Race Previews

Good Medicine...


ED. Just got back from Brewhouse. Wow! What a great race! Words and pics coming soon. RESULTS

We're betting that Graniteman-Big Lake was awesome, too. More to come. RESULTS


BreakAway Kids Tri is Good Medicine

By Tony Schiller, 7-time world champion triathlete and co-founder of CycleHealth, a Minnesota non-profit dedicated to creating a new cycle of health, starting with kids.

The people at the starting line of any triathlon are not a representative sample of the population. As triathletes committed to our fitness, we’re likely to avoid many of the...

Weekend Preves & Predictions...

BH_2016.pngThere are four adult triathlons in Minnesota this weekend and we've been able to see the entrants lists for three of them. We're talking about Saturday's Waseca Sprint and Sunday's Brewhouse and Graniteman-Big Lake.

We have not seen the reg. list for the Minnewaska Tri, but we hope that they, like the aforementioned races, will enjoy a satisfying turnout.

Yup, that's right. Brewhouse (500ish), Waseca (240ish) and Big Lake (350ish) have sweet enrollments that will be added to in the coming days. We certainly hope this is demonstrating an upswing in race attendance.

So, now for some mini-previews, replete with some predictions.


WASECA SPRINT - This race has been around for eight seasons and though attendances have been disappointing at times, thanks largely to scheduling issues, the folks from Waseca, which is an awesome small city, have insisted...

Cops, Turtles & Hoots....


WALKER TRIATHLON - 2015 champ / course record holder Larry Hosch has been unable to race this season. A thing with his achilles. He recently started running again and plans to try to defend his Walker CTP (Chase the Police) title on Saturday....

Washed Out....

Moose Lake Tri

Press Release

Moose Lake Triathlon Cancelled for July 23, 2016

By Craig Prudhomme


Four short years after a catastrophic flood hit Moose Lake and the surrounding area, our city has once again been inundated. The damage is significant and still being assessed as flood waters begin to recede.  Despite being much better prepared this time there are a number of events which have combined to affect every segment of our race.

  • High water has caused sewage discharge upstream to flow into the lake. Until the water level comes down to normal levels and is tested as clear by the state, there is no swimming allowed....

Toughman & The Blast...

balloon_arch.pngTOUGHMAN HALF & SPRINT PREVIEW - Can you believe this awesome event, known formerly as the Chisago Lakes Triathlons, will launch its second decade of great racing on Sunday? Whoa, right?

As always the fields will be large--1100+ total participants--and very deep. If the weather cooperates, we should see some records.

The men's amateur record is Tim Hola's 4:04:27, set in 2014. Hola, now 41 and a longtime resident of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is a special athlete. In the history of US amateur half IM racing, three names...

Minnesota's State Tri Championships...

holt_bird.pngHEART OF THE LAKES TRIATHLON - The 31st edition of our State Championship Triathlon will happen in Annandale next Sunday. As always, a large and talented field will be on hand. We're excited to see how the races--International Range (Long Course) and Sprint--unfold.

For grins, we're going to share a few predictions:

- We believe that rookie phenom Hanna Grinaker will set a record for fastest first HOLT by an amateur woman. The existing record is owned by Wendy Peterson, whose first HOLT in 2003 produced a 1:41:54.

- We predict that the women's amateur podium will consist of Grinaker, defending champ Christina Roberts, and two-time winner (2012, 2014) Suzie Fox, not necessarily in that order. And despite having raced (and probably won) the Outland Challenge the day before, we're picking Bridget McCoy to place 4th. We think that Andrea Myers will roung out the women's Top 5....

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