Hot Minutes, Home Turf & Beans..


By Corey Nygaard

Alexandria Triathlon Race Report - It's been a hot minute (2021) since I have jotted down any of my thoughts about a race. But I had a feeling this one would be worth noting... Racing Your favorite sport on your home turf with all of your favorite people, what's better than that? Right now, I can't think of anything...

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Lendway's Words


By Heather Lendway

Timberman Race Report - After racing through some constant pain my last pro year in 2017 I finally had an MRI to find partial tears in the high hamstring tendons. It took about three years to find the right combo of care to feel mostly recovered. Then COIVID hit so I tread back into the racing waters last summer to see if I could find any joy in racing again after a discouraging end to my pro career. My first race back I was pleasantly surprised that my body just kind of knew what to do minus a few details like dismounting a bike, where I lost a shoe and almost crashed, but it turned out OK. I generally had a good time, enjoyed seeing some old friends and making some new ones. After that I decided to do Timberman, and fell I love with the venue. This included crystal clear water, cool enough for a reasonably comfortable wetsuit swim, safe roads for riding (so safe I accidentally did a little extra mileage in ‘21) and a perfect run course with plenty of water stops and a few rolling hills. After the race I booked a room for ‘22 and Patrick and I registered the day registration opened (hence being #3 and #4 race bibs)....

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Road Construction Forces Postponement....


Buffalo Graniteman Triathlon is set to return in June 2025!

With regrets and due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we must cancel the 2024 Buffalo Graniteman Triathlon. Our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our participants, fans, and the local community is paramount. Given road construction and related detours on our planned course, local authorities were unable to approve our event permits for this summer’s event. This decision comes after exhaustive efforts to identify viable alternative routes with local officials, all of which faced similar permit challenges. Please know that this decision was not made lightly; we share in the disappointment this news may bring....

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Puppies and a Pickle....


TIMBERMAN SPRINT COVERAGE - Five-time Sprint winner TARA MAKINEN has a new puppy. It's probably cute, as most non-chihuahuas are. It is also in need of training and can be demanding at times. She needs to be taught not to piddle on the carpet and poop on the bedspread. She also needs to learn that when you leave the house, you do plan to return.

So, TARA MAKINEN has been a bit sleep-deprived of late, which can result in limited triathlon training. She came into Saturday's event, her first tri of the year, worried that she was not ready to do her thing in the way she's used to doing it.

Then Race Director AMY DETTMER said "Go" and Tara splashed into Sugar Lake. Defending champ and four-time T-Man Sprint winner BETTINA KEPPERS was the woman to beat and Tara almost pulled that off. In the end, Bettina's swim split proved to be the difference. When the dust cleard, only 14-seconds separted these friendly rivals. 

Now that Tara and Bettina both own five Sprint wins, next year's confrontation should b epic.

Placing 3rd for the women was perennial podium finisher--she won in 2015-- JENA OGSTON, a decorated water skier and all-around endurance athlete....

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Great Race, But Why the Scoring Changes?


LAKE MINNETONKA COVERAGE - MTN archives historical data on most of Minnesota's multisport events. This allows us to monitor the evolution of performance standards in our state. We record 5-year Age Group data for all but the smallest races, except for what can be perceived as "open class," that is, the AGs between age 20 and 39. The successful athletes in that range typically earn most of the spots in the overall Top 10....

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