Half Ironmans Hurt Less if you Smile...



From VogegandVenture.com

So you’ve signed up for your first Half Ironman, well done! You’ve got a lot of training ahead of you but you’re on your way to accomplishing an incredible feat.  But where do you start?

Well, during the three months that I trained for my first Half Ironman – Muskoka 70.3 in July 2019 – one thing I quickly discovered is that there really is an endless amount that you can learn about preparing for and competing in triathlon. 

When you talk to experienced triathletes or triathlon coaches about doing your first Half Ironman, you’ll get a lot of different advice on all kinds of topics. Training regimen, nutrition planning, race strategy, technique, gear and apparel…everyone’s got their own take on the best way to do everything. It can be overwhelming. ...

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Your Ski, Bike & Triathlon Headquarters...


A One-Of-A-Kind Training Experience...



Indoor Winter Training Sessions
Saturdays 1/22 to 3/19, 8:00 to 10:00 AM
Embrace North
Address: 4420 Drew Ave S, Minneapolis, MN  55410

Winter is THE Time to improve your overall cycling and triathlon fitness. Join some fantastic coaches (Elite Ironman athletes, professional triathletes, Olympian)  for an incredible 8 week winter training program. If you are dreading those lonely weekend basement trainer miles and are ready to have a blast this winter and beat your personal best, next season, come join in a NEW high energy indoor winter group training experience.  This one-of-a-kind training experience will include specific bike interval cardio conditioning  (on your own bike and trainer ) in addition to dynamic strength and mobility...

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Comparative Stuff About Tri, TT and Road Bikes...


From Boardgametips.com

Why is triathlon so expensive?

Most U.S. Ironmans are running $725 these days, before the despised reg fee. So far, that leaves us with this: Traveling to races in the U.S. is expensive because it takes more time and more hotel nights should you venture across the country or up a mountain.

Are tri bikes or road bikes faster?

Triathlon bikes are designed to make riders faster. The seat tube is closer to vertical than a road bike’s. This steeper geometry places the rider’s hips over the crankset which engages their quadriceps more for increased power.” Tri bikes are more aerodynamic and are “faster” than road bikes.

Is it worth getting a TT bike? ...

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2021 Observations...


 2021 Observations and  comments:

- YWCA WOMEN'S TRI is back! After a two-year Covid hiatus, the YWCA Women's Tri, truly one of the US' premier women's-only endurance events, is returning to the schedule. The date should be announced soon.

- MTN congratulates the organizers of the "new" ALEXANDRIA TRIATHLON on the success of their inaugural event last year. The race was awesome, featuring great courses, large-than-anticipated turnout (230 finishers!) and enthusiastic community support (volunteers, sponsors, race management). (ED. Alexandria has lots of reasonabley priced hotels!)

- MTN also congratulates organizers of the HEART OF THE LAKES TRIATHLON on the changes they instituted in 2021, especially the new transition layout and the reconfigured run course for its short course race. Another 2021 HOLT brightspot was the women in the crowd, who in the absence of pre-recorded (Whitney) music, stepped in and blew us all away with her powerful rendition of our national anthem. Who was that women? We hope she returns to HOLT next July.

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