Kettlebells, Sourdough, Beachbody & Doggos....


By Erin Weiler (sweetsweatlife.com - 12/31/2021)

Is it just me or is January just the most meh month? The holidays are done, but the cold and winter are still around for a few more months. Subzero temps here for so much of the month made it really tough to get outside, but it’s warmed up a smidge so we’ve been trying to bundle up to get out for some fresh air – and even when it’s only 20F, that fresh air makes such a difference! One of my favorite days of January was our first trip to the dog park after what seemed like weeks stuck inside. Nothing like some forest bathing to revitalize the soul.

A few other overall thoughts from this month:

* Going back to work after the holiday break (nearly 3 weeks!) was rough. As in maybe rougher than going back after mat leave. I’m not sure why, only that it was hard and I’m still adjusting and tomorrow’s February.
* I love sharing recommendations of my favorite things, but writing a dedicated monthly post just isn’t working for me right now. So I’m instead gonna share in these currently posts the 1-2 things that are making life better and more functional....

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"How You Talk to Yourself is Critical"...


By Shyanne McGregor

“How you talk to yourself is critical. Self talk manifests itself in your beliefs, your words, and your actions. If you listen to your subconscious mind, you’ll hear lots of noise about doubt and fear. Choose to talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself.” Allistair McCaw

Until I really started training for for Ironman, I didn’t really realize the how significant of a role self talk plays on performance.

I’ve found (from experience unfortunately) it truly can be the difference between your best race or not finishing.

During hard training sessions I’ve been able to push to new levels mostly because I cleared the word “Can’t” from my head and literally tell myself, Yes I can....

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Should Triathletes Avoid Junk Food?




By Nancy Clark (triathlonmagazine.ca)


“I’m training really hard, doing double workouts, and eating only healthy foods. I feel full all the time—but I am losing too much weight. I don’t think I could comfortably eat any more…”

“I generally eat clean—but some days I cheat and have ice cream.”

“Fruit juice is bad; it has way too much sugar! I’ve stopped drinking it.”

Many triathletes go to great extremes to eat healthfully. Needless to say, the definition of “eating healthfully” varies from athlete to athlete—and can often take on a religious zeal. “Healthy eating” tends to include these parameters:  ...

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The Number on the Scale....


By David Roche (Trail Runner Magazine / Triathlete.com)

When I was 11 years old, I did my first few running races. They were the types of local events where a county commissioner would come out to the start, call everyone crazy for running when not being actively chased and fire a gun into the air. Given where I grew up, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real gun and an unlucky goose was served as the post-race meal.

Even though it was a relaxed atmosphere, each event was my own personal Super Bowl. I would get so nervous the night before that I’d barely sleep. I’d go out way too fast and fade hard. I clearly shared some things in common with Jared Goff.

At the end of one of those races, a man came up to talk to me. After saying I had promise as a runner, he said something that would reverberate throughout my next decade. “Good runners are [a formula to calculate bodyweight from height, which I’m not repeating here because it’s wrong].” I wanted to be successful, so I absorbed every word like water in the desert....

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Making the Most of Indoor Training...


By Joel Friel (triathlete.com)

You can train all six physiological abilities (aerobic endurance, speed skills, muscular force, muscular endurance, anaerobic endurance, sprint power) while riding inside. To make the most of your training, you can align the ability you’re training with the type of indoor cycling that’s best suited for it.

Aerobic Endurance (AE)

Recovery rides and aerobic threshold rides can certainly be done alone, but having virtual company through an interactive app can be helpful. A lot of riders skip recovery rides indoors because it seems like a waste of time to get on an indoor trainer just to go easy. But indoors or outdoors, recovery rides serve an important purpose and, for the highly experienced rider, are better for your training progression than not riding at all. Getting together with a club or a friend through an interactive indoor cycling app can provide the incentive necessary to get on the bike. Having company can also help keep your easy ride easy. Riding too hard during a recovery ride is a mistake coaches see all the time, and peer pressure from a group is a good way to enforce the “go easy” mantra....

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