Gaby, Hanna, Cathy and Becky....


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the official nominees for female TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR, and their tri highlights:


 GABY BUNTEN, 27, St. Paul

- 1st @ St. Anthony's (FL)

- 2nd @ Ironman Madison 70.3 (4:46:48)

- 5th @ USAT Olympic Nationals

- 5th @ USAT Sprint Nationals

- 10th / 4th US @ ITU Worlds (Lausanne, CHE)

COMMENT: Gaby didn't race locally last season, opting instead to make a name for herself on the national and international stages. Great results against top level competition....

Two Joshes, Sean and Patrick...


MINNESOTA MULTISPORT HONORS - Here are the four finalists for male TRIATHLETE OF THE YEAR, and their 2019 tri-highlights:



- 1st @ Timberman Olympic - 1:56:42

- 1st @ Brewhouse Olympic - 1:57:15 - Course record

- 1st @ Lakes Country - 57:49

- 2nd @ Heart of the Lakes

- 3rd @ Lake Minnetonka


COMMENT: Josh's results since 2014 have been stellar, and 2019 may be his most successful season yet....

Calm Mind & Pop Strategy...


By Hanna Grinaker (thefitspace.com)

Hawaii Ironman World Championships Race Report - I didn’t expect to love racing in Kona. In fact, I prepared to hate it (or at least parts of it). I anticipated feelings of dread, doom or even death wash over me like a tidal wave at various points over the 140.6 mile distance, but you know what? They never came. 

Isn’t that interesting how that works? Perception of effort has always been so mysterious to me. There have been races that, on paper, have been equally demanding, but for whatever reason, I had been on top of my suffering in one, and completely overwhelmed by it in another. With time though, I’ve learned it’s usually my thoughts about how hard a race will be that drives how well my brain will cope. Instead of hoping a race won’t be one of those grinding affairs, I brace myself, expecting the hurt to come and welcoming it when it does. “Can it hurt more....?” Oh I’m sure it can.

Ever since watching Sean race Kona in 2016, and then tuning in to the live broadcast on TV the 2 years after that, I developed some ideas about what I would endure. When I stepped off the plane in Kona to a blast of hot air to the face like the feeling you get when you pop the oven door to check on your pizza, I felt relieved. The heat felt like a huge hug—a promise delivered, rather than a bad dream come true....

Dan, Hanna, Josh and Becky....




MINNESOTA MUTISPORT HONORS - Here are the finalists, and their 2019 highlights, for LONG DISTANCE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR


DAN ARLANDSON, 42, Burnsville

- 3rd amateur @ Ironman Wisconsin - 9:20:31 (fastest IM time by a Minnesota male in 2019)

- 5th @ Chisago Lakes - 4:20:39



- 1st @ Ironman 70.3 Canada - 4:38:36 (17:24 behind male winner)

- 2nd US / 13th amateur @ Hawaii Ironman World Championships - 9:55:58 ...

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