John Needs Us...


MTN is interrupting its usual content formatting to post some very important information about a Rock Star member of our triathlon community who is fighting for his life. Our dear friend John Snitko needs our help.

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So many of us have anxiously awaited those ever important results at events over the last 30 years. John was often the man behind those results. If you don't know him personally, you certainly know, and have benefitted from, his work. He is a kind and caring man who reaches out to help others. His wife Jill has been a champion to him, a rock to the family as she so wonderfully cares for him in such a devastating time. Funds raised will go directly to them for out of pocket medical costs, comfort care/items they may need, or just a little extra for them to do something fun. They are humble and hard working. We had to coax them a bit to let us help....

John Snitko was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in May 2021 with metastasis to the peritoneum. The cancer has a BRAF gene mutation which causes it to grow more aggressively. His health started declining at the beginning of 2021as he dealt with neuropathy in his feet in Feb. 2021. After many doctor’s appointments, trials with different meds, and several trips to the ER, a CT scan found what they thought was colon cancer. By that point (late April), John was not in good shape. He’d lost a lot of weight, couldn’t drive and could barely walk anymore. Luckily, they were able to start chemo right away and he was able to regain some of his weight, strength and energy and he began working a little.

At the end of August he got an infection and was hospitalized for 5 days. He never quite got back to the shape he was in before this hospital stay. The chemo slowed the growth of the tumors but has been very hard on his body. He has been steadily declining. The chemo has pretty much stopped being effective. jilljohn.jpg

John has been a staple in the endurance race community for 30 years. He started timing races in the early ‘90’s and always strived to provide accurate results for the running and triathlon events. His reputation had him timing races in states across the country as well as dozens of National Championship races for USA triathlon for many years. 

He started producing events in ’92 with the Pigman Sprint triathlon and later the Marion Arts Festival 5K/Half as well as the Pigman Half. These races became annual events for both local residents and athletes from throughout the Midwest. He passed on the race production role after 25 years but continued timing the events all the way through 2021. John has also annually timed races such as: Timberman Tri, Heart of the Lakes, Gear West Duathlon, Apple Duathlon, Waconia Tri, Iowa City's Best Damn Tri and so many others!

John continued to work until his illness prevented him from doing so this past November. He and his wife Jill have always worked hard and helped to make their community and family the best it can be. John has had to start the Beacon Regimen which is not covered by insurance. Although they are getting some ‘financial assistance’ for this treatment this simply means they are getting a discount from the full price of $3,000/month! John and Jill need and deserve the kind of help they have given to others.

Please consider giving to complete the circle of love and compassion they've started.

GoFundMe -  LINK

CaringBridge - LINK