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In the last few years, the Minnesota Multisport Awards Party, though billed as an "excuse to have a party for everyone," had attracted mostly decorated athletes, which is to say, award nominees. Changes needed to be made to make the post-seson party more inclusive.

So, this year's party will not include the MMAs, which have been renamed the MMHs (Minnesota Multisport Honors). The organizing committee hopes that by removing the ceremonial chunk of the event, thus making the the festivities less formal, but more social, that attendance will increase. The goal will not only be to celebrate the 2018 season, but to build community.

The event--2018 Tri Social--will not be in November, or in the evening, as it had been in the past. Instead it will be earlier, and during the day (11:30 AM - 2:30PM). It will happen on Saturday, October 13, and feature a potluck picnic. ...


This Tri Social is for ALL triathletes, future triathletes, friends and families of triathletes, and anyone who is considering doing a triathlon, and will include lots of fun an exciting stuff (see artwork).

Best of all, the event is FREE.

So stay tuned for more information and links. And mark your calendar.




0 #3 Lisa 2018-09-15 05:18
It’s also Green Acres ... for all those triathletes who dabble in cx. :(
0 #2 Lang 2018-09-14 14:15
Kona will definitely be broadcast on live feed on a large TV at Gear West during the party!
+1 #1 Matt 2018-09-14 13:57
The 13th is Kona. Viewing party please!

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