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SD's Premier Tri....

outland-girls.gifED. A few days ago we got this email from Hannah Merritt promoting an awesome triathlon in eastern South Dakota, which was won in 2015 by Minnesotans Bridget McCoy (photo center) and David Thompson.

Hi MTN Guys

Happy Wednesday! I hope this email finds you well. 

My name is Hannah, and I am the Director of Marketing for the Outland Challenge Triathlon in Gary, SD. A good friend and long time supporter of our race, Kevin O’Connor from Gear West Bike & Tri, provided me with your contact information. I’m reaching out to you in regards to advertising our event with....

Cinco Du Mayo en Cinco de Septimo...Updates...

sam-afro.gifCINCO DU MAYO PREVE - It was heartening to see last weekend's Falls Du get the kind of turnout (300+ registrants) that it got prior to the 2011, when tri and du attendance was thriving. We'd like to think that the sport has begun an "upturn" phase.

With crossed fingers, we are hoping that Saturday's Cinco Du Mayo races attract record, or near record, participation. You can help. If you're not already registered, then sign up. And convince a friend or two to join you. We think you'll be glad you did. After all, the Square Lake venue is awesome. And there will be post race tacos and entrants get a cool, long sleeved tech shirt. How can someone say no to that stuff?

Prior to last week's Falls Du, we made some predictions. They were incorrect, of course. The list of entrants we saw did not include "game changing" athletes, like Kevin O'Connor and Dani Vsetecka, who were late registrants. We're totally cool with this. Our predictions are meant to stimulate interest and discussion. Being right is rare. All we care about is that the race is well executed and participants go home with great memories. An exciting, competitive race is gravy....

Fast Women at Falls....

ruth-kona.gifFALLS DUATHLON STUFF - The women's field at tomorrow's Falls Du has gotten a lot stronger in the last few days. Recent registrants include RUTH BRENNAN MORREY and JENN SCUDIERO.

How good are those women? Check out their credentials:

RUTH BRENNAN MORREY, 40, Rochester (Photo)

A pro since 2013, Ruther is a two-time US Elite Duathlete of the Year. Her career, which began in earnest in 2012, features 31 starts, with 15 victories and eight other podiums.

Though her career is young, she certainly deserves to be ranked among our country's best female duathletes ever.

Currently, Falls does not have a women's pro course record, but it will after tomorrow. The amateur CR is Suzie Fox's 1:11:39, set in 2015. We would ...

Cinco Statistico....


Photo L - Two-time Cinco champ Steve Stenzel.

RACE PREVIEW - The 9th edition of the CINCO DU MAYO races, the second run-bike-run in Minnesota's six-race spring duathlon season, is slated for Saturday, May 7 at scenic Square Lake north of Stillwater. Have you registered yet? In case you haven't, here's a link to race info and registration: LINK

Here are CdM's past champions and some of the divisional course records:

- 9th CINCO DU MAYO LONG COURSE (5K - 20 Miles - 5K)


2015 - BRIAN SAMES - 1:25:44 & NICOLE HEININGER - 1:39:53

2014 - DEVON PALMER - 1:23:53 & SHELLEY OSTRANDER - 1:45:06

2013 - BRIAN SAMES - 1:30:08 & JENN SCUDIERO - 1:44:23 ...

"Don't Be Lame"....

fall-D-logo.gifFALLS DUATHLON PREVIEW - The 8th edition of this totally cool Final Stretch event will kick off Minnesota's 2016 outdoor duathlon season in bucolic Cannon Falls on April 30. Timing geek Andrew, recently married and sporting a gnarly handlebar 'stache, sent us a list of entrants yesterday and we were impressed. With 250ish folks already signed up and another 50-or-so anticipated, the race could have a record turnout.

Though we expect several elite athletes, e.g. Devon Palmer, Bennett Isabella, Chad Millner, Joe Johnson, Suzie Fox, Diane Hankee, Jenn Scudiero etc., to sign up in the coming weeks, a few decorated folks have already registered....

FTT is Back!

mtb-rider.gifED. When Suzann Mouw sent us this press release, one of the MTN Guys wet himself.


Save the Date. The Fat Tire Triathlon is Back Seeley, WI - April 1, 2016

Due to popular demand, the organizers of the Fat Tire Triathlon decided to bring the race back. One of the largest off-road triathlons in the country, the race originally took place at Telemark Pointe, a Telemark Resort property 9 miles east of the now-defunct vacationland destination.

For 2016 the Fat Tire Triathlon will be moved to a new venue at Lake Silverthorn in Seeley, WI, ten miles north of Hayward, WI. Race date is Sunday, August 21st. The event will again...

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