July 2021 Athletes of the Month...



JULY 2021 ATHLETES OF THE MONTH - July was a strange month. There were only five races and few athletes raced more than once. Because AOM considerees must have turned in at least two outstanding performances during the month in question, filling out the usual categories was impossible. So, the Committee decided to include the August 1 races--Brewhouse and Gear West Half & Olympic--on the July calendar. This solved their problem.


Male Performanceof the Month - TED TREISE's win at Heart of the Lakes. His 1:29:12 was the fastest time since 2009, and his margin of victory over the deepest field of the season thus far was 2:25. (Photo L)

Female Performance of the Month - RACHEL ZILINSKAS' resounding victory at Ironman Lake Placid, where  she proved once again that she is our country's premier female amateur long distance racer. Her time of 9:52:33 was beaten by only six pros, and her margin of victory in the amateur race was a ridiculous 44:54!. ...


Athletes of the Month - DAVID KOPPEL (Top Photo - R) (Convincing victories at Heart  of the Lake and Gear West Olympic) and KORTNEY HAAG (A fast win at Gear West Half, and a 2nd place at Heart of the Lakes.)


Juniors of the Month - KYLE SWENSON, 19 (Victory and junior course record at Timberman Sprint, and his 6th place overall finish / junior course record at Heart of the  Lakes.) MORGAN BELL, 18 (Top 10 overall finishes and junior wins at Timberman Sprint and Chisago Sprint.)

Masters of the Month - KORTNEY HAAG, 42 (Overall win at GearWest Half,  her 10th career W at the distance, and her 2nd place / 1st Master finish at Heart of the Lakes.) JOSH BANKENHEIM, 41 (Photo - R - 4th place / 1st Master at Heart of the Lakes, and 2nd place overall at Timberman OLympic.) 

Grand Masters of the Month - TIM BROWN, 62 (Age Group wins at  Timberman Olympic and Chisago Sprint.) JAN GUENTHER, 63 (Top 10 overall finishes and Age Group Records at Heart of the Lakes and Chisago Half Ironman)

Honorable Mention: TIM BONTRAGER (Male Athlete of the Month), ELAINE NELSON, 42 (Female Master of the Month), BROOKS GROSSINGER, 44 (Male Master of the Month), CHRISTEL KIPPENHAN, 56 (Female Grand Master of the Month)

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