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Hippy Vibes, Buzzes & Moose Statues...













WEEKEND PREVIEWS - There are three great Minnesota multis this weekend, each with its own special charm and challenge. We hope you will participate in one (or two?) of them, as almost all tris and dus, not just here, but everywhere, could use an attendance boost these days....


MOOSE LAKE TRIATHLON - We don't know much about this event, other than that Moose Lake is a very cool small town with an awesome statue of, appropriately enough, a moose. It is also the home of "the largest Lake Superior Agate." We had to google this. According to Wikipedia, Lake Superior agate is: is a type of agate stained by iron and found on the shores of Lake Superior. Its wide distribution and iron-rich bands of color reflect the gemstone's geologic history in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Michigan. In 1969 the Lake Superior agate was designated by the Minnesota Legislature as the official state gemstone. It's pretty stuff. Here's a pic of a whole bunch of it: 



So, if you're looking for a fun, low-key sprint triathlon in a cool place with an awesome statue of a moose and lots of pretty stones, then we suggest you drive up to Moose Lake on Saturday morning, or earlier --there are five motels in the area--and enjoy this experience.

At MTN, our goal is to eventually attend every multisport race in the state. We think it would be cool if everyone adopted that plan.  RACE WEBSITE


BUZZ RYAN SPRINT & HALF BUZZED SUPER SPRINT - This event at super-scenic Island Lake north of Duluth will celebrate its 6th anniversary on Sunday, and you are invited to the party. Island Lake is not only a great race venue, it is a perfect hang-out and picnic locale. The distances are perfect for newbies, or veterans with a need for speed. And it is a perfect tune-up for Duluth's premier multisport event, the Brewhouse Olympic & Sprint, the 32nd edition of which will happen on August 5. Race director Matt Evans, and event founder Rod Raymond, always bring the fun. We're serious when we tell you that you definitely want to party with them and their awesome crew.

We hope you'll get Buzzed next Sunday.  RACE WEBSITE


BERTRAM BLAST - The MTN Guys can not recommend this off-road experience highly enough. It is simply a tremendous event. It's got an ultra laid-back, almost hippy vibe. Partipating is more about "playing in the woods" than racing, though balls-to-the-wall racing is available to those who want to do that.

And the amenities are incredible. The 3rd edition of the BB is next Saturday, and it is only about an hour west of the Twin Cities. EVENT WEBSITE