We "Goof Around a Lot"....


By Diane Hankee

Mike and I had two March races planned that were canceled. The Superseal, Olympic distance put on by IM in Coronado CA, and a Spartan race in Vegas. Last time I swam was in the ocean at Clearwater Beach FL on March 18.

Have been running biking running, track workouts with my kids...repeat and repeat. Appreciate the stress relief running provides. The mornings are so beautiful. My son is a senior and he has an Army ROTC scholarship. He has to run the 2 mile. So him and I have a big race coming up. I am so sad for him losing his senior year and graduation. I am so proud of him.

Concerned about our economy, the impacts on businesses and lost jobs. My husband Mike and I are fortunate to have essential jobs. The uncertainty of it all still keeps us up some nights. Looking forward to transitioning out of it and some warmer weather....

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Keep Training!


By Philip Mosley (trainingpeaks.com)

At times like these, it can be hard to stay motivated about your training. Perhaps your target events have been postponed or canceled; maybe you’re social distancing, or homeschooling your children while working from home. Maybe you’re just worried about your job, health, and family. Either way, if you can find the time, working out is still important.  

This blog will provide you with three great reasons to keep training consistently, even in extreme circumstances.

Reason 1: You’ll Stay Fit (Even if You Decrease Your Volume!)

It may sound obvious, but if you stop training altogether, you’ll lose fitness. And the longer you hit pause, the more fitness you’ll lose. Many of us are all-too-aware of this fact, and it may be causing you some anxiety—relax, it’s not all bad! ...

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Open Water Season Started Early...


christmasswimmers.jpgBy Beth Nymeyer

Snow was on the ground when they shut down all the pools. Some of us took the week off, ate a few extra donuts.

Then the second week, third week and we all started to get antsy.

Then came the cancelled races: 5k’s, Masters Nationals, and early season triathlons.  What were we going to do?!  Swimmers love the water, the feeling of floating and flying through with each stroke calms us down and allows us to collect our thoughts.

And so, open water season started early, plunging us into lakes- perhaps colder than we would have ventured into a normal summer season. Local triathlete Becky Youngberg and swim coach David Cameron took their love of the water to the edge and even swam during a later season snowfall. More of us took on longer distances as the mercury rose - even a brave soul or 5 swimming sans wetsuit....

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What Foods Will Help You Sleep?


By Dr. A'nna Sewall (triathlete.com)

Whether it’s trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, or tossing and turning so much that you wake up exhausted, we’ve all struggled to catch some zzzzz. Nutrition and food play a powerful role in helping you sleep and in your sleep quality. Moreover, poor sleep may be an indicator of low levels of certain nutrients. By making a few changes to your diet, you may score some better sleep.

The nutrients in our food are the building blocks used to make neurotransmitters, which are involved in sleep. That’s why certain food can help you sleep and some foods can hinder your sleep. A healthy diet allows your body to absorb these nutrients and provides the brain with the chemical environment it needs to maintain good sleep. If we don’t give our body what it needs to make the natural chemicals that help us sleep, then we wind up with sleep issues. The good news is you can give your body what it needs to sleep...

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