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Finding the Love...



By Simone Lundquist (sisterswhotriblog.com)


Timberman Race Report - A few weeks ago I was asked along with my sister to come to a group of young triathletes and tell them why and how I got inspired to do triathlons and continue to compete in them. What started out as a simple discussion led to a breakthrough in my season that I needed.

When we arrived to talk to the kids, they had just finished biking and running and were ready to listen to what we had to say. We started with a simple introduction of who we were, when we started doing triathlons, and how old we were when we did our first one. It was easy to respond to most of the questions until someone asked me why I loved competing in triathlons so much. At this point in my season I was still trying to figure out this question because it did not feel like I loved to compete. I felt like my determination and my drive to do better was slowly slipping out of my hands and that there was no way to get it back. I felt that I was getting worse instead of better when I would compete which made me wonder why I was working so hard for no reason. At this point in my season I felt sad, slow, unmotivated, and scared that nothing was going to get better....


So when somebody asked me why I loved to compete, I really had to think. After a long time wondering why I had a love for competing in triathlons, I finally had an answer. I love to compete because of the overwhelming joy it gives me. It was something so simple but so true and it made me excited that I finally figured out what keeps me going throughout the whole season. It was a turning point in my season that would benefit me a lot more than I realized. When I told the group of kids why I love to compete there eyes lit up with excitement because they also wanted to experience the joy of competing and racing. To see kids much younger than me be so determined and so excited about the sport really helped me to become excited and determined again. They helped me turn my season around in the right direction and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. READ MORE

ED. Simone, 16 (USAT), placd 6th in the women's Sprint. Her sister's Timberman race report will post tomorrow.