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COLT XVI Preve...Amy's Race...


ED. Got back last night from St. Anthony's in Florida. Dididn't have time to write race coverage for today. Will post coverage and results links on Tuesday.

COLT PREVIEW - The Chain of Lakes Triathlon in Alexandria, a totally cool town with a big statue of a Viking guy, will celebrate its 16th anniversary next Saturday. COLT is a sprint race consisting of a 600 yard pool swim, a 13 mile bike and 2.8 mile run, excellent distances for newbies, and veterans who like red-line racing.

Attendance has dipped a bit since 2013, as has been the case with most multisport races universally, but this year's enrollment is looking good. The race had averaged about 70 finishers for the last three years. Next Saturday's race could double that. We hope this is a trend affecting all Minnesota multis.

The overall course records, which were set by Sam Janicki (55:11 /Marcus Stromberg posted a 55:12 in 2014) in 2010, and Heather Lendway's ridiculous 57:13, turned in in '14, appear untouchable. But that suggests that several athletes will compete for the top spots, instead of a single triathlete blasting off the front.....

Preving Falls Du IX....


FALLS DUATHLON PREVIEW - Just got a peek--thanks, Andrew!--of the Falls Duathlon registration list. The turnout should be good, as close to 300 athletes have already enrolled....

Falls Du IX is Saturday!

devon_popping.pngPhoto - Two-time Falls Du champ Devon Palmer finally popping the question.


The ninth annual FALL DUATHLON, produced by Mark and his crew from Final Stetch, will take place in pastoral Cannon Falls on Saturday. If you've done this race, you know that is is awesome. If you haven't done it, we think you should sign up right now. LINK Besides, the earlier you knock off some of that winter rust, the better shape you'll be in for all the great races on the May and June calender.

Today we want to share some this race's history. Check out the Top 5s and divisional records:


Important Clarification!


Hey Everyone - MTN sent out an blast about the 2017 Minnesota Series this morning. The link to the MAPLE GROVE TRI is incorrect. Russian hackers, maybe? We all want Coach Kris' race to kick ass, right? So please check out his race's correct site at your earliest opportunity, okay? And remember, it's maplegrovetri.com, NOT maplegrovetriathlon.com. Thanks.  WEBSITE

Buddy Racing is a Beautiful Thing...


What is a Resilinator?
It’s a kid who knows how to roll with the punches in life. A kid who keeps functioning when adversity strikes. A kid who faces setbacks and refuses to quit.

What’s the Resilinator?
Set on Minnesota's finest disc golf course, the Resilinator is a buddy race designed to test your physical strength, mental toughness, and teamwork. Three Rivers Park District is again our host partner for this first-of-its-kind adventure race with obstacles and challenges you'll conquer buddy pairs racing together.

Each pair must include at least one kid between the age of 7 and 17, plus a kid or adult buddy between the age 7 to 107. Adult buddies must have a moderate fitness level, as this race is designed to be challenging....

Mixed Relaying: The Future of Triathlon?

By Chris Foster (triathlete.com)

After race sherpa-ing for him for six years, Daniel Cassidy's girlfriend finally had enough. "One day she got annoyed with the whole thingm" Casside says. "She said, 'I know you love this sport, but it's boring. All the waiting all the getting up early.'" Cassidy said they came to an agreement--he would go watch her first triathlon from beginning to end.

"It was the first tri that I had ever watched and not raced" says Cassidy, whose girlfriend-now wife-competed at the Sheriff's Sprint in Massachusetts. "It was pretty brutal. I felt like there had to be a better way to watch the sport."...

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