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Flip-Flop Finishes & Unrecognized Spouses...



36th TIMBERMAN COVERAGE - The battle between the men's co-favorites in yesterday's Olympic race did not disappoint. In fact, what transpired was the most exciting finish in the history of the current course, which has been in place since 2013. Spectators watched and cheered as 2019 champion JOSH BLANKENHEIM charged down the final hill with four-time T-man winner BROOKS GROSSINGER in hot pursuit. Both men were sprinting. Josh crossed first; Brooks finishing about three seconds later. It was the event's closest finish ever. Previously, 1:06 was the narrowest margin between winner and 2nd place. In that 2016 battle, WADE CRUSER prevailed over Blankenheim.

So, Blank won, right? No. A time trial start system was utilized this year, and Josh launched approximately seven seconds ahead of Brooks, thus, in the end Grossinger claimed a four second win over the new daddy, who left the venue shortly after catching his breath so he could hurry home to his lovely wife Larissa and their beautiful 11-day-old daughter Finley Sue.

A similar battle unfolded between the women who would place 2nd and 3rd in the Olympic competition. Four-time Timberman runner-up ANDREA MYERS, a four-time Master of the Year nominee, appeared to claim another silver medal, finishing perhaps 10-seconds ahead of lapsed triathlete TIFFANY KARI  (photo). But once again, the time trial start resulted in the flip-flopping of the results. In the end, Kari, bronze medalist here in 2017 and 2014, took 2nd, 48-seconds ahead of Myers....

On Facebook, Tiffany had this to say about her experience: 

2021 Timberman Triathlon in the books! As usual it had a great Duluth showing and much house cleaning was done.

I’ve been wondering what direction to go when it comes to endurance sports. I decided if I qualifed for Nationals today I would plan on more of a tri focus in 2022 and hit up Nationals in hopes of making Worlds again. If not I had a list of new endurance ventures in mind. Well the door opened for Nationals as I managed 2nd overall female and 1st Masters. I feel so blessed to be allowed such an opportunity let alone the ability to run, bike & swim. I wish more people would join the sport!

Special thanks to my Tuesday night mountain bike ride ladies who played a big role in my bike fitness. Who knew I only needed a mountain bike to train for a tri!


Thank you to my swim friends. Without you I would never find myself swimming in a lake a 6:30AM. Thanks to Nicole (Fleming) for convincing me to sign up and last but not least all the wonderful volunteers!

Earning 3rd in the men's race was co-frontrunner (with CAMI ECKHOFF) for 2021 Rookie of the Year, HENRY JESSON.

Winning handily for the women was former pro HEATHER LENDWAY, who was poised to nuke the women's course record intil a bout of  mid-race indecision got in the way. Slowing on the bike route to ask a handsome, goateed spectator if she was going the right way, the gentleman said that she was. She sped off,  only to return to the same spot approximately 5:45 later to re-ask the question. Once again, the guy confirmed that she was indeed on the correct route. 

Though those incidents added significant time to her eventual clocking, enough to ensure that BECKY YOUNGBERG's course best would remain intact, she nevertheless finished in a remarkable 2:08:55, the second fastest women's time ever on the  course and fast enough to land her in 4th  place overall. 

Incidently, the handsome, goateed spectator with whom she sought directions was actually her husband PATRICK STANAWAY, who in the heat of battle, she was uanble to recognize.

Weather was ideal for the 234 athletes who finished this year's races, many of whom spent post race time celebrating on the deck of Otis' Grill & Bar, which overlooks the Timberman's picturesque venue (photo). Seventy-five of those triathletes completed the Olympic race. As always, AMY and ALAN DETTMER and their race crew TOTALLY ROCKED! producing a truly memorable experience for the athletes and their families and friends.  RESULTS

Timberman Sprint and Supersprint coverage will post on Tuesday.