Saturday, and now that he is 40, to absolutely nuke the existing Master Record, which is 2:05:08. We believe Brooks will, as usual, break two-hours.


- DAVID LEWIS (photo L) - In the last two years, Dave has placed 7th and 3rd here. We predict that he will split those placings this weekend, and land in the 6th spot. We predict that places 4th through 6th will be less than a minute apart....

Going Through All of the Emotions...


By Corey Nygaard (runcoreyrun.blogspot.com)


Ironman Boulder Race Report - 


Driving from Minnesota to Boulder, Co with my sister this weekend to race 140.6 miles, was a trip I will never forget. It would be the chance to see if the months of preparation and training would pay off. 1,000 miles of driving later we arrive at our home stay for the weekend, which was fantastic. Thank you Brad and Kayde for allowing us to stay in your home for the weekend, so grateful for your hospitality. We stayed about 20 miles from the race venue, which is a solid distance to cover, especially when it takes an hour to travel that far here! Being here 10 months ago, I sort of remembered how to get around... Sort of.


PRE RACE:   ....

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