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DKT's Back! But For How Long?....



Thad is THAD INGERSOLL, who convinced his next-door neighbor DAVID THOMPSON, the famous former "DKT," the pro triathlete who retired in 2016 after winning at least 108 multisport races, to particpate at the Platinum edition (20-year) of the Square Lake Sprint, which sure doesn't feel "sprinty" when you're doing it.

We were among the many who were anxious to watch David. At 42, we wondered if his waistline had expanded a bit and his hair was either getting  a tad thinner or greyer, or both. Could he throw down like he did back in the day? we wondered.

Turns out he can. Four years have not added or subtracted much. He looked the same. And he basically raced the same, too.

So yes, he won the race rather handily, and looked great doing it. Very fun to watch....

JOSH MORK did as he always does. He raced his ass off. But when the dust cleared, David's 109th (?) was in the books as was a course record 1:15:17, which bettered ANDY WIBERG's prior mark (1:20:18) by 3:01. And Mork managed to shatter the old mark, too, posting a 1:17:18.

The battle for the final podium step was between 2019 Square joshdaughter.pngLake Sprint champ MICHAEL WEISSENBORN and JASON CRISP. Michael grabbed 3rd place, his clocking (1:21:00) a full minute faster than his winning time of a year ago. Jason's 4th place finish (1:22:32) was doubtlessly very satisfying, as his training has been limited this year and he hadn't raced in a sprint event since 2015, when he won at Buzz Ryan.

The wave system allowed 2019 women's winner SARAH HUNTER to go to the front and stay there. She was the first woman to finish, doing so in a time--1:37:22--that was almost four minutes better than last year.

Would that be  good enough for a repeat?

Unfortunately not. CHERYL ZITUR, 55-year-old Worlds and Nationals medalist and winner of 15 triathlons, all since the age of 49, did that voodoo that she do so well, claiming career victory number 16. Only DIANE HANKEE's win in 2018 (1:28:25) was faster than Cheryl's 1:32:18,

Also slipping ahead of Hunter was BETTE ROWLEY, who's 2020 resume also features a 5th at Graniteman Clearwater and a 7th at Pigman Sprint. Bette has a half-dozen-or-so tri victories on her career scorecard.

Seven divisional records were set last Sunday, starting of course, with Thompson's overall course record, that is also a new 40-44M and overall Masters standard. Here are the other new AG marks:



19Udoggirl.png Boys - CARSON DEICHMAN, 17 - 1:24:05 - Old Mark - 1:28:16 (2018) - Carson finished 5th overall on Sunday and should once again be nominated for male Junior of the Year.

45-49W - SARAH HUNTER - 1:37:22 - Old Mark - 1:41:05 (2019)

50-54M - THAD INGERSOLL - 1:25:15 - Old Mark - 1:36:51 (2018)

55-59W - CHERY ZITUR - 1:32:18 - Old Mark - 1:40:59 (2018)

60-64M - TIM BROWN - 1:34:08- Old Mark - 1:35:43 (2018) - Tim appears to be a frontrunner for the 2020 Grand Master of the Year honor.

80-84M - DON MECK - 2:33:42 - COMPLETE RESULTS


Well folks, Minnesota's tri season has concluded, but there is one more multi event on the calendar. It's the Oakdale Fall Classic Duathlon at Lake Elmo Regional Park on Sunday, September 27. We will be there. We hope you will be, too.  EVENT INFO


Photos: Top - DKT.  Page 2 - R - Josh Mork and his smallest biggest fan. Page 2 - L - A cool pic of a woman and a dog.



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