Highways to Hell & Patience...


By Brandon Lee

Ironman Chattanooga Race Report - Absolutely the most fun at a race I’ve ever had. Having so many people I love being at the event was so special and I can’t thank you all enough. @megklef @mergemultisport @lee_cj777 @adamlee3642 @kelceyrae08 you guys are the best.

The Tennessee River did not disappoint, and I felt like a pro swimmer swimming 1:07/100yard. The extra 4 miles on the bike course and notoriously hard run makes up for that fast swim.

Transitioned well and took off like a rocket on the bike, trying to get out with a pack of guys who were all riding similar speeds. Power felt great all day, and I stayed about 15-20 watts higher than our plan, but knowing I was out in front I decided to roll the dice a bit. Mile 80 I was still feeling good so kept pressing on, heart rate started to elevate a bit as it got hot on the back half of the course, and I was starting to get a little nervous for the run. I knew I was probably in the top 5 overall when I got close to town as I had a moto following me in, that gave me an extra mental push to finish strong and transition to the run.

Saw coach at the run out, he was cheering and told me to just let other people blow up and stay patient. My legs felt great immediately and didn’t have any trouble holding 7:10-7:20 pace. Again rolled the dice on the pace, thinking I put myself in a pretty good position to have a day out there. I had a feeling I was probably in 4th or 5th place overall, but I wasn’t focusing on that. I know this course and I knew how hot that second loop would get....

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Macy & Isabel...



By Mav

JUNIOR OF THE YEAR – Girls Nominees - Minnesota has a longstanding tradition of top-class female junior triathletes. The Danielson sisters (Paige and Greta), Kristina Swenson, Allison Crum, Lauren Steinke, Isabella Buenting, and last year’s unofficial girl’ Junior of the Year Grace Busch have been the benchmark for fast and successful racing in recent history. This year, two girls raced often enough (a minimum of 2 nomination-worth results) and at a high enough level to be nominated for the girls’ Junior of the Year award: ...

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Mav's Picks - Noah, Corbin & Sean...


2023 Junior of the Year – Boys Nominees - 

By Mav

The Minnesota Multisport Honors Committee did not officially convene in 2022, but “Matt” and “Damon” did highlight several nomination-worthy athletes at the end of the season. This year, the MMHs are back with two new committee members – “Mav” and “Goose” – who are excited to give well-deserved shoutouts and nominations to our state’s top multisport athletes. And yes, at the end of this season, the committee will officially vote for who they believe to be athletes of the year.

Last week, Goose name-dropped six junior boys who had awesome seasons. 2022 was the year of Noah Billings, then 16 and now 17, from Rochester. He faced little competition, but this year was different. In Mav’s opinion, there are two other guys challenging Noah to be named the boys’ Junior of the Year. In alphabetical order, here are the three young men that I am nominating.

Noah Billings: Noah would have won this honor last year if official nominees and winners were named. This is his third nomination. He won two races outright, had two seconds, and placed 5th at Apple Duathlon. Additionally, Noah got much faster in 2023....

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Fluffy Cows, Insane Climbs & Mount Rushmore...



By Noah BIllings

Wildlife Loop Triathlon Race Report - When I was younger, I was very shy. When I started doing tri, I got a bit more outgoing. I think that it helped me socially because I liked the feeling of confidence and accomplishment that I gained....

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Grand & Masterful...



2023 Minnesota Multisport Honors - Here are the men that are being considered for 2023 Grand Master of the Year nominatons: 



2023 Highlights: 

- 1st AG @ Buffalo Sprint

- 1st AG @ Clearwater Sprint

- 1st AG / 13th overall @ Turtleman Sprint

- 1st AG @ Maple Grove Sprint

- 1st AG @ Square Lake Sprint


TIM BROWN, 65, Blaine (2020 GMOY, 3rd nomination)

2023 Highlights:

- 1st AG @ Apple Duathlon

- 1st  AG @ Buffalo Sprint - AG Record...

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