2023 Women's Team Minnesota...


By Mav

Team Minnesota is the MMH committee’s attempt to provide a season-long “power ranking” of Minnesota’s most prolific and successful triathletes. It’s a similar concept as the PTO’s result-based ranking system. Goose and I come up with this list to motivate and reward our state’s multisport athlete’s. Last week, we revealed the men’s 2023 Team Minnesota. Below, in buckets of 3 after naming the top athlete, is the 2023 Women’s Team Minnesota:

Icon (#1): Heather Lendway

The cream of the crop (#2-4): Elena Hengel, Caryn Herrick, Vanessa Nagel

The all-stars (#5-7): Cami Eckhoff, Bettina Keppers, Cheryl Zitur

The Finalists (#8-10): Jan Guenther, Diane Hankee, Katie Kadera

(Revised Finalists: Diane Hankee, Katie Kadera, Bette Rowley)


Goose's Comments: I appreciate and respect Mav's choices, andI agree with ALMOST of them. I like his Top 7. It needs to be said that this year's Team was painfully difficult to determine. The ineligibility of true stars like SHYANNE MCGREGOR, CHISTINA ROBERTS, ELAINE NELSON and TIFFANY KARI-CIZMAS due to...

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The YWCA Women's Tri's Awesome New Director...


By YWCA Minneapolis (Blog)

Kym Zest is returning to the YWCA Women’s Triathlon as Race Director! In her five-year break from the race she pursued other athletic achievements, started her own coaching business, and had a baby. Now, she’s back to serve the triathlon community, as it has been her home base since 1997. (You can read many of her triathlon race stories on her blog (midwestwithzest). From her first year with YWCA Minneapolis in 2010, Kym has felt how special our Women’s Tri has been. After some challenging pandemic-related years with the Women’s Tri, Kym is excited to revitalize the race and lead the Twin Cities and national triathlon community to empower women and eliminate racism....

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2023 Men's Team Minnesota...


By Mav

Team Minnesota is the MMH Committee’s attempt to provide a season-long “power ranking” of Minnesota’s most prolific and successful triathletes. Think of it like the PTO’s result-based ranking system....

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2023 Women's Team MN Candidates...


By Goose

Here are the fourteen women being considered for 2023 Team Minnesota berths.  Mav will select the Top 10. Note that some of the names are preceded by asterisks (*). These are women considered to be "slam-dunk" selections.

CAMI ECKHOFF, 35 (photo L) - Two wins and a 6th at Steelhead 70.3 were highlights.

EMILY GAGE, 36 (page 2 photo) - Like Eckhoff, she is a former Most Improved winner. Her two local wins were impressive, but her long course times may not be enough to round out her resume.

DIANE HANKEE, 46 - A win, a 2nd and a 4th were solid enough to earn her a berth.

* ELENA HENGEL , 27 - A fast win, three  2nds behind Heather Lendway and a successful long course debut at Madison 70.3 make Elena a slam-dunk Top 3-5 on 2023 Team Minnesota.

* CARYN HERRICK, 33 - Tree big wins, including Chisago and Trinona, and fast 2nds at Door County and Madison 70.3 are why she's #2 on our Team roster.

KADIE HOKANSON, 42 - Her two wins and a 2nd don't tell us much. We'd love to see her race against Team MInnesota-quality competition...

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Candidates for 2023 Men's Team Minnesota..


By Goose

Who raced well enough to be included on 2023 Team Minnesota? My job is to compile a list of viable athletes, along with highlight commentary. Then Mav with select the Top 10 men and women. So you know, I favor an alphabetic list, one that does not rank the athletes. Mav, favors a ranked listing. Below are the men being considered for Team Minnesota berths:

JOE ADRIAENS, 35 (photo L) – Joe podiumed at Buffalo Olympic, Clearwater Olympic and Maple Grove Olympic. He was beaten by athletes destined for high places on the 2023 Team. There should be a berth with his name on it.

DAN ARLANDSON, 47 – 2023 Male Master of the Year. He excelled in 70.3 racing, starting with his overall amateur win (2nd behind pro John Reed) at Chisago. His 11th place (2nd Master) among amateurs at Gulf Coast was also impressive. His Des Moines 70.3 effort was solid, but he was beaten by fellow Minnesota master, Brandon Lee. Note: Team Minnesota athletes are not age-graded.

NOAH BILLINGS, 17 – Two-time Junior of the Year, Noah won two races in 2023. That he did not beat Minnesota athletes that are being considered for Team spots, works against him.

TIM BONTRAGER, 31 – Two podium finishes against good competition in Wisconsin triathlons plus a very fast 2nd at Maple Grove Olympic has me recommending Tim for a berth....

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