A Year of Questions...


By Shyanne McGregor

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.” - Zora Neale Hurston

As with every start of a year, 2021 was no different- I had big goals. After a year of cancelled races and a disappointing end to Ironman Florida the year before, I was ready to make 2021 a year of big things.
Little did I know it would be a year of learning patience and postponing goals for another time.

I haven’t talked much about this but I really haven’t been able to do much running since April due to fibular head instability issue leading to a tibial stress fracture. I finally healed from those and then got a hamstring injury in my last race in August. Last year We couldn’t race due to a pandemic and now races were happening again and I still couldn’t race. I’m not getting any younger!!!  ...

This isn’t a "poor me" post. It wasn’t all bad! I did get to race a few times! And did reasonably well at those races despite not running much. I could still bike and swim!!

This year reminded me that, although I am very committed to achieving my goals, ultimately, I do this because I love it. I love the challenge, I love that I am constantly learning, I love pushing my body, I love breaking through my comfort zones, I love that I get to help my athletes meet their goals and I love what this sport teaches me about me.

It was a year of questions.

When will this heal? When can I run? Will I be able to race? Should I race? Etc. W

Despite it being a year of obstacles, it didn’t deter my determination, commitment and passion. These obstacles made me smarter, stronger, more grateful, and more ready to make $&it happen

2022 IS going to be THE year. This will be the year of answers.