Cami's Ironman Debut - Part III...


By Cami Eckhoff

Race day~ Part 3 (this is a long one): The Run

The gal helping me in the changing tent was awesome! She made sure I had my run shorts and tank (maybe next one I can tackle in a full trisuit, but for this race, comfort was the name of the game!), dry socks and shoes, sunscreen, extra nutrition, running belt and hat. She liked the verses I had written out on my forearms too (2 Corinthians 12:9 and Philippians 4:13). One more bathroom stop and out I went!

Once on the course I remember thinking, I’m running a marathon right now! That’s a beast of a run and I’m doing it! I saw my crew around mile 4 where Keith handed me a note from Tyson.

I was really emotional. I couldn’t believe I was already on the run, Keith, Josh and Mel were the best support crew ever, I was grateful, I was hot, I was tired, I was uncertain how my hip would hold up, and I was so determined. I kept an eye on my heart rate and pace but due to the crazy heat and humidity, my heart rate was pretty high for the pace I was going. I felt good though so I didn’t want to back off too much! ...

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Cami's Ironman Debut...Part I...


By Cami Eckhoff

Ironman Des Moines race day~ Part 1:

I was nervous but felt at peace about the day. There were months of careful preparation and I have my incredible coach Shyanne McGregor to thank for helping me be as ready as I could be!! Shyanne is encouraging, knowledgeable, understanding, supportive, level-headed and the best sounding board through all of the ups and downs. She understood me~ my drive, my stubbornness, my desire to learn and grow. She helped me get to the starting line amidst some injuries and I’m grateful beyond words for her.

The Swim

I was ready to get in the water and start the day! After giving my bike one more check and final pump of air, I walked with my friend Meghan to the starting line with loud music playing and energy in the air. Keith handed me the first of four surprise notes to come, from Bennett that definitely added to the emotions! ...

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Happy Thanksgiving From MTN!


"Psst! It's a Lot More Than Fun"...


9 Reasons to Join the Off-Road Adventure at Bertram Blast!

By Bettina Keppers

1. It's a thrill! It's chill! It's the best sort of fun. Simply put - Bertram Blast is an awesome combination of great humans seeking adventure in a beautiful place while still enjoying a fun and challenging race¦ and a beer at the finish line.

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Tri West - A Boutique Experience...


Inaugural Tri West Olympic & Sprint - With only 141 registrants, Tri West could be called a "small" event, but that description can be negatively perceived, and there was nothing about Tri West that was negative. It was a great race. And it was fun: Wang Chung-level fun....

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