Bon Jovi, Broken Brains, Drinking Urine, Making the Right Call...


ED. We couldn't find any triathlon photos of Kyle, so instead we are posting  a pic from a MTB race and one from his bygone basketball days. As you can see, he had a sweet baseline jumper. 

By Kyle Krause

2022 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report - Once upon a time, not so long ago. Those are the first spoken words in Bon Jovi’s 1986 intergalactic mega-hit “Livin’ on a Prayer” and it also describes when I had my first go at a full Ironman. In 2019 I managed a 12:01 in Madison with a dreadful 4:55 marathon to end the day. Everything was going well the whole day until around mile 8 on the run when I decided to walk a little to get my heart rate down and collect myself. I guess my brain broke because I was not able to pick my legs up into a run after that. With no change in preparation I figured I should have been at least an hour faster. With that sour taste in my mouth, and after getting past the initial reaction of “I’m never doing that again”, I knew I wanted to make another attempt at some point just to improve my time. Armed with that experience, there wasn’t a lot I thought I needed to change aside from running more. I also stopped drinking beer after June 4th, with the exception of one in July after riding a mountain bike in Cable, WI (shoutout Nicollet Bike for paying). Was that necessary? No. “Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No, but I do it anyway because it’s sterile and I like the taste.” (The previous sentence is a line from the character Patches O’Houlihan in the documentary Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004, 92 min). But hey, enough chitchat, let’s party. ...

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Rock 'n Roll, Lang Hunt & Donut Rumors...


1st TRI WEST OLYMPIC & SPRINT - There are lots of great reason's to do Tri West on July 24. Here are seven goodies: 

- It's NEW! And like, say, getting a whiff of the interior of an impossibly shiny 2022 Borton Volvo V60, you'll notice that "new race smell" when you arrive at the venue. But wait a minute, you say. "Isn't this race a contuation of last year's Gear Western Half & Olympic. Nein! After the demise of Liberty and Superior Man, the 2021 event was designed to give our region's athletes another quality long distance option. Unfortunately, the only available date turned out to be too close to Chisago's date. Chisago, of course, is our state's largest and most entrenched 70.3. Besides, Tri West's mission is to attract ALL triathletes, hard-core and recreational alike, not just serious long-course enthusiasts.

- Not only that, it has a COOL NEW LOGO. If you sniff your commemorative t-shirt you'll notice its "new logo smell." (Okay. The smell thing was overdone. Sorry.)

- Tri West is a PERFECT TUNE-UP EVENT for Age Group Olympic & Sprint Nationals in Milwaukee two weeks hence, or even the abovementioned Chisago race on July thirty-oneth.

- VENUE - If you've raced at Liberty, or last year at Gear Western, you know that Lake Rebecca Park Preserve is a "premier" racing venue. If you have never visited or raced here, you gotta check it out on Sunday, the 24th....

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Your Ski, Bike & Triathlon Headquarters...


A Great Start to Super Sunday!


Last Weekend Today....Updated...


Dane Nelson Photo - Alyssa Knese throwing down a breakout performance at Apple.

APPLE & OAKDALE DUATHLONS - The pandemic's "uncertainly" effect on the multisport racing scene was STARKLY evident last weekend, as both the Apple and Oakdale duathlons experienced lower that normal participation. Still, "The Race Must Go On," and there were plenty of positive takeaways. At Apple, which celebrated it's 40th anniversary, Sartell's ANDY ZABEL collected his dozenth career W, doing so in a time that lowered his Apple PR by one second. He and former Apple amateur winner BROOKS GROSSINGER went one-two, managing to stay in front of decorated out-of staters STEPHEN ELES of Colorado and TOM WOODS of Nebraska, guys who cracked the overall Top 10 at last month's Duathlon National Championships.

Finishing 4th between Eles and Woods was 2021 Junior of the Year runner-up / current JOY frontrunner NOAH BILLINGS.  ...

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