Race Coverage

Paychecks, Honor Badges & Mixed Bags...



By Dani Treise

6th Place Finish at Ironman 70.3 Memphis!

Wow, so much to unload about this race! My best placing and my first paycheck as a professional athlete - which was a big goal for me - not for the actual money (barely covered the hotel for the trip), but definitely a badge of honor.

But the experience was a mixed bag. I’m still puzzling over my swim and bike performance. I couldn’t hang on to the pack in the water and ended up doing a solo effort leaving me coming out behind and in a tough spot. My hamstring acted up on the bike again and I found myself not being able to push any meaningful watts. Between that and the constant rain and slick corners, the ride wasn’t my favorite!  ...

I got off the bike even further behind and had a choice. Give up and run easy or keep pushing to stay in the race. With my mom there supporting me, the choice was easy. Keep pushing. Even if the race wasn't going how I'd hoped, I could still make her proud by putting forth my best effort. I was able to move up a place and nabbed the 3rd fastest run for the day.

There will be good days and not so good days. As a first year pro, half the job is showing up and getting your butt kicked.

I’m not in sport because it’s easy or always goes well, I’m in it because I love a challenge and am always looking to improve. And in that regard, I’m right where I need to be.

Huge thanks to all my supporters!

ED. You make us proud, Dani!