Race Previews

21st Century Team Minnesota...

claire_-_bike.pngNot long ago a guy dared us to create "21st Century Team Minnesota," i.e. our state's Top 10 men and women during the period between January 1, 2001 and today. We loved the idea, and with some input from a couple of the MMA Selectors, we came up with our lists, which we choose tp reveal in alphabetical order, not by ranking their resumes.

The women's listing was easier to compile, so let's start with them. Here is MTN's 21st Century Women's Team Minnesota":

- MICHELLE ANDRES - Minnesota's all-time fastest and most decorated amateur female Iron distance competitor, she's a two-time IMOO champ and set her PR- 9:50:23 at Kona in 2013.

- CLAIRE BOOTSMA (photo L) - She won 13 races, most in course record times, in her short (4 years) career in which she entered only the most competitive races. Her personal best at Olympic distance was 2:09:26.

- RUTH BRENNAN MORREY - A pro since 2013, Ruth is a two-time US Elite Duathlete of the Year in addition to being our state's fastest female at long distances. Her best IM performances yielded a 9:09 and a 9:02. Her best 70.3 time is 4:13. ...

Maple Grove Tri News....


2/3/17 – The Maple Grove Tri, presented by Life Time Fitness, is under new local ownership! Krank Productions LLC is a joint venture between Coach Kris Swarthout and Frank Blackstock.

Kris and Frank are not new to producing top level events, they have been producing and managing everything from small local races to large format national level events around the United States since 2010....

Du & Dubai...


KING BOREAS DUATHLON - Yup, it's official. Sunday's Winter Triathlon National Championship at Lake Phalen is now a du (5K-19.5K-3K). The event needed more of the white stuff and some colder temps in the last several days, but that didn't happen.

Still, there will be a good crowd racing on Sunday. The list we saw yesterday had 92 names on it. For perspective, last year's race (tri) had 66 finishers....

More Love For King B....


Our fingers are crossed. According to Weather.com, St. Paul could get 3-5 inches of snow today. And maybe some more tomorrow. That would be awesome for the 100-or- so (currently more than 82 athletes have signed up for the race) people who will be taking part in Sunday's King Boreas Winter Triathlon at Lake Phalen. This event, as in 2015, is the USAT Winter Tri National Championship....

Great Athletes. Great People...

jan_boeas.pngToday we're telling you a little bit about the Top 5 men and women at last year's King Boreas--not a real guy!--Winter Triathlon National Championship. Great athletes. Great people.

1. JOEL LAFRANCE - 1:24:19 - Joel is a decorated nordic skier who became a summer triathlete on the heels of his King Boreas victory. He was nominated for 2016 Minnesota Rookie Triathlete of the Year. He's a really nice guy, too.

2. SEAN COOLEY - 1:25:09 - A recently minted doctor, Sean is a national class summer triathlete. He received four MMA nominations in 2016 and was ranked 2nd on Team MInnesota. Cooley is a veteran of winters tris, having won several of them in his native North Dakota. Also a very nice guy, he has excellent taste in clothes.

3. ANDREW TILMAN - 1:32:00 - We don't much about Andrew, other than he is a skilled classic skier. In 2016 he won the Twin Cities Rennet and placed 3rd at the Seeley Hills Classic. We assume he's a very nice guy, like Joel and Sean....

Comaraderific Fun!

King_Boreas_Winter_Tri_Logo_COLOR.pngFor the second straight year, the USAT Winter Triathlon (run, bike, ski) National Championship will be staged in St. Paul at Lake Phalen, an awesome venue for this kind of thing.

Last year's race wasn't humongous--66 finishers--but what would one expect of an activity that has yet to create it's own culture, at least in these parts. If there were, say, four races during the winter here in Minnesota, it is possible that the sport would take hold, and its participant base would grow.

Gosh, it would be cool if that happened. This is because the St. Paul Winter Triathlon is a total HOOT! It's a wonderful, fun, comraderific event that we hope would spawn more races just like it. So, we want to encourage entrenched summer triathletes, as well as nordic skiers, to give this experience a try.

Not a skier yet? You have plenty of time between now an race day on January 29 to practice. If you do, we know you'll fall in love with the sport....

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