Love, Newbies and Breakouts....


GRANITEMAN CLEARWATER. COVERAGE -  JESSICA, 45,  and JASON , 53, are in love, the capital L head-over-heels kind. Poor Jessica, though.  Jason is training for Ironman and their time together is limited. Unless! Unless non-trathlete Jessica becomes Triathlete Jessica. Then they can train together occasionally, but also have a mutual interest to talk about at the end of the day. Jason knew that the best way to addict his fiance (we think?) to the tri lifestyle is to do a race together. When she crosses her first finish line, she will be hooked like a Netflix binge-watcher.

Jason Riley lstarted three minutes in front of his beloved at Saturday's Clearwater Sprint. He waited for her at the mount zone Then they rode and ran together the rest of the way,  sometimes holding hands. Did it work? Heck yeah! She's a triathlete now. Okay, what they did was not exactly legal but it's hard to get upset when you're in the presence of true love.

KAITSEY BAKER was bursting with joy when she crossed the finish line in 2nd place at Clearwater Sprint. Her elation was infecious. Her family was awaiting her, as was her boyfriend. He had flowers. Who is Kaitsey Baker, you ask? We asked ourselves the same question. She's a tri newbie, and to say she has aptitude for this sport is like saying Caitlin Clark is a pretty good basketball player....

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Sweet Moments & Great Performances...


2024 Lake Minnetonka Triathlon - The 20th edition of this classic event had more than it share of great moments, perhaps the sweetest of which occurred during the pre-race meeting. The national anthem singer, Aubree, age 13, stood frozen in front of a a crowd of more than five hundred triathletes, plus their friends and families, and a host of volunteers. Poor girl. Then, at the gentle urging of event host MIke Rogers, some of the athletes began to sing. Soon the majority of the crowd was singing. Empowered, Aubree, with mic in hand, joined in. It was a beautiful moment and the post-song applause was thunderous. Some of us get misty at times like these...

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2024 Graniteman - Clearwater


2024 Clearwater Preview...


GRANITEMAN CLEARWATER PREVIEW - The original Graniteman Triathlon was launched 21-years ago in a bucolic venue southwest of St. Cloud, where it lasted six years. Then in relocated to Warner Lake Park near Clearwater where it hopes to remain in perpetuity. It's cool venue with a terrific swim course that crosses Warner Lake. The bike portions on both the Sprint and Olympic races are significantly longer than standard, e.g. 14.3, not 12.4 in the Sprint, and 28:66, not 24.8 in the Olympic. Minnesotans love bike-heavy races.

Since the purpose of this post is to preview the competition, let's share what we think based on the list of those we know are racing. If additional competitive racers sign up after this posts, we will update.

Who's racing this Saturday? Here, in alpha order, are some of the people we expect to excel: ...

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Gems & Sheeshes...


By Spencer Syvertson

Lake Minnetonka Triathlon Race Report - The Minnetonka triathlon is a gem! It’s unique because of the large turnout (400+ racers) but it’s not a super intense race like other large events. The amount of people having a good time riding their cruiser bikes was impressive!

Thanks to the MTN coverage I was able to set some goals coming into the race. I was excited to see Preston Youngdahl on the start line. I watched him wipe the field at Timberman last summer and I was eager to reduce the gap this time around.

My swim was solid and I found myself just a few seconds behind the lead as I exited the water. I pride myself on my T1 and used that to take the lead onto the bike.

After strapping in I gave myself a minute to catch my breath and wait for Preston take the lead. My riding has greatly improved so I wanted to give myself a shot to ride with him as long as I could.

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