Race Previews

Dave's Gift...

trinon-swimmer.gifTRINONA PREVIEW - Seven years ago, Dave Schutz gave the regional tri scene a tremendous gift: Trinona. Spectacular scenery, challenging courses (the awesomest bike course in MN?), a festive atmosphere and abundant amenities are hallmarks of this annual classic.

Because it shares the weekend with Du Nationals, Buffalo, Pigman Sprint and New Bri, Trinona field will not be as deep as in years past, which is very cool. This means that the wealth will be shared among athletes who are not regular award winners. The sprint race, for instance, may well feature winners who have never been to the Winners Circle before. Perhaps Matthew Radniecki and Emy Everyhart will be those people?  ...

Duckies & Swannies...

buff-start.gifBUFFALO PREVIEW - The 11th annual Buffalo Olympic and 12th annual Buffalo Sprint Triathlons will take place on Sunday. These are great events and you can still get in. RACE WEBSITE.

Saturday and Sunday will be insanely busy, with five races, and we predict that, with 1000ish participants, Buff will be the best-attended event on the weekend schedule. We also have several other predictions we'd like to share. Check them out:

- The swim courses will be marked with inflatable duckies and swannies. Okay, blow-up birds have been a signature of this race since the beginning.

- The water temperature will be brisk.

- The event will draw hundreds, perhaps a thousand or more, spectators. It always does....

Minnesotans Set to Rock Du Nats...


DU NATIONALS (STANDARD DISTANCE) PREVIEW - 2014 USAT Duathlete of the Year Honorable Mention Diane Hankee (photo) was one of the favorites going into April 23rd's Apple Duathlon, but an injury forced her to limp in in 13th place. Concerned that whatever was making her gimpy in Sartell would not be healed before Du Nationals on June 6, we emailed her to find out what the deal was.


Thanks for checking in. I have given it--achilles strain--the attention it needs, Kevin a Gearwest has been awesome helping with my bike fit to reduce the strain. Training has been awesome and I'm where I need to be. Going into Apple I was not "there" and did a few things wrong. I have had to be patient with my schedule to peak for Nationals which has been extremly hard with wanting to race a lot as I typically do. Things are lining up- I have fire in my belly, I am not burned out, and excited to race the new course!

It's fun to read Diane's stream-of-consciousnessy comments, isn't it?...

Apple Bites...

Apple-Duathlonstart.gifAPPLE PREVIEW - At 33 consecutive years, The Apple is Minnesota's oldest multisport event. It's also one of our state's most consistently excellent races, especially since 2000, when it hosted the USAT Duathlon National AG  Championships.

Though it may be perceived by some as an "Elite" event, it is so much more than that. Mid and back-of-the-packers and recreational athletes are welcomed with open arms and lots of outstanding amenities. We, therefore, want to encourage every athlete who has ever avoided Apple because they had assumed that it caters only to the really fast guys and gals, to give the event a try. If you do, you'll see that Apple is a celebration of running and cycling and all those who appreciate those activities.

Still, it's fun for MTN to predict what will happen at the front of the pack, and who will prevail in the various AGs. For grinzies, here's our picks:  ...

Faster Transitions...

flying-mount.gifBy Joan Scrivanich (usatriathlon.org)

We all want faster times at our next race. Think about how much training you have to do in order to speed up in the swim, bike or run portions of your next race. You need to plan the right workouts at the right time in order to peak for your A race. Now think about the work required to have a smooth and efficient transition. The work required to get your transition times down is easier compared to the work that’s required for getting faster in the other disciplines. Faster transitions in a triathlon will give you a faster overall race time; it’s “free speed” during your race. And those seconds you save could mean a place on the podium.

So what are some ways for you to get through transition quickly? Transitions are not something you can just put off and figure out on race day. A smooth transition requires practice to gain both efficiency and familiarity. All of these tips should be practiced during training, before attempting it during a race....

Duathlon Day 2015...

GWDlogo.gifSunday, May 17, should be called "Du Day '15." On that morning, Minnesota's multisporters have three great run-bike-runs to choose from. Here are the choices. We certainly hope that you pick one of them.

GEAR WEST DU - This event will be 23-years-old on Sunday. It starts and finishes at Orono HS and features great cross country run courses. The GWD is arguably the most competitive non-championship duathlon in the US, and this year's field is going to be as talented as ever. We're especially excited to see who comes out on top of the Patrick Parish/Matt Payne and Suzie Fox/Elaine Nelson head-to-heads. It's important to understand that this is much more than an arena for elites. Everyone is welcome with open arms and the amenities are abundant. RACE WEBSITE

ESPRIT De SHE - This women-only event in Lakeville will be celebrating it's 3rd anniversary. Participants are treated royally and you won't find better gifts or giveaways anywhere. Check out these words we purloined from the event's...

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