Open Water Season Started Early...


christmasswimmers.jpgBy Beth Nymeyer

Snow was on the ground when they shut down all the pools. Some of us took the week off, ate a few extra donuts.

Then the second week, third week and we all started to get antsy.

Then came the cancelled races: 5k’s, Masters Nationals, and early season triathlons.  What were we going to do?!  Swimmers love the water, the feeling of floating and flying through with each stroke calms us down and allows us to collect our thoughts.

And so, open water season started early, plunging us into lakes- perhaps colder than we would have ventured into a normal summer season. Local triathlete Becky Youngberg and swim coach David Cameron took their love of the water to the edge and even swam during a later season snowfall. More of us took on longer distances as the mercury rose - even a brave soul or 5 swimming sans wetsuit....

We started swimming under 2,000 yards in 50 degree water up to well above 60 now- swimming a little more relaxed (not sprinting 200 yards to get warm!!) and enjoying seeing our teammates from 6+ feet away.

Open water is freeing- out in the elements with the wind and sun. Gliding along and watching the small fish scatter as you reach towards them with each stroke makes you feel a part of something bigger. As options are limited for pool swimming, it’s exciting to re imagine a new challenge this summer and re-discover a love of open water.

I realized that I am lucky to swim in the land of 10,000 lakes with plenty of options to choose from. So here’s to summer and safely swimming with a buddy (or kayak!)  in a legally open lake. 

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