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Yeti Noogies...

white-out.gif(Photo - Four guys, a Yeti and Bonnie)
By Bonnie Coldtootsies
Last weekend I actually won my division. I know what you're thinking- What has this got to do with chocolate, and I'm thinking the same thing. But this was not your average win. I would have come in last as usual, had it not been for the Yeti....

Sophomore Success!

ruth-panama.gifRochester's second-year pro, RUTH BRENNAN MORREY, turned in an awesome performance on Sunday at Panama 70.3. Here's a portion of the coverage that appeared on triathlon.competitor.com:

While Bazelen was able to stay strong for third, defending champion Wurtele was not so lucky: She suffered heatstroke in the final miles of the race and did not finish. In a surprising turn of events, American Ruth Brennan Morrey—a psychologist and mother of three from Rochester, Minn.—turned in the fastest run on the women’s side (1:21:31) to leapfrog her way to fifth place.

Ironman 70.3 Panama
Panama City, Panama – Feb. 16, 2014
1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run .....

10 Years of Tri-U-Mah...

tri-u-mah-sign.gifBy Amy Bauch (amysrunningaround.blogspot.com)

sunday, february 2, 2014

I'm going to take you back a bit.  To July, 2004 as a matter of fact.  One of my good running buddies, Marcia Lee, had entered the LifeTime Fitness triathlon as part of a relay team.  Her daughter would swim; her son would bike and she would run.

This "triathlon" thing was sort of a puzzle to me.  I didn't quite get how the whole thing fit together, how you'd have energy enough to finish the dang thing, and, oh yeah:  the swim.  The D R E A D E D swim in a L A K E.  With other people.  And fish. 

I'd done plenty of road races up until this point.  Every thing from 5Ks to marathons.  Didn't do them fast, but finished them.  Through them, I had found a great bunch of friends and had certainly challenged myself in ways I never thought possible.  But triathlon?  You'd have to be crazy to do one of those, right?

Rockin' Like Wham...

bob-thompson.gifYWCA Indoor Tri #2 - Bob Thompson is an intrepid guy. He likes unique challenges, like last month's Iceman Xtreme 5K Obstacle Course, where he placed 6th overall. Tough course in arctic conditions.

He's a pretty dang good triathlete, too. Two weekends ago he won the Mega Sprint competition at the YWCA Indoor Tri #2, doing so in a time significantly quicker (see graphic below) than his effort at the Y's Indoor Tri #1, back in November.

Bob is a good looking 45-year-old guy who is into white belts and disco dancing (photo L). His favorite movie has to be "Saturday Night Fever." Born in 1969, we suspect that his favorite song of 1985 was "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham.

But we could be wrong.

The women's Mega Sprint was won by decorated outdoor triathlete, Anne Grabowski, who is a very nice person. Like Bob, she didn't win the November Mega Sprint, but was oodles faster this time around. Check out her...             

Breaking Tape...


By Jenn Scudiero

USAT National Duathlon Championships - We arrived in Arizona at about midnight Thursday night/Friday morning.  It was our first time away from parental duty and our daughter, Katelyn (2 years old).   I thought that since I didn't have an alarm set, maybe I could actually sleep in.  Nope. I was up less than 6 hours later.  I guess even while away from my daughter, I still have the ‘mother alarm’.  Oh well, up and at ‘em.  After the first of several breakfasts at a local haunt recommended by Jasmine Carlson (photo below), I met up with her for packet pickup, a bike and then a run.

Things were feeling pretty good, but it was a lot warmer, drier and a bit more elevation in Tucson than at home.  I also learned something very important on that bike ride.  We were traveling down the highway and I saw a very pretty bush with flowers that was sticking out into the road.  I didn’t think twice about letting it brush up against me.  It turns out that everything in the desert wants to kill you. I thought that branch was going to take me right off my bike!  The rest of the day was pretty...

PP & Jenn Are National Champs...Updated...

du-nationals-logo.gifUSAT Duathlon Nationals - Patrick Parish won Duathlon AG Nationals in 2012. Yesterday, he won the pro division of that race, which once again, was staged in Tucson, Arizona. Unable to truly shake off his closest adversary throughout the entire race--Matthew Sheeks, who won the overall amateur title at the 2009 Duathlon World Championships...

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