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For decades, Minnesota's outdoor multisport season started in late April, but the rescheduling of the Morris Tinman (May 11) and the cancellation of the Falls Du has pushed the opener back two weeks.

At it's peak, our racing calendar boasted 83 annual multi races. Now that list is 40-races lighter. Bummer.

We can't afford to allow any more events to leave the calendar. We need to insure that the existing events endure.

How do we do that?

The MTN Guys suggest that every athete who can manage to do so, add at least one more Minnesota race to their schedule. If, for instance, two-thousand of our state's multisporters do that, that would be the equivalent of adding about 50 bodies to each of the current races....

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Gaby & Sam...


hauck_154x199px1.jpgThough opening day of the 2019 Minnesota outdoor multisport season is a few weeks off (May 11), several of our state's athletes have opted not to wait. Instead, they have traveled to events in southern states, and some of those athletes have come away with victories, one of which was a national championship, and another was a major long distance contest:

- DAVID CARNEY won the HITS-Ocala 140.6 

- DIANE HANKEE won the Florida Challenge Half IM

- DANI VSETECKA won the Texas 70.3 in Galveston

- PATRICK PARISH won the Standard Distance Duathlon National Championship

It's possible that one or two more Minnesotans will turn in winning performances before our regional scene gets underway. GABY BUNTEN and SAMUEL HAUCK will be racing at the prestigious St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 28. The event is Olympic distance and Gaby has arguably been our country's most...

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It's Back!


We are excited to announce the return of the Gear West Duathlon – set for Sunday, June 23rd. It ought to be a warmer and hopefully drier event than from year’s past. The location at the Orono High School will remain and we’ll be keeping many of the features that made the Gear West Duathlon unique, but both the run and the bike courses will be different from before....

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Doing the Loppet Winter Tri?


The Winter Triathlon National Championship will happen next Sunday, and for the fourth consecutive year, it will take place at a Twin Cities venue. If you're not familiar with the event, which is totally awesome, here's some descriptive language, courtesy of USA Triathlon: ...

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A Great Up North Experience!


What Is The Great Up North Triathlon?


By Ashley Hall

The second my feet hit the water all the nervousness and anxiety about the next hour and a half disappeared. Suddenly the focus shifted from what everyone was doing around me to what can I accomplish today? The cheering from the crowd, the encouragement of the other athletes and the calmness of Rainy Lake brought a new light to the word competition. In all my years competing in sports, I had never experienced a more encouraging crowd or a more amazing group of athletes than at the Rainy Lake Triathlon.

Fellow triathletes (because I can now use that word ), had told me once I did my first triathlon I would be hooked and that it’s like no other competition and boy were they right! I grew up playing volleyball and basketball, recently developed a love for hockey (upon moving to the...

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Exciting Upgrades!


buff2019.pngPress Release:  Active Central MN 2-5-19
 Active Central MN, which is the new nonprofit organization that has taken over management of the Apple Duathlon, the Buffalo Triathlon, Graniteman Clearwater, and Graniteman Big Lake is proud to announce some exciting upgrades for the upcoming 2019 season!
Active Central MN exists to support and sustain local events that benefit the health, fitness, and overall wellness of our community.  Active Central offers logistical, financial, and management support to key local events, so that they can continue to be offered year after year to the people of Central MN and beyond.  Active Central MN hopes to expand the number of events it supports in the future as well as the variety of activities those events provide....

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